Dying well



Very few people spend time thinking about how they want to die much less where they want to die. I would argue that thinking about these two questions will inform your decisions on how you live your life. I recently had a birthday, and I pondered these questions at length. Based on my answers I realized that I had to make a drastic changes in the way I live my life.


For me, dying well means living well. It means living to a good old age and being surrounded by family and friends if possible as I take my last breath. Dying well means not burdening my children and surviving family with a mountain of medical bills when I die. Dying well means optimizing and reorganizing my life to be in the best state of health possible. Dying well means raising my children to be the best they can be…

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I remember.



I remember everything,
Not until yesterday, it was my reality
The words u said had me bleeding
My young heart was left in pieces
All I could think of is “why me?”

I remember leaving all social media
Was my way of getting rid of this drama
A story, pain I couldn’t share with another
Because I found it hard to take a step further
So all I did was bury myself in my chamber.

I remember writing every single tip
That could bring me close to my sanity
Hence save me from my own destruction
Had all my hopes slowly in construction
But I failed! It was all malfunction.

I remember falling down on my knees
Praying this was nothing but a dream
Felt my flesh as I peeled off my skin
Held my chest tight to feel my heartbeat
Hurt so bad I cried myself to sleep

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The dawning of the Dusk.

At dusk the light begins to hide, on a crimson streaked blue sky. The night time curtain closes day as the sun begins to hide. The moon will rise to take a peak upon the far horizon, while beneath the shadows crawl the streets as the daylights left departing. Darkness closes on the world as we contemplate on sleep, and to our dreams our minds will fall, and our consciousness will slip. Some will rise and work all night, most to their beds will crawl. Some sit and watch dawns morning break, as the daylight shows its form. And all that’s then arisen after long closed eyes awake, illuminated to be seen without fear of mistake. Now feeling fairly certain after looking fairly deep: to see it all so clearly is to watch it all repeat.

The Dream of Light.

The day now having started after passing of the night, twelve hours of darkness left behind, behold twelve hours of light. When the light does shine it sends the darkness swiftly home; to cast its shadows on the sunlit world wherever they may roam. If you closely look their shapes may seem much larger than precise, coveted by a shroud of profile, of object facade length range and height, far into the distance, will they travel on and dance until they merge to take their places in the backgrounds wide expanse. With stealth they steal and as time goes by they’ll claim the world from light, although as different as they are they need the sun to make a life. Reflections of the land and sky, and a fraction of the dark of night: the way they dance, the suns romance: the shadows will survive. And as the day go’s on and sun go’s down to crown the dark again with glory we’ll wonder in its twelve hour shift, till light returns with morning.


At first light the sun will rise and wake the sleeping world as morning breaks. The daylight comes and goes the dark: apart from all the shadows cast. And all the things we’ve tucked away, under covers of the things we say: could we be just fools that only see the light, and the shadows cast, lay out of sight. Then thinking that we’ve gone unseen, we walk from where our shadows been. And things we say we’ve never done: will hang in all the shadows hung. If ourselves don’t see, then others will: for the trailing shadows follow still.

The Fiddlers May.

Life inside a fiddlers may, the Devil rides the sun. The grievous Mother nature is Queen meaning of the sum. Sacrifice the evening light, the stories just begun, the morning never starts before the glory that was won. Beasts all share the toast of treats, the King may wish to know, as when the feast is paid for he will know just where to go. Men all ride the pony when the horse should really run: women try the paving to the place called home to come. Naive then is the banter for the call to raise the plan. Endless ways to cram a certain ethic for the damned. Never shuffle meanings with the Crown the way you come. Dreams are jest creations and have yet to just become. Oldest times ovation medieval is the fun. Shovels dig the mirror from the pit the way its done. So the message meaning is the demons roll and say: questions answered only this just never misbehave.

War in Heaven.

magic was spoken more than twenty years, needless to say it was down to all peers. Weighed on an instance and rolled on a dice, the cards mustered everything calling device. They dealt with the subject controlled with an eye, felt through the years, mouths need never reply. Angels in heaven waged war to decree, that Satan was God in the tone of agree. Stakes were impaled to the angels in awe, ending the Golden gates wish to ignore. Once finished the Arc Angel Michael did take, the Serpent to Hades, from site of the fate. Fighting the darkness to keep it beyond, once angel now beyond the description be gone.