New wine new wineskin

Communication technology,
Are you living or dead?
Tell me if you are modern
Or ancient technology?
I hear you called modern;
Then how comes it
You stand on my way?
How modern are you?
I want a clear path,
That has no obstacles
Blocking me as you do
From reaching
Where I want to go
Without strain;
What I see
Doesn’t make you
Look modern;
Or are you modern
With ancient Managers?
New wine in old wineskin.
That does not work;
New wine, new wineskin.


Modern times modern ways

Yesterday had its ways
And methods
Of solving it’s problems;
Today has its ways
And methods
Of solving it’s problems;
Most of yesterday’s ways
And methods
Will not solve today’s
We need today’s methods,
To solve today’s problems.
We use the methods
Of the day
To solve the problems
Of the day;
If you want to use
Ancient methods
To solve today’s problems,
You may find
They don’t work;
You may even hit your head
Against a stone wall.
Modern times, modern ways.

Ancient times ancient ways

I have forgotten a lot of my ancient history;
We learned much ancient history in school;
What ancient history means, I can’t forget;
Ancient history, truly is about ancient people;
Who lived in ancient times in ancient ways;
And did things all through in ancient ways.
If those who lived in those very ancient times
Were to come back to this very world today,
They would be completely, not partially, lost;
They won’t understand anything going on;;
Today’s ways are nothing but today’s ways;
Quite different from those their ancient ways.