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To achieve any significant dream, you need courage. To climb the ladder of success to the top, you need courage. Courage is very important. It enables you to do the things that you know you must do.

Many people think they have courage when they do not. It does not suffice to say you have courage, or to feel you have courage. You have to prove it through action. Only this way can you know whether or not you have courage.

Have you ever faced a situation which challenged you to show courage? If such a situation comes,you may easily see that you do not have the courage you thought you had.

It can never be overemphasized that courage is necessary for you to achieve a big dream. A good question is how to build courage. By doing. Always do the things you fear to do. By doing this repeatedly, you will cultivate the habit of courage.

Life is controlled by habit. Any act or practice that is repeated often without being conscious of it is a habit. Courage can become a habit if you cultivate it. In which case, you make it a point of duty to squarely face every tough situation that comes your way. If you keep doing this, courage will become your habit.

If you do not make a deliberate effort and cultivate that habit of courage, you will, without knowing it, cultivate the habit of cowardice.

The habit of courage makes you face challenges. The habit of cowardice makes you run away from challenges.

How can you achieve anything significant in this world if you run away from challenges? The habit of cowardice will make you a loser. The habit of courage will make you a winner since it makes you face the bull by the horns. When you start facing the bull by the horns, you start winning; and climbing the ladder to the top.

Therefore, you have to cultivate the habit of courage to give yourself a good chance of ending at the top.


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