Mind your attitude

This weekend will be good
If you make it good;
And it will be bad
If you make it bad;
It is not what happens
To you
That determines
Whether a thing is good
Or bad,
It is how you handle
What happens to you;
It is a question
Of attitude;
What is good for some,
Will be bad for someone
With a negative attitude;
What is bad for some,
Will be good for someone
With a positive attitude.
Your attitude matters;
Attitude determines;
Mind your attitude!


Pray for the best

Pray for the best!
Things are not easy
But you pray for the best;
No matter how bleak
The future may look
Pray for the best;
If failure after another
Is hitting you,
Pray for the best,
If your best players
Leave you,
Pray for the best;
If you see victory
Coming but eludes you
At the very last minute,
Pray for the best;
And leave everything
In God’s Almighty hands;
He will do it for you.
Do not panic;
Do not be afraid;
Do not worry;
Only pray for the best;
And do your best;
The best will come.

A lesson from long-jump

There is a lesson I learn
From long jump;
This lesson,
The French articulate so well
When they say,
It’s better to step back
To jump better;
(Il faut reculer,
Pour mieux sauter)
To jump well in long-jump,
You go behind;
And then you come running;
That will enable you
To spring better;
And go further;
The goalkeeper stoops,
To better spring on the ball;
When you have a difficult task,
Step back;
And then spring on it;
That way, you get it done.

Are you still afraid?

Are you still afraid?
That something evil will happen to you?
After all that you have
Heard and read about fear?
Countless times you have
Been told no reason to fear;
That the only thing to fear
Is fear Itself;
That you continue to say
You fear;
You must not fear, my friend;
Only cowards fear;
And faithless people too
Do fear.
Get up from fear;
And get going;
Have faith not fear.
Kill your fear with faith.

Swallow your pride

Swallow your pride,
If you’ve been jilted;
Swallow your pride,
And move on with life;
Swallow your life,
And continue to live;
Don’t kill yourself;
Don’t commit suicide;
That won’t help a pint;
You are not the first;
You will not be the last;
To be shabilly treated
In love;
Many have been,
And many will be;
And dumped;
Some will stupidly react;
Taking away their lives;
Many will wisely do;
Life is bigger
Than one failed love.
Swallow your pride;
And let things go.

Firmly rooted

You must look
For ways
To stand firmly
On the ground;
Be well rooted;
So that nothing
Can pull
You up.
We live in a world
So difficult, indeed;
Where some people
Spend their time
Looking for others
To uproot.
Looking for others
To pull down;
Looking for others
To crush;
Be that one
Who cannot easily be Uprooted;
Pulled down,
Or crushed;
Be grounded;
Well rooted;
Firmly rooted.
Let nobody ever
Upproot you.