How wise is your sowing?

Many people are yet to learn what Shakespeare taught so well.

In one of his plays he says, “The evil that men do lives after them.”

People have different interpretations of this statement.

But the truth is when you do evil, you don’t go free. It haunts you all your life.

Evil does not follow someone who has not looked for it.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they can find their way in life by cheating, exploiting others, or taking what does not belong to them.

Either they are not aware of the law of karma, or they prefer to ignore it.

In this world, we reap what we sow. If we sow evil, that is what we will reap. If we sow good, that is what we reap.

This is what we call the law of karma.

There are people who sow evil and think that they can reap good. How can that be possible?

Can you sow mangoes and reap pears? That would be reaping from the sweat of another.

In life, we are supposed to live on the sweat of our brow, not on the sweat of the brows of others.

Remember what is related in Genesis 3:19. When our first parents disobeyed God and were sent out of the Garden of Eden, God told then:

“You will have to work hard all your life to make it (the soil) produce enough food for you…You will have to work hard and sweat to make the soil produce anything until you go back to the soil from which you were formed.”

He did not say we would get without having worked for it. What he said is quite clear.

We have to work for what we need.

To get anything without working for it is not normal. It is to break the law that God put in place

We should not forget, for every law, there is punishment when we break it.

If you want to live a successful life, respect the law of of life governing success and failure.

This law says what you give out always comes back to you.

We have to plant in order to harvest. You don’t reap if you have not planted.

That is why we have a farming or planting time. During the farming or planting time , we plant so that when the time comes, we reap.

Every thought, every deed is a seed you plant. That seed grows up to bear its kind, and nothing else.

This is why belief has so much power. Belief is a seed that you sow in the universe. It later becomes reality.

Do not believe what you do not want because that is like sowing the seed of a crop you do not want. That is what you will reap. You reap what you believe.

This all boils down to reaping what you sow or the law of karma.

Nothing in life happens haphazardly. Everything follows a plan. If the conditions for something to happen are met, it will happen. If they are not, it will not happen.

When you find people behind bars, it is because they have broken a law; and the law says when you break a law, you are punished for it.

I know you will say there are people who are behind the bars for crimes they have not committed. How does the law of karma come in here?

The law of karma starts with thought. Sin is committed in thought, word or deed. The universe registers the sin of thought as a sin of deed.

To the universe, thought is reality. Therefore, think not of evil because that is evil. Planning evil is evil even if you do not execute your plan.

But it can also happen that someone who is completely innocent is made to suffer. There are exceptions to every rule. And who says such a happening may not be a stepping stone to greater good.

Who knows if Nelson Mandela would ever have been President had he not served those so many years in prison? What we can say with certainty is he would not have been the historical figure he became, had he not suffered so many years behind the bars.

Some failures are stepping stones to good. Abraham Lincoln failed his way to the White House. Many people have risen to prominence because they failed and that challenged them.

All this is said to uphold the point that we do not reap what we do not sow. If you reap what you did not sow, you will pay for it. If you sow and do not reap, it means you did not sow on fertile soil or you did not sow good seeds or you did not take good care of the crops. It can also mean your harvest has been delayed for your greater good.

Plant the law of karma in your mind which is in the Bible in Galatians 6:7, “we reap what we sow.” This is the same as the proverb, “As you make your bed, so shall you lie on it.”

If you give out love, love will come to you. If you are kind, you will experience the kindness of people. If you smile a lot, people will smile a lot to you.

If you hate people, people will hate you. If you don’t care about people, people will not care about you.

That is how it goes in life. Knowing this, who will not be wise enough to sow only that which they wish to reap?

How wise is your sowing? Be a wise soul and sow what you wish to reap.


Who says you’re too old? Are you?

If you think you are too old to be bothering about making a difference in your community, I disagree with you.

If you say you are too old to make a difference in your country, I disagree with you.

If you say you are too old to make a difference in the world, I disagree with you.

Ask me why!

The reason is as you read this people older than you are impacting their communities.

People who are older than you are impacting their countries.

People who are older than you are impacting the world.

I do not know how many times it can be said before some people understand that it is never too late for one to do something great with their life.

It is never too late to start a new project from the bottom and take it up to the top.

I hope you are not among those senior citizens who consider life to be over because they are senior citizens?

I want to state categorically that life is not over unless you decide that its over.

This may just be the time that if you put in some good effort, you will be surprised by what you can do..

I don’t support anybody thinking or feeling it is over for them just because they are on retirement.

Many people do their best work when they are on retirement. At that time, they are free to do what they enjoy doing not what duty obliges them to do.

When you are on retirement, there is nobody to put unnecessary pressure on you. You can sit, plan, execute, and relax at your pace. Freedom has amazing power.

I know you may be thinking like some people that if you didn’t do it during more than three decades of working life is it now that you will make it?

I say in this world of ours, every minute counts. Make no mistake!

I know so many people who became senior citizens without a car, without a house, without having finished educating their children, but in their retirement, they got right to the top.

That makes life thrilling, doesn’t it? It is much fun making achievements on your retirement that many didn’t expect you to do.

I don’t need to cite the names of people I know who made it big on retirement but there are galore. I guess you know some.

I have read about people who wrote their best book while already on retirement. There are others who got higher degrees on retirement; others who built mansions on retirement; and others who got to the highest office in their country on retirement.

You don’t need to go too far to find them. Turn on your TV and look at the two fellows running for the White House this year. Who between them is younger than you? If they were cardinals, they would have been on retirement already. The two fellows are above 70 years each.

I don’t like it when I see people with potential for greatness wasting it under the pretext of retirement.

If you like me to tell you, I will do: my best work is ahead.

Haven’t we been told that the years between 60 and 80 are usually every human person’s most creative years?

This is the time for you to do your best work.

The only wedge that can stop you is the belief that it’s over for you already; that it’s too late.

What you should tell them is such are discouraging messages. Those are the messages we call dream-killers.

They do, indeed, kill dreams. It’s not too late.

What you should do is you don’t bother to go for very big projects. Such might leave you discouraged. Of course, if you feel called to do something big, you go ahead. If you aim high, that’s excellent!

But if it’s something new you are starting, my advice is start small and then climb to the last rung of the ladder. It isn’t meant only for others.

There are little things you can do to make a difference in your community. In this era of communication technology, nothing is impossible. We no longer talk of the sky being your limit. Now, we say the sky is your springboard.

You can find your influence going worldwide in a week. All is to be determined, and to put on your thinking cap. Allow age to rest. Don’t even think of it.

You may not believe if I tell you I was computer illiterate a few months to my retirement. Then I got the young people who came on internship to tech me between programs and during break.

Do you know what? I am doing things on the web. A few weeks ago I did an online course on graphics design. It was mind blowing.

If there are two people who believe in fighting to the end, I am one. We must fight till the very last minute of our breathe to make a difference.

And one can make a huge difference even at the last minute. It’s real.

Let me tell you about a certain friend of mine in a WhatsApp forum. This man’s popularity grows by leaps and bounds daily. Can you guess what he does? He writes lovely posts that hardly go beyond ten sentences daily. Readers adore them and so he’s making a name for himself. Less than ten sentences; but he captures minds and hearts. He gets people hooked. That is an example of a little thing in an extraordinary way.

I see people spending time on social media but do not think it necessary to offer useful content that can make a difference. They chat away their precious time. I don’t understand.

We can make social media a vehicle for service that will impact the world. It’s being done.

One thing I very strongly believe in is God did not create us to trot across the stage making no impact. God created us for great things. His plan for each one of us is far greater than our plan for our own selves.

Some people make it big during their working life; but some take much longer. They get into retirement before they make it.

Now, if you have already made it (I know many who have), God has bigger plans for you. He granted you the grace to make it big early so that you can go further, not for you to fold your arms.

I have been wondering if the Bible gives an age for retirement. To me, if we retire, it is to give our place to younger people because jobs are scarce. I see retirement as stopping work in a government office, a company or under somebody to work on our own projects.

Our brains haven’t gone any where yet. They are still very active. Let’s use to them! There’s still so much waiting for us to do.

I believe deep down in you, there is something you have always wanted to do. This is the time to do it.

What I can advise is think of some service that you can render; that thing you have always wanted to do. You can carry the light of your faith in your community. You can be the best neighbour to your neighbours. You can be someone who encourages young people in your community. You can put smiles on the faces of others and be the best of friends on Facebook or other social media.

There is a tool which we under use or many of us use wrongly whereas it can do so much for us and others; and it doesn’t cost anything. That is words. Why not take up talking to people as your. main thing for your remaining days? On a daily basis, you can lift people’s spirits, encourage, motivate, inspire them. With this, you will find yourself taking some people from where they are to where God intends them to be.

There is something I almost forgot. When you are on retirement and spend time aimlessly, you grow old fast. When you stand with your mates, you will look like their older one. And your days will be counted. When you are active doing constructive work, you will ever look young and your life span will increase. Experts actually say those who go on retirement but have a dream they are pursuing live longer than those who do not.

You will hear people say retirement is meant to rest not bother themselves. I totally agree. You have take enough rest; but also keep body and brain active. Don’t neglect that!

But beware of taking on activities that expose you to stress, be it physical, mental or emotional or put your life at risk. You are no longer a young person to withstand some kinds if stresses.

Do you know why I wrote this? If you are a senior citizen, I am a senior citizen like you and its best at this time when we hold hands and walk down the street together.

The ball is on your court.

How do we avoid working hard for nothing as many people do?

Hard work is the key to success. Who does not know this? Every body should know this already.

But if that were all that was required, the billions of people who are killing themselves with work in vain would succeed.

Hard work is not enough. That is a truth that is often taken for granted.

As a result, many people work so hard for nothing. Isn’t that tragic? That you work so hard but your table is always dry, no food to eat, your family goes hungry, you cannot pay your bills, yet you have exhausted yourself.

How do we avoid working hard for nothing?

That is what I want us to know. That is very important. You must stop wearing yourself out for nothing. Work hard but let your hard work produce the fruits you want – put enough food on your table for you and your family; make you enjoy this world.

The whole thing is simple; so simple that you may not believe it. It is this: do not end at hard work if you want to succeed. You will not succeed.

There is hard work that gives success and hard work that goes does not. It simply goes in vain.

Let me tell you the type of hard work that leads to success and the one that does not or better still, that leads to failure.

This is important to know because unless you are foolish or don’t have value for your time, you will not go in for hard work that will not bring you success.

Unfortunately, that is precisely what many people do. They work extremely hard, and yet at the end of the day, they are worn out but success eludes them; and feel disgruntled, frustrated, bitter.

And so what is the type of hard work that pays?

The answer is contained in a quote by Warren Buffet. This man is an investment guru; one if the mist successful investors if all times. He is someone to listen to when it comes to the secrets of making it big in life. He says: “There is no use running if you are on the wrong road.”

That says it all. Replace ‘running’ in that quote with ‘working hard’ and replace ‘are on the wrong road’ with ‘are doing the wrong thing’. That quote means there is no use working hard if you are doing the wrong thing. It will be a waste of time and energy; and maybe resources.

They key to success is clearly hard work doing the right thing.

To work hard doing the wrong thing is to waste your energy. It is to suffer in vain. It is foolishness.

Do you want to succeed? Work hard but make sure you are doing the right thing. Make sure you are doing what can make you succeed.

You simply need to look around you to see the numerous people who spend their day working hard but at the end of the day, there is nothing to show for it.

You work hard to succeed not to fail. So if you are working hard and getting tired but not getting results you desire, ask yourself if you are not running so fast on the wrong road.

You go! It’s time to go!

If your people want you,
Stay with them;
If they don’t want you, go!
It’s time to go,
Better you quit;
That is what they want;
And that will not be
For their good,
It will be for yours also;
Don’t insist on staying;
It’s better for everyone,
That you go;
Because, if you don’t,
It will be like,
You are imposing yourself;
That, surely, is not right;
Unless you are a dictator;
You don’t impose yourself
On people as their leader;
Leaders respond to the will
Of their people;
Mind you:
You are there to serve,
And not to be served;
You are there to care
For the interest
Of your people,
And not your own interest;
So if they don’t want you,
You don’t impose yourself;
You don’t insist on staying;
If they want you out,
You go!
Be off!
Pack your bags and leave
It’s time to go.

Never stop till the end

Is there an end to studying?
With grey hair,
I want to be back in class;
I am hungry to learn;
To know some more;
I know it won’t be easy;
I will be slow;
But no problem with that;
The fast make it fast;
The slow make it slower;
What matters is to make it;
I will go at my pace;
But my target
Remains the winning point.
I want to win
Not by being first,
Or being second,
Or average,
But simply by crossing
The winning line.
Indeed, there is no end
To learning.
The bare truth is,
I shall never stop learning.

Don’t be carried away

Are you the master of your destiny?

Do you have to allow yourself to be carried away by things happening around you?

At all times, maintain a clear, cold head and avoid reckless, irresponsible behaviour.

See what happened to someone. He writes:

“I wish to plead with all gossips and liars in taxis to always either be fast in telling their stories or summarize them.

‘Some of these stories are really thrilling to hear with a lot of suspense.

‘Sadly, most of the times, they fail to know that people are going to different destinations.

‘At the moment, I am stranded at a place called Sabga, because I was interested in stories that one man in my taxi was telling about charms.

‘When he alighted, I thought I had reached my destination also.

‘Unfortunately, before I knew what I had done, the taxi was gone.

‘I have no money one; but he is telling me to take it easy.

‘How do I take it easy? Shouldn’t he repair the damage he has caused? Isn’t he to blame?

‘Why didn’t he summarise his stories?”

You come across people like this man. They make mistakes a put the blame on others.

Shifting the blame will not help you.

You have to take responsibility for your actions.

No one can run your life for you. At all times, have a clear mind. No where you are going, how you are going and why you are going.

Be the master of your own destiny. Let me repeat: don’t be carried away.

You don’t leap

You don’t leap
Like a frog;
From the bottom
To the top.

You don’t leap
Like a frog
From darkness
To light.

You don’t leap
Like a frog
From oblivion
To stardom.

If once in a while
It does occur,
That does not make it
A rule.

Success won’t come
In a day;
Let alone come
On day one.

So why hope for it;
You could start
On day one;
But that is not enough.

It won’t give you
An A grade,
Great is your mistake
If you think it will.

To start work on day one,
That is the ideal;
It tells the world
You are ready for the job.

But, you must go beyond
To let the world know
You can do it
Do it and excel.

Build a good team

Team is better than solo;
If you want to succeed,
I encourage you
To build a team;
You will find it better;
Train it to perform well
When you are present,
And when you are absent,
Then you can tell yourself:
“Well done!”
That is a real sign
Of success.
Let your team
Not perform well
Only when you’re present;
Let it perform well,
Even when you are absent.
Such is a good team.

Know your spouse

Know your spouse;
Know your husband;
Know your wife;
If you don’t know your wife,
How can you love her?
If you don’t understand your wife,
How can you both get on well?
Know your spouse,
That is the doorway to love.

Know your spouse,
Know your husband;
Know your wife;
If you don’t know your husband,
How can you love him?
If you don’t understand him,
How can you both get on well?
Know your spouse,
That is the doorway to love.