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Don’t be deceived

Do not be deceived By beauty; A beautiful woman Can be dangerous; Do not be deceived By the good taste Of good wine; It can be dangerous; Let the flavour Of good food Not carry you away; The sweetest things Have their dangerous side; On the other side Of electricity Like that of air and…

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If you want to arrive

If you want to arrive, you have to know your destination. Know where you are going. Is it the mountain top? Remove your mind from how far away it is. Think of the thrills of your journey and enjoy every step you take. If it is challenging, enjoy facing each challenge. You will be surprised…

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Do not allow

Do not allow anybody To stand on your way; Do not allow anybody To discourage you; Do not allow anybody To derail you From the right path; Do not allow laziness To stand on your way; Do not allow anybody To drag you into mud; Do not allow anybody To ever stop you.

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If you want to win

If you are not winning, But want to win, Quit the losers’ bench On which you are sitting, And take a seat On the winners’ bench; Discard the loser’s mindset Which is bringing you failure, And adopt the winner’s mindset; Stop talking like a loser; And talk like a winner. Quit the loser’s attitude, And…

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The good for the best

You can give up; Don’t fear To give up; At times, It is necessary To give up; But you must know When to give up; There’s a time To persist; And a time To give up; If you give up What is wrong For what is right, You are in order; If you give up…

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