Song ‘Sittin’ At A Table’ (audio & lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Sittin’ At A Table’.

Sittin’ At A Table

I was sittin’ at a table one time
when came in this lovely bride
makin’ me guess about end of trouble,
about end of lies.

Well, I was movin’ the glass to see
reflections of light between her and me
makin’ me think about life and lovin’,
about doin’ something.

Now, at some of these tables, you know,
there’s always the feelin’, the open door
makin’ me look beyond patterns of nothing,
beyond end or beginning.

But as I said, the lady was great:
I smiled, it was not too late
for all of her to go beyond the wall,
to feel me in her soul.

I was sittin’ at a table one time
when came in this lovely bride
makin’ me guess about end of trouble,
about end of all the rest.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Willy-nilly it came

Willy-nilly, the strike came;
More or less like a game;
But now it appears unstoppable;
To halt it, no body seems capable;
We all groan under its weight;
The nation torn apart by hate;
If we do things willy-nilly,
The road will be hilly.


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Pickle harvest

Walking in my garden

To get to the harvest

Pass the prickles are

Juicy blackberries

Rosy, red and dark

Colours going through

A ripening.

My oven is hot,

My crumble topping

Is made, waiting is

The steaming apple

Ready to be built up

Into a delicious

Apple and Blackberry Crumble.

Bon Appetit, dear friends.

In a jiffy

In a jiffy

I couldn’t run a


Or a

100 metre race,

Or a


The English Channel.

A little help

Organize with love,

When planning the future,

Every little thing you do,

Communicate well with

Family and friends.

There just might be

A little  important thing

They may have for you.

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Solidarity Support Challenge vol. 2.26…

Solidarity Support Challenge vol. 2.26

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