Go to bed

Go to bed
With a clean heart;
Go to bed
With peace of mind;
Go to bed
With hope in your heart;
Go to bed smiling;
Go to bed
With gratitude to
For he is good;
Don’t go to bed
Don’t go to bed
Bearing a grudge
Against anybody;
Go to bed
With great
And faith in God.


Use a long spoon with fear

Fear is not good;
Fear is something to fear;
If you are not afraid of fear,
I don’t know what to say;
Don’t give fear a chance;
Not even the least chance;
What is even worse is to let
Fear grip you;
Don’t try it;
If you let fear grip you,
You are finished;
You may lose everything;
The thing is
When you deal with fear,
Use a long spoon;
That is the only way out;
Use a very long spoon;
That will keep you safe.

How to obtain desired results – Five actions to take.

Do you like to know what it takes to obtain desired results?

When it comes to what it takes to obtain desired results, I put learning somewhere around the top if not rght at the top of the list.

There may be some exceptions, but for a majority of people, there’s nothing you can do unless you learn how to do it.

Knowledge gives you power to do anything you like.

So, what ever you want to do, it is important to make sure you have the know-how which you get by learning.

The second thing is action. Go ahead and put that know-how to use.

If you use it well, nothing will stop you from obtaining the desired results.

Of course, this said, let me make a point clear. Bear in mind that what you want may not just come because you’ve done what you should do.

It may take a while to come. It may demand that you persist in your efforts. Thus, persistence will be point number 3.

The 4th point will be patience. If you have learned what it takes, you have applied that knowledge, and have persisted but do not have the desired results, be patient. In the patience factory, lots of things are manufactured.

There’s a fifth thing to do. This is so important indeed, that I deliberately decided to mention it last. Can you guess what it is?

Your guess is right if it is prayer. You labour in vain if you think you can do it all by yourself. Do not depend on yourself alone. Go on your knees and pray. Seek divine guidance; and this should come at the very start; before you even venture into what you want to do; and span it through out the whole period of your efforts.

If you take these five actions, you can be sure that nothing whatsoever, will stop you from obtaining the results you desire.

Many things too mysterious

Not everything can you know;
Not everything can you understand;
Not everything can be explained
To you;
Must you know it all?
What you cannot understand,
You cannot understand;
Leave it;
Others may understand;
That’s okay;
Ours is a complex world;
Many things too mysterious;
And no one can know it all;
We will only know some
And leave some.
Don’t rack your brain
Too much to know everything.

Husband and wife sit up!

Poor woman!
I see how you sweat
In the hands
Of your husband.
Too bad;
But take heart;
You are not alone;
Many are like you
Something must be done;
Thingds can’t continue
Like this;
But what shall we do?
Who has an idea?

Poor man!
I see how you sweat
In the hands
Of your wife;
Too bad;
But take heart;
You are not alone;
Many are like you
And something must be done;
Things can’t continue
Like this;
It can’t go;
But what shall we do?
Who has an idea?

Husband and wife;
Sit up!
What are you doing
To each other?
Why are you giving
Heat to each other?
Why make marriage
A hell instead of
A heaven?
Examine your ways;
And change
For the better;
That is my advice
And prayer for you.

My advice to you

You ask me to advise you;
Yes, I will advise you;
My advice to you is simple;
And it is this:
Keep on working hard;
Keep on pursuing your goal;
Keep on going for it;
Keep on and keep on;
Even if it seems you are
Laboring in vain;
When the time comes
For the fruits to be ripe,
Nothing will stop them.
It may take long,
But it will come;
And that shall be oural time
Our time of joy.
I encourage you;
Do not stop half way;
Do not give up;
Keep on going and breaking
New grounds;
This is my advice to you;
I hope you listen to it;
What is more,
I hope you follow it.