That is exact!

I am confident
Because I am never alone;
God is always on my side.

I know I will succeed,
Because, I am never alone,
God is always on my side.

I have no fear
Because, I am never alone;
God is always on my side.

I see victory ahead
Because, I am never alone;
God is always fighting
On my side.

When you are never alone,
When God is on your side,
You have everything.

When you are never alone,
Your victory is inevitable;
Or do I say guaranteed?
That is exact!

It has always been you and it will always be you….

Waiting for you

“When you get married, your loyalty, first and foremost, is to your spouse, and to the family that you create together.”  Phil McGraw

When you feel that every person in this world has deserted you,

You are never truly alone,

I am still there for you

Take a moment,right here ,right now,

and thank them for that

No mater how bad your day is,

there is always a happy face

waiting for you

to get home.


Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography

Image source © Dr.Sridhar,2019 All Rights Reserved






Let us celebrate

Shall we celebrate?
As you see me,
Where I am standing,
It’s you
I am waiting for,
My love;
Are you coming
Along with me?
I need you to come
With me;
We must celebrate
This love that burns
In our hearts;
Come with me;
And hold my hand;
Let me hold yours;
Hand in hand,
Let us walk on
To the hill;
Where in silence,
And undisturbed,
We can celebrate
This love
Burning in us.

You can be right alone

Stand alone,if need be;
Nothing wrong
In being right
If others are
On the wrong path,
And want to drag you
To that path,
Say a vehement no to them;
If it means standing alone,
Stand alone;
There’s nothing wrong
In standing alone;
As long as you are right.
Yes, of course,
You can be right alone.
Don’t go with the crowd,
If the crowd is sailing
In a ship that has a hole
Stand alone;
Stand on your feet;
Stand solidly alone
If you know you are right.
Never go with the crowd
Just to please somebody;
You can be right
And the crowd is wrong;
In such a case,
Stand alone.

Torn to Pieces

The desert. Rajasthan, India.

A woman stumbles onto the scene. She hastily moves around in circles, desperate to find her way. She stops and addresses the audience.

The sound of brutally vicious growls, snarls, and barks entangle me. Survival. How am I going to make it out of this one alive? Thinking I was a threat, they are threatening me in return. Overwhelming thought of the moment, “WHERE AM I!?”

Her eyes already laced with the first tinge of a lack of confidence, peak out from behind a colourful, embroidered headscarf.

Sunscreen isn’t quite enough to tame this ferocious side of the blazing hot sun. I took a wrong turn and now I’m lost and alone, on some all too quiet dirt road. All too quiet…I hate anyone who has ever shared a gruesome story about rape or murder. Why are my nerves so rattled? I’ve been lost and found my way many times before, I can do it again! Their sounds rapidly erase my renewed confidence.

Boom. Boom. Boom. My heart pounds in my throat, manifesting itself into a lump of terror that keeps growing and growing. I can’t swallow or breathe properly, I have lost total control. My body paralyzed by fear has a mind of its own, weak and shaken I fight to keep moving, with my surroundings spinning an unsettling tornado all around.

“Legs please don’t fail me now!” This empty, dusty dirt road, how quickly can my feet get me away from it? How many of them are there and what will they do to me?

I close my eyes. Sweat droplets and tears mingle and dance all over my face. I see their sharp, pointy teeth and feel their angry breath biting and tearing. Torn. I’m torn to pieces and there’s nothing left. My fear filling their veins like a drug, enticing them, drawing them in, riling them up and making them angrier and more deadly. With each inconspicuous step I try to take, in a feeble attempt to escape them, they inch closer and closer. Their barks signal others to join their pack of hate and my time is running out. If only I could cover myself completely with this headscarf and just disappear.

The woman desperately tries to hide behind the headscarf.

Bang. Bang. Bang. In a flash it’s all over, as a beat up truck pulls up right in the nick of time. Instantly aware of my dilemma the driver had begun to hit his car door in an attempt to frighten the dogs. Without blinking an eye, I jump in the front seat next to him and begin to sob. I can still hear the dogs barking in the distance…as we drive off. Far, far away from this dusty, dirt road.


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Quote (teamwork and credit)

“Many people go it alone hoping to make it big and get all the credit and benefits alone. Many end up frustrated after so many years of fruitless effort. What they may not know is to go solo and make it is damn difficult though possible. Sharing is one of the noblest virtues I know. Why not team up and be more sure to make it and more easily also, and then you share the benefits, including the glory? However lofty my ideas may be, I would not be where I am with them without the help and support of many other people. I can’t afford to see them left out when it comes to reaping the benefits or getting credit for our common achievement.” Romilia Quotes


There’s a hidden story behind them, there’s a secret hidden pain, those deep, yet long wrinkles, that attempt to hide the scars in vain,

 her sad sunken eyes searched for someone lost in the distance, I noticed a tear tremble as she tried her best to avoid them in resistance. 

Who was it that she longed for? who was it that she searched? who could of left her so broken? Unaided as I continued to implore. 

She looked at me, as if it was her final goodbye, I held her hand to reassure her; as she began.. 

to close her eyes.


Alone but having excellent company

How can one be alone but having excellent company? This is possible. You are all alone. Nobody is seen around you; but you are enjoying the best company you can imagine.

I read an article Alone vs loneliness in Mind Your Wings blog. It inspired me to write this post. I am among those people who like to be alone. However, during most of those moments, I am in the best company in the world.

Confident of tomorrow

Confident of tomorrow

Can you guess how that happens? It’s easy. Through the works of others – books, video, Radio, Television, film, internet, etc. From these sources I get great ideas and great inspiration which I use to grow and to help others to grow.

When I read Alone vs loneliness from Mind Your Wings, I was alone physically but in great company with the author from whim I drew inspiration for this post. The impact of this ‘alone moment in excellent company’ cannot be easily determined. It could as well be very great.

It is important to seek alone moments and spend with great minds to draw wisdom and inspiration from them for the achievement of great things.