How can you make your success unstoppable?

Do you know what can make your success unstoppable?

We will answer this question in this post. It’s what I will be telling you.

But first, let us look at a few realities about success.

Do people find it easy to succeed in our times?

My answer is negative. And I have just read a post on the web which confirms this. It says according to studies, only 8 percent of people actually achieve their goals.

92 % don’t.

This is not the best news, but happily, the article gives 7 things they do differently.

Where do you fall? Are you among the 8% or the 92? As for me, its clear. I am among the 92%.

Thank God, I know it and also know what to do to move to the 8% group.

I like that Marcel Schwantes’ article gives what the successful people do differently that makes them succeed.

As a speaker and leadership coach, Schwantes knows what he is talking about.

Succeeding in today’s world is really hard. But why so?

This has always worried me and worries many others too, because, of course, we all want to succeed.

As I was searching for more on the subject, I met The Our Shawn McBride who has taken time to answer the question and also goes further to tell us what can be done:

“Why is it even harder to succeed Today Than Ever Before, And What To Do About It

It makes a good read. And yes, success does not come on a platter of gold. But despite the challenges, a lot of people are still succeeding.

However, some people succeed better than others. Why so? A strategic business advisor and coach consultant, Amishi Mehta gives eleven good reasons for that:

11 Reasons Why Some people are More Successful Than Others.

A good question is: can you succeed? Can you overcome the so many challenges and pluck victory?

The answer is yes. But you have to pay a prize.

What does it take to be successful?

Different people have different answers to this question. While we have just had six points, in Lifehack, David K. William gives ten:

10 critical things you need for life success.

Success is what we all aspire for. There is no denying that it is a hard nut to crack to get to success.

Yet, everyday people succeed. That is the good news; and they will continue to succeed. This says that success is not farfetched. It is possible. And if it is possible for one, it is possible for all. Whoever wants it and does the right thing, gets it.

From what we have got from the experts we have been reading, the overriding elements in success are knowledge, action and persistence.

Know what you must do, (knowledge) do it ( action) for long enough (persistence), and success will be unstoppable.

Put these three elements to work and they will work for you.

Listen to all the success gurus in the world, they will tell you that knowing what to do is primordial. As I have always said, you cannot fry an egg without learning how to do it. You will make a mess of it.

Many people think they can dive into business and succeed without any knowledge of how to go about it. Simply locating your business demands knowledge of how to know a good location for it.

Then, of course, action is indispensable. No matter how brilliant you may be, if you conceive the best ideas, you will need to put them to action for them to produce results. No action, no result; action, result.

Lastly, action does not bring automatic results. Most of the times, you will have to push for things to work in your favour. This is what we call persistence.

Knowledge+action+persistence = Success.


A brand new day

A brand new day has come,
The last is gone;
But what has changed;
Shall it be stormy
Like a stormy sea?
Bombarded by waves?
Or the world shall be white
With snow?
Shall the earth’s bowels
Burst open
To spit out a blazing fire?
It’s not the day by itself
That causes the storms;
It’s the men and women
Who live that day;
True, that the weather
May change;
There could be rain,
There could be sunshine;
There could be a storm,
There could be calm;
But after everything,
That is not
The determining factor;
It is what we do;
It is human action;
It can be good,
It can be bad;
It can be positive,
It can be negative;
It can be kind,
It can be wicked;
That is what determines
Whether the day is good
Or it is a bad day.
Human action is the key;
Watch what you do;
It determines your day;
They determine your life;
And affect the lives of others.
If the world is evil,
That is our doing;
We are responsible.
If we enjoy peace,
It does not fall from heaven;
It is the work of our hands;
Straight from our hearts.
Let us make our day
What we like it to be;
And what we like it to be
For us,
Let us make it for others.

Do these things today

Do these things today. God will be pleased with you; and you will be happy.

  1. Pray
  2. Thank God and all who render you one service or another.
  3. Greet as many people as you can.
  4. Smile.
  5. Read something as you are doing now.
  6. Listen to someone.
  7. Listen to, watch or read the news of the day.
  8. Eat.
  9. Drink water.
  10. Take time to rest.
  11. Take time to think.
  12. Think positive.
  13. Learn a new word.
  14. Take action on your goal.
  15. Forgive someone.

Do you have something to add to this list. Please, tell me.

Find the equation

Who can find the equation?
Words minus action;
Words plus action.
If you take a decision,
To do something good
For yourself,
For others around you
Or for humanity in general,
That will be a good
And laudable thing indeed,
But you must ensure
You follow it up.
You cannot decide, sit
And do nothing,
And expect things
To work out by themselves;
As we say,
Words speak;
But action speaks louder;
Your decision will go nowhere
If you don’t make it work;
But will go places
If you put action into words.
Always put action
Into words;
The equation is clear:
Words minus action
Equals to theory;
Words plus action
Equals to results;
That is the equation.

Words and action

Your sweet tongue I love,
But it will not help me;
A sweet tongue
Will not solve my problem,
Though it will make me
Feel fine;
I love it, when I feel fine;
But those words need back up;
And that back up is action;
Action gives value to words;
It is the body of words;
Without action words are empty.
So each time you use words,
Back them up with action,
To give them true meaning.

Action (Be inspired today 263 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Action is a must for you
If success is
What you want;
Never has there been
An iota of success in life,
That did not come
Through action;
Theory is not enough;
You know what to do,
But make sure you do it;
Many people are failures
Who know what to do,
But fail
Because they don’t do
What they know.
Which is inaction.
Know what to do;
Do what you know;
That is action and equal
To success.

The Law Of Attraction – You Attract What You Are

A woman with a cup of coffee and a book.

The Law of Attraction, I have been fascinated by it for a long time and I rarely come across people who are fully aware of how much the Law of Attraction impacts their day to day life. Regardless of when we do things consciously or subconsciously, every bit of our existence, we are acting as human magnets sending vibrational frequency out of our thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what we have sent out.

Unfortunately, many of us are blind to this potential that rests within us – making it all too easy to leave our thoughts and emotions unchecked. This sends out the wrong thoughts and attracts more unwanted emotions and events into our lives.

Having said this, I’ve learned that the Law of Attraction to be true after experiencing personal and hearing others’ failures and successes.

Is The Law Of Attraction Even Real?

The Law Of Attraction can be seen throughout history, which was first thought to have been taught to people by the immortal Buddha: “What you have become is what you have thought.” There is an age-old belief among spiritualists that you draw to your life what you put out.

Recently, inspiring writers such as Deepak Chopra, Esther and Jerry Hicks and Wayne Dyer have shed light on these ideas by introducing three books: The Law of Attraction, Ask and It is Given and “The Power of Intention.”

ThenThe Secret by Rhonda Byrne, brought together many thought leaders in this world and spread the experience of different individuals supporting this principle. In “The Secret” we learned that this is based on scientific principles referring to quantum physics supporting this argument: “That you will attract to yourself whatever you put out.”

Energy, Vibration, Chemistry

“Like attracts like”, this is stated in the law of attraction. All attractions are based on energy, vibration, chemistry, or whatever you may call it, it’s all the same thing. You send out a frequency, and it attracts someone or a situation of the same frequency.

People with a high frequency, people who love and value themselves, are happy people who vibrate on a high frequency and induces a positive response in others. While people with a low frequency, people who are insecure and self-abandoning, induce feelings of anxiety in others if we ourselves are anxious.

People who are positive, open, giving, caring and kind to themselves and others are not attracted to people who are negative, closed, and needy of approval and attention. While no one intentionally seeks out someone who is closed, negative and needy, however, if this is you, this is what you will attract into your life.

Attraction And Your Level Of Emotional Health

I hear this so often: “I’m a good person, but I keep meeting the wrong people in my life”, followed up with “Am I doing something wrong?”

When you learn to value yourself and take responsibility for your feelings,  you’ll be drawn to people who also value themselves and want to share love rather than get love. You will no longer end up with someone who judges, blames or sees them self as a victim. You will just not find this person attractive, as they are not at your level of emotional health.

Of course, this means you need to take action if you want to increase your level of emotional health, of which some are learning:

  • To be present in your body instead of stuck in your mind avoiding your emotions;
  • To acknowledge what your feelings are telling you rather than protecting against them with various addictions and self-judgments;
  • To take action in your own behalf rather than expecting others to do this for you.

Underlying all of these ideas is the idea of connection – we are connected within and without. What we think and feel affects not only how we will act but how others will act as well. The depth of our feelings and actions is a critical variable in “attracting” what we want in our lives.

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  • What’s do you think about the Law of Attraction?
  • What is your experience with it?
  • What do you attract currently?

Have your say in the comment section 🙂

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Dive into action

Don’t wait until you are
Perfectly ready
Before you start
What you want to do;
You may never be
Perfectly ready;
Start, where you are,
With what you have
And learn and improve as you go.
Don’t wait till you are rich
Before you offer
Another financial help;
What if you are never rich?
People poorer than you
Are offering financial help
To others;
Don’t wait till you get a job
Before you marry;
What if you never get a job?
Marry and continue to look
For a job;
Don’t wait till
You are appointed
Before you start to come early
To work;
What if you are never appointed
Because you never come early
To work?
Don’t wait until
You make it before you start
Living your life?
What if you never make it.
My friend, it’s good to be ready;
Preparation for anything is good.
But don’t spend all your time
Only getting ready;
And no procrastination.
Get ready;
And without waste of time,
Dive into action.
If you make mistakes, correct them,
And move on;
That is how we get things done.

What is wrong with you?

What is wrong with you?
Do you know why I ask?
Because you know all
The keys to success;
And talk so much about
What to do to succeed;
You even teach people
The principle of success;
You have helped many
People succeed;
Yet,l looking at you,
It is clear, you haven’t
You don’t look like
Someone who has succeeded;
In fact,
You have not succeeded
But you are making people
What is wrong with you?
Something must be wrong;
I think its lack of action;
You have not implemented
What you know;
You know it;
But you need to put it
Into action;
Words alone won’t deliver.
You have not forgotten
What we commonly say;
The old adage which says
Action speaks
Louder than words.
Let action speak;
And you will see success;