Embrace it as good

If you succeed in something,
Be brilliant,
And thank God first;
Don’t thank yourself first,
Don’t thank your parents;
Don’t thank your teachers
Thank God first;
It is his doing;
And if you fail in something,
Be brilliant
And thank God;
Don’t fail to thank God;
Don’t say there’s no reason
To thank God;
For though you may not
See why
There is a good reason
To thank God;
Failure may be
The best thing
That ever happened to you;
You must never forget
God’s ways are different
From man’s ways.
Your success can pass
Through the door of failure;
And your failure can come
Through the door of success;
It is God alone
Who knows?
Hence, whatever happens,
Embrace it as good,
And thank God for it.


If you don’t believe ( Be inspired today 287 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you don’t believe
What I am going to tell you,
I ask you to believe,
Because it is true;
It may look like not true,
But I assure you
It is true.
Those who believe least
In you
Are your own people;
The closest ones to you;
The world may hail you,
Yet, hardly will they see
What they are hailing
In you;
As if to justify
What the Bible says:
A prophet is never accepted
In his own home.
I think this is true.
If you don’t believe it,
It remains true.

Mind what you accept (Be inspired today 254 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Mind what you accept as good;
For that is what you are,
Or will be;
If you accept injustice as good;
Unjust you are
Or will be;
If you accept stealing as good;
You are a thief
Or will become one;
If you accept fraud as good;
You fraud
Or will fraud;
If you accept killing as good,
I won’t doubt if you kill
Or will eventually kill;
If you accept love as good,
Surely, you love others;
If you accept justice as good,
You are a just person.
You cannot be what you don’t accept as good;
Therefore, you must mind
What you accept as good.

Accept what you cannot change (Be inspired today 232 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you think things
Should always go
Your own way,
I think you are in for
A serious disappointment;
As I see it,
It is hard for things
To always go your own way;
A lot of times, in fact,
They will go their own way;
Not your own way;
But you must accept them
As they come;
If you cannot change a thing,
As we say, accept it;
If you can change it,
What else can be better?
No time to waste.