Looking Young And Ageing

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I am in the fortunate position of looking considerably younger than I am.  It is lovely, and I do what I can to keep it this way; face yoga, meditation, seeds in my porridge.  Daily smoothies packed with ground seeds and powders.  I also take about 14 different supplements every day.

Stepping into the business world as a young-looking person, however, is a different story.  People struggle to support a young person, emotionally.  It is a primal urge.  I hold no judgement.  Ageing is hard – hence the aforementioned daily routine.

I think compassion is the only way through it, for the young and old.  We all have our struggles.  Remember young people do not have the experience to understand their emotions yet.  Growing up is a rough time.  Likewise society persecutes us for ageing, despite all the experience and understanding and philosophising we offer.

Have compassion, support.  Be the best you.


By www.upwardjourneys.com


Janet’s ‘take on ageing’

Can you guess who caught my attention as I floated meaningfully on the web today?

Someone I call a rare specie. An amazing woman called Janet Weight Reed. Janet is an artist of class who’s been answering her call for forty years. She is “best known for her love of colour.”

This heart-of-gold woman turned 70 recently; and to be honest with you, I am still to forgive myself for failing to join the party train in her London apartment. Her family flew in from across the ocean to celebrate. A shower of love, Janet had a special anniversary cake.

What caught my attention today about her, however, is this post that I find excellent for people of my age and even more for the young who need this knowledge to start steering the boat of their own lives early enough in the right direction.

Janet gives her ‘take on the ageing process.”  Read her: “Having just celebrated my 70th birthday, I thought I would write something on my feelings about the ageing process.”

As customary with her posts, her words tie the knot with her paintings and the symbiosis is exquisite.

You will elated spending some time with Janet on her lovely site.