Breaking promises
Losing sight
Standing in awe
Lies crawl out of you
Flying from your voice
As rain pounding on my
head and chest
I hear sounds like words
But my heart only
Responds in sobs
Reverberating in a mind
Untuned to anything
Felt or stated
From You


Do you agree or disagree?

People who reject themselves, easily reject others;
People who accept themselves easily accept others;
People who respect themselves respect others;
People who don’t respect themselves don’t respect others;
People who love themselves love other people;
People who hate themselves hate other people.
People who are kind to themselves are kind to other people.
Do you agree or disagree?

Agree to disagree and agree

Do not be surprised that we disagree.
Disagreement is a full part of life;
Enemies disagree;
And friends disagree;
Even the best of friends disagree;
Sweet hearts disagree;
What we call lovers,
They disagree;
Whether it’s boy and girlfriend;
They disagree;
Husband and wife disagree;
So it is not strange when people disagree;
You should not be worried
When you disagree.
Agree to disagree;
And disagree to agree.
Agree to disagree and agree.