Look at your flag – examine your conscience: decide!


My brothers and sisters
Of the greatest nation
In the world;
Election time is coming;
You have a vibrant call;
A daunting challenge;
To vote into office
A leader to be proud of;
Who will know what to do;
Who will not be confused;
And totally lost;
Look at your flag
On election day
When you caste your vote;
Vote for someone
Who incarnates
The values you hold dear;
Democratic values;
Get a democratic leader;
Not an autocratic leader.


Vote for a people person
Not an anti people person;
Don’t vote for
A leader who will think
He alone has the answers;
That he knows it all,
And every other person
Is wrong and dumb;
Vote for someone
With a listening ear;
Not someone
Who will call the shots alone;
Who will go after you
If your opinion
Differs from his;
Listen to your conscience;
Vote for someone
Who incarnates
Honesty and integrity
Values you are well known
And respected for;
Be honest yourself.


Vote for someone
Who is not vindictive;
Vote for someone
Who gets along with others;
Don’t vote for someone
Who insults everybody;
Don’t vote for someone
Who will fight for you;
Not against you;
Merely because
You want your party to win;
Vote for someone
Who will deliver;
Who values the lives
Of the people;
Don’t vote for somebody
Who tells lies.
Vote for someone
Who has a clear agenda
For leadership.
Not someone
Who doesn’t have an idea
What he will do
If voted.


Vote for someone
Who will be respected
By other leaders
And other peoples
Of our planet;
You are not an island;
Vote for someone
Who will uphold
The constitution of your country;
Not one who will manipulate
The law and become
A dictator.
Vote for someone
You can trust;
And who will never fail you.
Vote for someone
Who will unite the country ;
Don’t vote for someone
Who will divide the country.


Vote for someone
Who will promote love;
Don’t vote for someone
Who will promote hate;
And hate language;
Who will make hate words
To be flying all over.
Don’t vote for someone
Who will sink the image
Of your country;
Who will bring you
From your ivory tower,
And make you sit in mud.
Am I sufficiently clear?
No mistake on election day;
And be vigilant;
Let nobody manipulate you; Or take you for a ride;
Don’t let them laugh at you.


As you caste your vote
Know that history will judge you;
The future is in your hands;
The founders of your nation
Worked hard,
Made enormous sacrifices,
And took wise decisions;
Selfless decisions;
Guided by their consciences;
Their integrity, honesty;
Their sense of right and wrong;
They toiled;
They sweated,
And handed to you
A great nation
Respected and admired
All over the world.
Remember that when you caste
your vote.


In 2008 and thereafter,
All the world admired you
As you made history;
You went beyond racial lines,
Closed racial gaps,
Whites and Blacks
Held hands together
And walked down the streets
And the world was amazed;
The world applauded;
The world is tired
Of chaos, confusion, hate;
The world continues
To look up to you
For leadership
So that we may have
A world of love;
That belongs to all;
Where everyone finds a place.
Make no mistake when you go to the polls.


The options are clear;
Choose construction
Don’t choose destruction;
Choose life!
Don’t choose death;
May God bless you
Through your vote!
May God bless
Not curse your country!
Through your choice
On election day,
May God bless the world!
May you children
And your children’s children,
And their children
Say of you what you say
of your founding fathers;
And all who have gone ahead of you,
That you were great men and women;
That a critical moment
In the life of your nation
and the world,
You took the right decision;
A wise decision;
You made the choice
That you had to make.

Uplifting emotions

Hi everyone I hope everyone is well wherever you are in the world..

I hope you are keeping your spirits up as much as possible in this very difficult time.

In this very challenging time regarding the coronavirus that is a worldwide pandemic. The most important thing to REMEMBER is to try and stay as positive as much as possible because your emotions can impact so many things within your life. For example if you are making the best of the situation such as helping your neighbor with their shopping you will feel good about doing something nice for someone else and the person that you helped will feel appreciated, and by doing this it could uplift your mood and your emotions and the way that you are feeling by just giving back to the community

Stay safe and well in this very challenging and scary time all my love x


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Lauren Rogers

How to SAVE your money in 2020!

How to SAVE your money in 2020!

Hi everyone I hope you are well, wherever you are in the world.

I am very aware that I haven’t blogged in a while. The true reason is because I have been very busy with work and other things within my life. I hope that is OK.

So in my blog coming back… I thought I would give my tips and advice about how to save money in 2020, as I know in the few months coming into the new year a lot of people don’t have much money if at all.

SO lets get on with it:

So my first way to save money in 2020 is too..


What I mean by this is to have a look at all of your bank statements and highlight all of your income and expenditure to identify what is going and coming into your bank each month. BECAUSE once you know this then it will be easier because you will know about the areas that you could cut down spending money in & that money that you could potentially save could go into your SAVINGS!

My second way is too..


This is a crucial way to understand and identify where your money is going each month because YOU can categorize the elements of your spending such as SHOPPING & FOOD and you can give yourself an amount that you wish to spend on that certain thing such as allocating £50 a month for clothes shopping for example. & that is the great thing about creating a budget because you are then able to manage your money more effectively so then you will have potentially more money left over to SAVE!

& So on..


This is a great way to gain more income so then you can ultimately SAVE more money because selling any old clothing is not only good for you financially but it is also good for the environment because you are reusing and recycling! Win win. You can sell on EBAY & DEPOP to name a couple. ( I am sorry but I don’t know any selling sites for other countries)


This is also a great way of how you can save some money each month. BECAUSE the standing order acts like a direct debit for other bills. & because of that it means that you can save without even thinking about doing!

I hope this has helped!


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Lauren Rogers

Bright future 2020!

Bright Future 2020!

Hi everyone I hope you are well, wherever you are all in the world..

Firstly I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, to be honest my heart hasn’t been it lately and I have also been very busy.

SO. I have some news! Soon this year I am going to be going back into caring on the afternoons whilst also staying in the kitchen on a bank contract as I feel READY! TO make the LEAP! AND to continue my career in health and social care. I have always wanted to care for the elderly since being YOUNG!

See you soon..



Lauren Rogers

How about we let the Resolution thing slide?

For most of us, New Year is a time for turning a new leaf. To cease from doing certain things, to improve on certain aspect of our lives, either to stop some bad habits, to work out so as to burn that fat and be in shape (Lol) and the list goes on….

Happy New Year

Some always make RESOLUTIONS, but only a few about (8%) do follow up with whatever they’ve decided to do.

2020 is upon us, are you one of the 92% that keeps signing up a deal with yourself and within few days into the New Year you dump it?

How about we let the Resolution thing slide and just live our normal lives, but with a changed mentality and perspective towards life so as to get the results of what will eventually becomes an attitude, instead of being All-Serious and deliberately failing ourselves more often than not that failure becomes our habits instead of getting the change we desired.

Positive change isn’t something that takes place overnight or in a twinkle of an eye! It is an effort made deliberately, it is a process followed up consciously in order to yield a valid and positive result that brings fulfillment to one’s self.

Do not make false promises called RESOLUTIONS, decide a positive habit from your previous bad habits, work and improve on it and be proud of yourself during the process till it becomes your lifestyle (YOU)….

Here’s wishing You a fulfilled NEW YEAR ahead with love and blessings, and i hope You Start it With Determination and Enthusiasm! Cheers 🍻

Submitted by Udubrai Faith

Here we are!

What is the distance
Between 2019 and 2020?
It varies;
Different times
Of the year
Have different distances.
How much time does it take
From 2019 to 2020?
In January, 11 months;
In February, 10 months;
In March, 9 months;
In April, 8 months;
In May, 7 months;
In June, 6 months;
In July, 5 months;
In August, 4 months;
In September, 3 months;
In October, 2 months;
In November, 1 month.
It is not fixed.
As I write, a few minutes,
Finally, here we are;
It’s 2020.

Goodbye 2019

Last night I told my mom. when she said she was grateful 2019 was almost over, there were good things which happened in 2019.

Be grateful for the good things in 2019 and leave behind the rest.


Going further, be grateful for the lessons learned from the bad things that happened in 2019.

Overall, move in 2020 with a grateful heart. Forgive the events, people, and perhaps most importantly, yourself. Gratitude for the what was and gratitude for what will be. This is the best way to progress into the next decade.

I end with my favorite Scripture. Philippians 4:4-9:

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me–put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

The last

Last day of 2019;
We thank God;
But who can thank God enough,
For bringing us this far;
You are mighty O God;
You have made us see
This day;
We had a full dose of 2019;
We experienced the ups
And the downs of 2019.
The sweet taste
And the bitter taste;
And are starting another year,
A new beginning;
Come good 2020!
Come good New Year;
Come with many blessings;
Come with more joy than sorrow;
Come with more answers
Than questions.
You are highly welcome.

A better year

I will try to do better
This 2020;
I will try to live better;
I will try harder;
Worker harder;
Endure more;
Persist more;
Do everything more;
Everything that is good,
I will pray more;
Love more;
Serve more;
And help more.
I will also depend more,
Not on human beings,
But on God
The Almighty Father;
Maker of Heaven and earth.
I am confident
That with this, 2020
Will be a better year
Than all my years.

Waving at 2020

We are waving at 2020;
And 2020 is smiling at us;
This is renewal time;
When we start afresh;
And improve performance
And correct errors;
And forgive and reconcile;
I look forward to
The many blessings of 2020.
And pray it brings us
Many graces;
That the peace
We have so much prayed
To have
May be granted to us!
We are tired of the wars,
The violence,
The insecurity
The sufferings
The killings,
That we witnessed in 2019,
And before;
We want no more in 2020.
We want a war free year;
A suffering free year;
A killings free year;
A poverty free year;
We want a year free of lies
Flowing like a river
All over the world;
May the truth be
The foundation on which
The world is built in 2020.