Love Strikes Back at Depression- With Little Acts of Kindness and a Prayer

Grace in Housekeeping

An introduction to a topic I really want to write about, this topic is depression and it will be from an angle of observation in my professional and personal life.  l shall write a weekly post. We assume that in the family setting we can and should be open and honest about our lives and worries.  However, it is not always easy, the person going through depression is either telling us or not of a problem in a way we can comprehend or recognise.  In my experience, through observation,  our everyday caring patterns can be used to recognise the beginning of a shift or that something has shifted in their mindset, in their persona.

Whether the person is under going treatment by a psychiatrist, having counselling or neither but relying on the love and care of family and friends, little acts of kindness specifically go a long way to helping…

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SIWO Global News 11th July 2018 #86

Knowledge is Wealth

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Trump attacks Merkel for Gas Deal with Russia

Trump’s attack on Merkel stunned the Nato leaders when he claimed Germany was “captive to Russian.”  This is all about a new gas pipe which Trump thinks will leave Germany heavily dependent on Russia.  Quite a confrontational stance from the US President, although has been happening often, the world is still not used to his ways of diplomacy.

FIFA World Cup sees England v Croatia

It was a semi-final that entertained, a Summer 2018 to remember.  However, England looked liked they were playing on low steam while the muscularly built Croatians barged their way to equalise and then score to win the match at 2-1.  From sitting rooms to pubs to p££3rks the mix of anticipation and the singing of the song, “Football is coming home” electrified Hyde Park in Central London, Box Park in Croydon, Central Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle and many more places.  Despite the Harry Southgate’s team losing, the nation is very proud of them.

BBC still has a big pay gap between top male stars and their women colleagues

Despite BBC bosses saying they are closing the pay gap for their top male and female stars, last year the number of male stars earning more than £400,000 rose from 10 to 12.  No women received pay in that bracket and the report released by the BBC showing a breakdown of the stars’ pay, it listed two thirds of those earning more than £150,000 as men.

#SIWO GNEWS #86    Content BBC News.  Evening Standard

SIWO Reporter: Susanna Dziworshie

Be Careful Be Joyful Be Peaceful

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“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” –
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“Veteran’s mask horrific memories behind laughter.” – K

“Daily mindfulness turns darkness into sunlight.” -K

“She danced amongst music’s playful notes.” – K

“Inspirational bloggers promote joyful smiles Worldwide. ” – K

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“A Blind Date When Opposites Attract” -REBLOG



“A Blind Date When Opposites Attract”
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