True love

If it grows old,
And worn out,
And cold,
It isn’t true
But fake love;
True love never dies,
And never grows old;
True love
Is always fresh,
And strong,
And hot like fire;
It keeps
Your heart warm;
Makes you happy;
And life is beautiful.
What I want
Is true love;
That will last
As we age.


Does Age difference matter in Friendship ?

does age matters in friendship ?

‘We need old friends to help us grow old and new friends help us stay young”Letty Cottin Pogrebin

It’s true that peers share common interest because they are in the same age group,but still you can share interests with people who are younger or older than you.In fact you can learn a lot from different kinds of conversations.

Personally I feel there is no age limit.

Age becomes just a number on many occasions,and friendship is no different.

Remember Friendship just happens.

Never judge people by the age.

As long as you share mutual interest,comfortable with each other,and even supportive in situations that demand your attention difference in age makes no difference.

The joy that the friendship gives irrespective of the age difference can not be explained by these two friends concerned.

Friendship vibes are a wonderful feelings as long as

  • you don’t cross the limits or
  • Become possessive or
  • Have High expectations or
  • Develop emotional dependency.

Doesn’t everybody deserve a Best Friend Forever ?

Follow your heart but carry your mind too.

” One of the best things about Friendship is that age doesn’t matter ”  Anonymous

What are your thoughts on this subject ?

Please share your views

Thanking you ,

Philosophy Through Photography

Stop saying…(Be inspired today 72 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Even at a young age
You can impact the world;
Stop saying
You are too young
To impact the world;
John Keats died at 26;
But great has been
His impact
On the world;
Emily Bronte died at 30.
But with Wuthering Heights
She greatly impacted
The world;
Jesus Christ died at 33,
But more than everyone
He has impacted the world
With his teaching;
You don’t need to be old
To impact the world!
Neither do you need to live
For too long in this world
To impact the world.
Don’t you know someone
Who was or is young
But has impacted the world?
Do you know someone
Who lived but briefly
But impacted the world?
Share with us;
At a young age
You can impact the world;
At old age also
You can impact the world;
At any age
You can impact the world.
So, my friend,
Whether young or old,
Why not do something
To impact the world?
Stop saying you are
Too young or too old.
Go ahead
And impact the world.

Quote (age)

“If you think you are too young to start making your impact felt in the world, look around. Younger people than you are doing marvels. You are not too young. If you think you are too old to do something that will get your name into the history books, look around the world many great figures made their most remarkable accomplishments at an older age than yours. Don’t make age an excuse.” (Romilia Quotes)

Looking Young And Ageing

Looking Young.jpg

I am in the fortunate position of looking considerably younger than I am.  It is lovely, and I do what I can to keep it this way; face yoga, meditation, seeds in my porridge.  Daily smoothies packed with ground seeds and powders.  I also take about 14 different supplements every day.

Stepping into the business world as a young-looking person, however, is a different story.  People struggle to support a young person, emotionally.  It is a primal urge.  I hold no judgement.  Ageing is hard – hence the aforementioned daily routine.

I think compassion is the only way through it, for the young and old.  We all have our struggles.  Remember young people do not have the experience to understand their emotions yet.  Growing up is a rough time.  Likewise society persecutes us for ageing, despite all the experience and understanding and philosophising we offer.

Have compassion, support.  Be the best you.



greatness and old age

“It is not every great person who attains greatness early life. Some really do while some do so only later. In fact, some peopke become great very late in life. In a good number of cases, they do so only at the end of their lives. Therefore, if age is closing up on you, do not stop working hard to make your mark under the pretext that you are old. Old or not old, put in the best you can. Let your dream to make your mark never leave you. Continue to fight to make the world hear about you. And if you are a young person, it is time to help your parents realize their dreams even as you pursue yours.” Romilia Quotes.

The age excuse

Many people use age as an excuse to give up.

They say they are too old or too young to do something great. A big lie! You can neither be too old nor too young to do something great.

Many people who are older and many people who are younger than you are doing great things. Why not you?

The age excuse is often used by people who are unwilling, too lazy, too afraid or lack wisdom to put in the most of themselves.

Age fifty

When I was a little boy,
I thought fifty was many years;
I wondered if I would ever clog fifty;
Anyone who was fifty looked to me too old;
And I would tell myself if they died,
No one would miss them
As they had lived long enough;
Hardly did I know,
I would soon be right there;
It’s more than ten years since
I arrived;
Crossing the half-century line;
Today I look back at fifty,
And what I see is people who’ve
Just begun to live;
Can you guess how I feel myself?
That the moment is just ripe for me
To get the best out of life;
And also of course,
To offer the best I can;
And that is what I am doing;
I put in everything everyday,
To offer my best to the world;
That is my best way to get
The best from the world;
As I wait for the bells
Of heaven to toll for me;
When he that sent me here on mission
Wants me back home.

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