Stop this greed and pride

Greed and pride,
Two evils
That place the world
On a danger list;
Greed and pride
Eating deep
Into human hearts;
The desire
To have the best
For themselves,
To enjoy the best,
Caring nothing
About the rest;
The desire
To be honoured;
If not adored
By fellow humans;
The vaulting ambition
To be great;
To enter the annals of history;
That all is vanity;
Nothing but vanity;
Empty air
That soon melts
Like snow
At sun rise.
Vanity of vanity.
Let us be honest;
Let us stop
This greed and pride.


Trouble makers, Please!

Trouble l-makers, please,
Leave peace-lovers alone;
They want to enjoy
Their peace;
Cheaters, please,
You are trouble-makers;
By cheating,
You create trouble,
Can you stop cheating
And creating trouble?
Peace lovers want
To enjoy peace in peace.
Unjust, crocket people,
Stop your injustice!
You are creating trouble;
Greedy people
You are making trouble;
Stop spoiling our world;
Over-ambitious people,
Your ambition is harmful;
Causing so much trouble;
Can you moderate?
Please, pipe down;
Allow the peace lovers
To enjoy their peace.
Trouble makers, please.

20 kinds of people to avoid

If you want to successful,
Some kind of people
You must keep out
Of your life.

  1. Negative people;
  2. Lazy people
  3. Idle people
  4. Irresponsible people;
  5. Disorganized people;
  6. Extravagant people;
  7. Impatient people;
  8. Unambitious people;
  9. People who are not determined;
  10. People who lack focus;
  11. People who spend time gossiping;
  12. People who cannot persist;
  13. Dirty people;
  14. People who lack morals;
  15. Greedy people;
  16. Self-centered people;
  17. Power hungry people;
  18. Wicked people;
  19. Dogs in a manger;
  20. People who steal.

This list is not exhaustive. What can you add? Please. Add!

People I don’t like

I don’t like people who are lazy;
I don’t like people who are not determined.
I don’t like people who are not ambitious.
I don’t like people who are not kind.
I don’t like people who are wicked.
I don’t like people who are always frowning.
I don’t like people who are boastful.
I don’t like people who are talkative.
I don’t like people who are jealous.
I don’t like people who are criticizer.
I don’t like people who tell lies.
I don’t like people who are not honest.
I don’t like people who are not straight.

Add to this list if you can.

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Not long ago, I heard someone condemning ambition. Who says it is bad to be ambitious? It is not bad to be ambitious. It is good to be ambitious.

Ambition is what pushing people to take their lives and the world to higher levels. It may be bad to be too ambitious but a reasonable degree of ambition is good and necessary.

To be ambitious is to have a burning desire to achieve something. There is nothing wrong with that and everything good with it.

For heaven’s sake, be ambitious. Be ambitious to achieve something. Have an ambition. To live with no ambition is to be dead and living. Be ambitious to make the best use of your God-given talents.