I am waiting

My dearest sweetheart,
How I miss you!
I have never missed you
So much
As I do now;
It’s now that you are
Not there,
That I know how much
I love you;
And how important
You are to me
You are far away
From me,
And I feel so lonely;
I find its hard to do
Without you;
With your absence,
There is a big vacuum
In my life.
You must come home;
Cut short your stay
And come home.
I am waiting;
Waiting for you to come.


Away unexpectedly

Hello sweet friends,
If you noticed my absence, you are right. I was away unexpectedly. It came so suddenly that there was no way to inform you or to take appropriate measures. Sorry about that. You noticed our Solidarity challenge has suffered. I’ll see that we pick up from where we left off and continue. It should not be a problem that we have fallen except when we fail to get up after a fall and continue.
This is just a quick note to let you know I am back, fine and thinking of you.
It’s a real joy to know that things moved on quite well even in my absence. That is the spirit and a clear indication we have understood Success Inspirers’ World belongs to all of us. Let’s continue to make it our pride.
Best day to you all. See you much later.
Love you all.
The Administrator