Don’t waste

If you listen to me,
You will be fine;
I have good things
To tell you;
I will advise you;
Many heads are better
Than one;
You know my dream
Is that you succeed;
And I want you to fly
High in the sky.
You have to make use
Of your wings;
Use them to fly;
Don’t waste them.
If you waste your
You sure will regret.

Stop complicating! (Be inspired today 224 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

People complicate
What should not
Be complicated;
And this is done
Rather too often;
Why complicate?
Nothing at all
Should we complicate;
Make things easy
For self and others;
And life,
You will enjoy;
When you complicate,
Life becomes a task;
An arduous task;
A. burden;
Really hard to live.
My advice is simple:
Stop complicating;
This goes for all.
Just stop right away.

You sleep soundly only when

How soundly do you sleep at night when you go to bed?

Is it easy for you to sleep? 

There are people who do not find it difficult to fall asleep.  They sleep with great ease.  When they put down their heads, it does not take them long to start snoring.

Others are different. Sleep does not easily come to them.  In bed, they turn from side to side and sleep does not come.They look up at the ceiling and count the mosquitoes passing, but sleep does not come.  Then they begin to take one problem after another and examine. All types of good and bad ideas  pass through their minds.

May of us are like this.  We spend many sleepless nights for one reason or the other.  Business people spend sleepless nights calculating business.  They do not know whether things will work out well for them or not. People spend sleepless nights worrying about financial problems. 

You may see someone moving on the street and think he is fine when he is dying under the yoke of problems.

There are problems everywhere; but there is one thing about problems which is worth underscoring. You may have a problem and think it is the worst problem in the world when it is not.  It is when you see other people’s problems that you know yours is more or less child’s play.

Another thing is problems pass away.  No problem lasts for ever. You may think your problem will take away your head when in reality it is just a common problem. It is true that problems take away heads; but you must be careful that this does not happen to you.

If you live a reckless life, you can create problems that will take away your head.  Secondly, if you live as if there were no God, you can be sure to create problems that will take away your head. If you have fear of the Lord, you are well placed to handle any problem that comes your way; and will go to bed and sleep soundly even if you lie on a plank bed.

You do not have to depend on yourself alone to solve your problem. God is there for you. Go to him; depend on him.  He will never fail you. He will make you sleep soundly at night.

Take note that sound sleep does not just come. You sleep soundly only when you make it possible for you to sleep soundly. Remember these 10 points:

  • Living a responsible life.
  • Being disciplined and organised;
  • Not letting problems take control of your life;
  • Putting God at the center of your life.
  • Making sleeping time an important time.
  • Thank God for your day;
  • Thank God when you get up in the morning.
  • Do not go to bed with a grudge against a fellow human.
  • Always forgive those who wrong you.
  • Don’t take anger or worries to bed.

Many wishes to you for sound sleep when you go to bed. You will get up resfreshed and ready to face another day. Blessings!

How do you stop worrying?

Have you solved the problem of worry as far as your life is concerned?
It is not a small problem;
Or should I say an easy problem?
Many people face the problem
of worrying. They
Worry about their health;
Worry about finances;
Worry about bills to pay;
Worry about food for their families;
Worry about rents;
Worry about safety;
Worry about marital issues;
The list is long;
A lot has been said and written
About why we don’t need to worry;
I wonder if there’s anybody
Who can stand up and say
“I have conquered worry.”
And tell us how it was done;
Sharing is empowering, you know;
If there are some steps,
Or some biblical verses
Or famous quotes that have helped you
In your struggle with worry,
Why not share with us?
For me,
The way I have handled it is,
I have decided
I will always do my best
And then leave the results to God.
He alone grants results;
You may work like a horse,
He is the one who determines
What happens;
Whatever results come,
I know it is his will;
I accept and life continues.
I know, of course,
It’s easier said than done,
But who says life is meant
To be easy?
It is a continuous struggle;
I have to make a deliberate effort;
I have to fan my determination;
And fight for it every blessed day.
What about you?
Even if you cannot share your story,
Share any advice that you have
On this issue,
Or that you have learned
About how to handle worry.
Take today,
What are your worries?
And how are you facing and managing them?
Someone says a lot of times we worry for nothing;
That at the end of the day,
We find that the problem has been
So easily solved;
That you did not have any reason
To worry;
Such are experiences to share.
Let’s hear if you motivated;

How Can You Be And What Makes You Capable Of Being An Expert?

little-expert-1024x680“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” -Unknown

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you two things:

  1. How can you be an expert?
  2. What makes you capable of being an expert

We are all capable of being experts. Being an expert takes you starting and the beginning and doing what it takes to master what you want to be good at. If you are willing to do what it takes to learn how to get better with your knowledge and talents, you will be an expert at whatever you choose to.

Remember that you are capable of being an expert in anything you want, but in order to accomplish it, you have to put in the work.

  • How can you be an expert?
  • What makes you capable of being an expert?

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How Can You Be And What Makes You Capable Of Being An Expert? – Michael J. Fite

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Very embarrassing situation

A young man just left my office. He came knocking my door to seek advice about what he called “an embarrassing love situation.” He is thirty and wants to take a wife and settle. But he is poor; coming from poor parents and is just managing to live.

There is a girl as wretched as him with whom he is in love. The girl is as mad about him as he is about her. They have been planning to get married but have no reason to hope that their social status will one day change. Yet, they have been saying that should not stop their plans.

A month ago, a thing came up that has complicated the situation. He met a beautiful young girl from a wealthy family and is is secret love with her. When he started he thought it would be brief relationship but the girl has sworn he is hers for life. She’s been giving him money; but what ever he receives from her he passes some to the girl he adores. Going by what he has seen so far, he is sure that his social status will dramatically change if he gets married to this rich girl though he loves her less than the other girl. His heart goes more to the poor girl.

He came to see me because the rich girl wants things to go fast. He wants the marriage to be arranged and asks him not to worry about money because she will take care of everything. The girl’s parents have already allocated them one of their houses, a good care and financial provision for the boy to open a super market.

The girl from the poor family does not know what is going on and is very confident that the boy will become her husband and even though they will not have money they will be a happy couple.He too really loves her.

Thus embarrassed, the boy came to me. I gave my advice but told him we would still discuss.

What advice would you give him? From every indication the rich family is not ready to take no for an answer. They will take it very badly; and the boy may have problems if he becomes funny when they have already told all their friends their daughter would soon be married.

Please, advise!This young man feels trapped.

How to prevent crashing

My friend wants to know
How he can prevent himself
From crashing;
Who can advise him?
His question is pertinent;
And someone should really advise him;
Crashing can be destructive;
You know what happens when a plane crashes;
It can be disastrous;
And I don’t like this to happen to him.
Please, do something;
Advise him;
Help him;
Your advise may save his life.

Poem inspired by Tienny The Story teller.

A talk to youth

I have been invited to talk to youths. I shall talk to them about the need to take responsibility for their lives. It’s a subject I am passionate about. The main thing I’ll tell them shall be not to wait for anyone to take them to where they want to go. To count on themselves. They will seek and accept good advice when need be; but must take full responsibility for their lives.

This goes for you as well. If you sit and wait for someone to find you brilliant and lift you to where you want to go, you may wait all your life. You have to take a decision on where you want to go, how you want to go there, and set out to go.

Are you aware that you have to take full responsibility for your life? That it is not another person to lift you to where you want to go?

Let me advise you

Do you permit me to advise you?
Don’t get upset;
Even children advise their parents.
I want to advise you.
I want to dare to advise you;
And this is my advise:
Don’t play it safe!
Dare it! Did you get me?
Plunge in! Don’t tiptoe!
If I see you on tiptoes,
I will spank sense into you;
Take a new road to you unknown;
And see where it takes you;
Be courageous;
Don’t be faint of heart.
Be strong;
That’s my advice to you;
Don’t play safe.

Respond don’t react!

A thing happens;
And it isn’t pleasing;
What do you do?
How do you take it?
Do you react or respond?
One of two choices you have:
React or respond;
Whatever you choose,
The fruits you shall reap;
Or the consequences you shall face;
What do I do?
I respond;I don’t react;
You too respond; don’t react.

This post was inspired by a post titled The cockroach Theory by Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google. The post was published on Different Ways to Success blog run by Sathish Kumar.