Thank You 2018

Thank you, 2018;
For your special gift;
You sailed us through
Very successfully;
Like a ship on the sea;
We started slowly,
Our destination seemed
So very far away;
Looking impossible;
And then many challenges
We met on our way,
We didn’t know
We would ever arrive;
Talk less of survive;
But here we are!
Waxing ever so strong;
Left with nothing but
To sincerely thank you!
And thank God,
For he is so good;
You are leaving us behind,
But we shall for ever
Remember you.
Goodbye 2018;
You are so good;
Our arms are open
To embrace
Your successor, 2019.
Hoping he will do better
Than you.


10 lessons I learned or relearned in 2018

2018 has come and gone;
Many lessons it has left behind. Here are 10 of those that I remember:

  1. That nothing lasts forever.
  2. That everything passes away.
  3. That hard work pays.
  4. That you need to be courageous.
  5. That nothing worthwhile comes easily in life.
  6. That if you are on the right path and keep on going, you will arrive.
  7. That many people who are at the bottom today will be at the top by year end.
  8. That God is good.
  9. That prayer can move mountains.
  10. That when one door closes another one opens somewhere.

What lesson or lessons worth sharing did you learn or relearn in 2018?