Quote (God’s plan for humanity)

“God created us humans to be for one another not against one another. The reason the world is beset by problems is we have departed from this plan and have embraced the opposite plan, which is placing ourselves against each other.

If we want to save our world from destruction, we must follow God’s plan for humanity and be for one another not against one another.

If we continue to defy God’s plan by pursuing the opposite plan of being against one another, we will pay dearly for it.” (Romilia Quote)



Time management skills;
A precious knowledge to acquire;
If you want to make
The most of your time
On planet earth,
Don’t pay attention,
To anything
That is not correct
It’s not worth the salt;
Especially these days;
You only waste your time;
You don’t listen to trash;
You have things
That are more important
To do, for sure.
Do them,
Not those that don’t matter.
That way, you maximize your precious time here below.
And that is what makes
The difference.
Manage your time well.
Maximize it.

Don’t let him in

Keep it away;
Shut it off;
It breaks your wings;
It paralyses you;
It stops you
Do you know what it is?
It’s who we call Fear.
Do not welcome Fear
Into your home;
He must carry his luggage
And come to stay;
He will tell you
He will stay only for a while;
Don’t be deceived;
He is infected
With a destructive germ.
Let him in,
And he will want to stay forever.
Don’t smile with him;
Don’t invite him;
Don’t let him in.
If you find him coming,
Ask him to stop.

Don’t run away

Don’t run away
When the task at hand
Is difficult;
Don’t run away
When challenges
Raise their ugly heads
And stare at you
Straight in the eyes;
Don’t run away
When rain starts to pour
And you and you have
No umbrella;
Don’t run away
When you are required
To make an effort
But you find it difficult;
Don’t run away
And try to cover yourself
With excuses.
Excuses don’t solve any problem;
Instead they complicate them.
Don’t run away;
You will often be tempted
To run away;
But, you mustn’t;
Please, don’t run away.

Bad weather

Give no room for excuses;
They won’t help you a pinch.
If the weather is bad,
As it often has been,
And often will be,
Make that not an excuse.
To do nothing;
To idle about;
In good weather
And in bad,
There are things to do;
Make sure you do them;
Do what you are required
To do.
Do what you must do.
No excuse can be good enough.
To stop you,