The reason many fail (Be inspired today 231 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you stand at the bottom of a mountain and look at its summit, most likely you will feel intimidated and tempted to give up.

This is the deciding moment for you. What you do at this moment defines the direction of your life – whether you are moving forward to success or to failure.

You may choose to give up or to undertake the journey.

Of course, to give up is to opt for failure. If you decide to start climbing, that is the first but major step that puts success in your life.

A very high number of people in the world allow the challenges on their path to success to intimidate them and make give up.

Because they are caught in this trap, there are so many failures in the world.

Only a few who don’t shy away when they see how challenging it is to get to the mountain top become achievers.

To be an achiever, do not let anything stand between you and the mountain top where your golden crown is found.

Once you know where your treasure is, sit down, work out your plan and go for it.

Of course, you don’t work alone. What people can achieve working together is far beyond what someone, even a giant can get working alone.

So don’t go alone. Get partners. And your number one partner is a partner who surpasses a million partners and that is God.

I don’t need to belabour the point. A word to a wise is sufficient.

Do not fall among the losers. Fall among the winners. Don’t do like the losers do for you will get what they get. Instead, do as the winners. You will get what the winners get.


Quote on discouraging messages

“Achievers or those who move their lives and the world forward are those who ignore the discouraging messages that pour in from others and take action. Those who have nothing to show in life, and who can be called underachievers are mostly those who do nothing except to criticize the achievers. My advice, therefore, is, if people try to discourage you when you are set on something, do not listen. Instead double your effort.” Romilia Quotes

The great achievers

I am where I am today
Because I never gave up;
I persisted;
I kept on.
I’ll be where I’ll be tomorrow,
Because I will not give up;
I will persist;
I’ll keep on.
That is the great secret
I’ve found;
Each time I do not give up,
I win;
Each time I persist;
I always win;
The great achievers;
Do this;
They never give up;
They persist;
They keep on;
And thus they get what they want.

I want to help you

There are many ways to help.Some people help by giving money or some material thing.
Since creating this site, I have had help from many sources including fellow bloggers and the formidable WordPress team.
I enjoy helping people feel better or do better in life. Helping others succeed is my call. In fact, it is a great source of joy for me. I feel above the ordinary when I help someone achieve their fondest dream.
It is my believe that words of inspiration, motivation and encouragement can do wonders for people if well put.
That is what I am here for. I also know that there are lots of very brilliant, talented people who are wallowing in oblivion. Nobody knows they are there. They are overlooked. Nobody pays attention to them. Yet, what they can do will astound many. I am hunting for such people to put in front of the world. I want the world to know them. I have two ways of doing this: interview the person; review the person’s work; follow up the person and keep the world informed.
This is some sort of free public relations. I have always said the greatest product in the world will only waste away if nobody knows about it. Good products should be made known.
I value what I am doing because I know what I would have been had I had someone to do this to me. What I have not had, I want to help others have. I easily recognize some talents the moment I set eyes on them. Others are a bit more hidden.
You can help me help you. I am ready to journey with you, motivate you; encourage you, inspire you and make you better known and appreciated by the world. But we have to talk. Talk to me through my email: It’s a free service and I know what this can do for you. Do not hesitate to take advantage of it.

Stay ahead of the pack


One of my best posts on this site is titled ‘The High Achievers.’ It is for those who want to stay ahead of the pack.

What do you want? To become a high-achiever, an average achiever or a low-achiever?

Wisdom demands that you take a firm decision to take Control of your destiny and become a high-achiever.
That is where you belong/

For what makes the difference, find the answer at ‘The High Achievers.’

Let me say that quickness in taking decisions is important.

High achievers are quick to evaluate a situation, see its benefits and take a decision unafraid of taking calculated risks.

They are also quick to follow their quick decisions with quick action.

Average, low or under achievers tend to procrastinate.
They will go round and round an issue unable to make up their minds about which direction to take.

They are lazy.  They like to idle around, sleep and snore when others are up and working.

You alone can decide where to belong.

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They are quick to decide

Who achieve great things.

They procrastinate

Who achieve little.

You alone decide

Where you belong.