Wealth overflows

We live in a world of abundance,
Wealth overflows;
Yet, billions live in destitute;
What really is the matter?
Why can’t all have enough?
What stops me or you
Having our fair share?
The world’s abundance
Is for all;
A few cannot be allowed
To exploit and dominate
The majority.
Things must change.
The wealth of the world
Must flow to all.


Amazing month

What an amazing month!
A shout out to you this month;
The beautiful month that will seal
Your blessings for the year;
The things that you missed having
During the span of the months past,
You might not have known, 
Were being gathered together
And brought to this special  month;
The abundance you will have,
Will come pouring like rain
From the creator's garden on high;
Joy and succeess will be yours;
This is what this amazing month 
Reserves for you, lovely one.

Wisdom is flowing

Wisdom is flowing
Knowledge all over
The world;
There can be no
Shortage of wisdom;
If you have one,
Some have an overflow;
When we don’t have water
In the desert,
It is limitless
In the ocean;
Don’t die of suffocation
When air is everywhere.
Wisdom is flowing,
Knowledge boundless;
Tap from the
Abundance of knowledge,
Afloat in the world.
Knowledge, wisdom
Everywhere for all;
Go tap your share.

He promises many blessings

Speaking through
His written
And living Word,
And he wants you to trust him and reassures you
That whoever believes
In him and does not
Doubt, and confidently
Tells the world
About him will be
Abundantly blessed.
Believe and don’t doubt,
My friend;
Doubt will rob you
Of an influx of blessings
That should flow to you;
Confirm your belief by confidently sending forth
This message
To reach and bless
As many people as
For your trust
In him,
Your obedience
To his command,
And generosity of heart
To share his blessings,
He will shower you
With an abundance that
Will not
Delay to pour down
On you from his
Heavenly throne.
Share, reblog and wait in faith!
Your miracle will happen.
I have given to you as received; pass it on.

The amazing grace of God

Are you ready to share
Your blessings
With a poor, rustic village kid?
You who are born in the city
In opulence,
In a family of abundance,
Where riches flow?
With buttered bread?
Milked and honeyed tea?
Are you ready to be
A blessing to another
Less fortunate?
Not favored by fortune?
God calls on you to pass on
The gift;
That it’s not for you alone;
That if he so abundantly
Blesses you,
You have a duty to share.
Let the fruits from your fruit tree reach others;
By so doing you bless others;
As a coworker with Him
That was, that is and that will ever be.
You are an instrument of God’s answer to others’ prayers;
Yes, you must share that wonderful gift
From heaven;
You owe a duty to put a smile on another’s face
Make another happy;
That others, through you,
May see, feel and enjoy
The amazing grace of God.


assorted sliced fruits

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

You are so used to food;
Aren’t you?
Do you take it for granted?
Many people do?
It is so common;
Though hard for many to find.
As we see it on farms in abundance,
As we see it displayed in the market,
As we see it in restaurants;
As we see it in many places we go,
We tend to take it for granted;
But do you know?
Food is so powerful;
It gives life;
But also, it takes life;
Without food, there is no life;
But it is also the main reason
We fight and kill ourselves;
We want to have food to eat;
Since we need food to survive;
And so, we don’t want anyone
To stand on our way.
Some want more than they can eat,
Because greed eats them up inside.
They get their share
But still want to take
What should go to others;
And those who thus feel cheated
Fight for their right.
The greedy ones, however, will not
Let go;
And fighting becomes fierce;
Making food a reason to fight;
The cause of sadness
Instead of joy;
When greed kills justice;
And gives life to injustice;
Fighting and killing control the land;
When justice goes out through the door,
Peace follows through the window.
The two are identical twins;
Always together;
Injustice, fighting and killing
Are identical triplets;
You can’t differentiate them;
Always, like justice and peace,
They go together.

Let’s re-share the earth’s resources.

The world is sufferingOnce you


A problem of sharing.

Some have too much.

Some have too little.

Some swim in abundance.

Some swim in misery.

Some live in heaven on earth.

Some live in hell on earth.

What do you suggest we doIMG_0182

To change this shameful situation?

Shameful because on the same planet

Some cannot be swimming in wealth

While others are perishing in misery.

What do you think?

How did we come to this?