God exists

It continues to intrigue me that there are people who do not believe in God or Allah. The name is not what matters. We are talking of a Supreme being that is responsible for creation and is more powerful than all humans. A Supreme being that is responsible for  the universe, although we have another being that rivals Him and is responsible for all the evil in the world.

This Supreme Being is called God in English, Allah in Arabic, Dieu in French and Nui in my language. Your language should have its own name. So it’s not a question of name.

We can claim that life is the product of evolution or whatever. What put in place that process of evolution? Of course, they will also ask who created God. We will not have an answer to this question today. There is no problem in continuing to search for who created God and who created who created God and that will go non for ever.  But while doing such a futile fexercise, let us use one of the four cardinal virtues which is prudence and believe what has been handed down to us.

If you do not have a concrete theory that adequately replaces what has been handed down to you, believe what you have received until there is something else that answers all the questions. That is wisdom. Having faith in an Almighty Being is wisdom. It is foolish to refuse to believe what has been handed down to you on the count that all the questions are not answered or there is not enough evidence to hold that believe; and yet believe the contrary which equally cannot be proven.

It should boil down to faith, which is believing what cannot be seen. So instead of believing a new theory about creation which cannot be proven, why not believe the one that has been handed down for thousands of years?

Be prudent and believe in God even if you don’t fully understand; even if there are unanswered questions. Even if people try to convince you with contrary philosophies.