Add line or more No. 73

Write on writers;
Ride on riders;
Speak on speakers;
Work on workers;
Sing on singers;
Blog on bloggers;
Read on readers,
Swim on swimmers.

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Who says “Don’t quit!”? (Add a line or more No 72)

Who says “Don’t quit”!?
I say “Don’t quit!”;
But I also say “Quit!”
Let’s get the records straight;
Don’t quit
When you are on the right track;
Don’t quit until you succeed;
Don’t quit your spouse;
Don’t quit your dream;
Don’t quit your word;
Why not give more?
And now, quit!
Quit that bad habit;
Quit laziness;
Quit smoking;
Quit too much alcohol;
Quick cheating on your spouse;
I allow you to add your own.

Get out! (Add a line or more No 72)

What are you doing in darkness?
Get out!
You can’t lock yourself in darkness
When there is light all over.

What are you doing among losers?
Get out!
Join the winners!
That is where you belong.

What are you doing among negative thinkers?
Get out!
You shouldn’t be a negative thinker;
You should be a tough mined optimist;
Number one positive thinker.

Rewarding good work (Add a line or more No 71)

Rewarding people for good work is a laudable practice. Many people are aware of this. What many may not know is meaningful and beneficial ways of rewarding people for their good work.

This is something worthwhile to talk about. When you reward somebody you are encouraging them; and, of course, it is common knowledge that encouragement can change the life of an individual in a very remarkable way.

Money is among the best ways of rewarding people for good work. People need money and if somebody does a good job and you give them money, it can be very encouraging. A raise in salary, for instance, can be magnificent.

Another good way to reward someone for good work is recognition.An outstanding case in point is the Nobel Prize Award. The is an award that recognizes and encourages excellence.

These two ways are far from being the only ways of rewarding or encouraging good work. Can you think of other ways? Why not add one or more to the list?

Take note that what you share here could change someone’s life for the best.

Talents: do you have? Add a line or more No 69.

What are you doing with your talent or talents? In the first place, do you know your talent? What can you say about talent? A lot of people have written or talked about talent. Do you know any quote about talent that has inspired or inspires you? Would you like to share that with us?
Add a a favorite quote on talent.

“Talent is like electricity. We don’t understand electricity. We use it.” Maya Angelou.

Add a line or more No 67

More than ever before,
I know
That life is not
A bed of roses.

More than ever before,
I understand
That hard work pays.

More than ever before,
I understand
That determination is
The key to success.

More than ever before,
I am determined to succeed.

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Maybe 3 (Add a line or more No 65)

Maybe I would have been more careful
When I met you;
Maybe I would not have rushed
Into a relationship with you;
Maybe I would not have trusted you
Without being sure;
Maybe I would have given myself time
To know you better;;
Maybe I am being paid in my own coins;
Maybe you were not meant for me;
Maybe I will live abetter life
With someone else.

Add a line or more!

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