The other side of anger

How do you see anger? Do you see it as a positive or negative emotion?

More often than not, we see anger as a negative feeling with nothing positive about it. But that is not true. Anger can destroy; but it can also construct.

This means that anger has a negative side and also a positive side. Let us take a look at a few points on the positive side:

  1. Anger can push people to solve problems which otherwise would have remained unsolved.

An example is an issue in the community that makes people angry. Somebody can be so angered by it that he will decide to fight to solve it. If he succeeds, then anger has brought positive results.

Another example is when your rights are trampled upon and you become angry and put down your feet and have the problem solved.

2. Anger can deter wrongdoing. If you know that your boss will be angry with you and fire you if you come late to work or fail to meet deadlines with office work, you will do everything to be punctual and deliver assignments. Thus a boss can use anger as one of the strategies to institute discipline in his office.

3. Anger can save your marriage. If you never get angry, it will be easy for your spouse to behave just any how and that can jeopardize your marriage. But if your spouse knows that you will become mad at any wrong behaviour, the tendency will be to sit up; which will be good for your marriage.

4. Anger can enable you to have self-insight. When someone is angry with you, that can cause you to examine yourself to see if perhaps you have not actually done something wrong. And you may be angry with somebody and later decide to look at yourself to see if perhaps you are not bias somehow. This self look can lead you to change some of your behaviours.

5. Anger can prevent violence. What we are more used to is seeing anger trigger violence. But in some cases, it prevents violence and destruction. The people’s anger about social problem can cause the authorities concerned to look into it and solve it.

6. Don’t suppress anger. Let it out. Suppressing anger can lead to physical or mental illness. Hence, it is better when you let it out.

Anger is a double edged sword. It can cause harm but at times it also helps. Hence, it is not good to see anger only as a negative emotion. It is both negative and positive. Always work to get the best out of your anger; and every anger.


Stay off anger

Why are you so angry;
I see you carrying
A long face,
Which shows anger;
Is there any reason for that?
You don’t have to let anger
Take hold of you;
Or win your heart,
And transport you to
A foreign land;
That will not help you;
Instead, it will hurt you;
Anger is danger light;
Whenever you see anger,
There is danger ahead;
Anger has caused untold harm
To many people and the world;
If you see brothers
Tearing themselves to pieces,
Look carefully,
You will see the evil hand
Of anger in it;
If you see a country
Going down the valley
of death,
Anger is around in work clothes;
Anger is not a good person
To do business with;
Never forget that;
Yet, he will woo you
To go into business partnership
Without relenting;
Dont give in;
Keep your distance.
Stay clear to be safe.

Some Things are Better Left Unsaid

Praising others appears to be a thing of the past. Everyone has an opinion, or so it seems, so I return to biblical days. Soldiers and others mocked Jesus’ words, and some people were bold enough to discredit Him. He was beaten with fists, blindfolded and taunted; but, not once did He turn His back on the hateful nor retaliated with scornful actions.

Some things are well said… but some things are better left unsaid.

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Romans 12:19

Clichés are abundant, but at times, not responding speaks louder than words. Rebuttals hurt, and damages integrity. Many times spoken words in the heat of a moment are later wished they were unheard by the recipient. I ask, did you pray before you spoke those demeaning comments? Most people must not, for their spew would not roll off the lips so easy. Is it human nature to bow down to such shallow depths for it sure leaves little room for two to compromise?

Some things are better left unsaid.

“Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.” Proverbs 21:23

Christ tried to make listeners comprehend, but when preaching fell short, a better method took front stage. God, in accordance, knew His actions would speak louder than words. We will learn a lot if we just listen and accept the Lord’s advice to love each other.

Some things are better left unsaid.

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

Dishonesty runs rampant in society, and it’s not only individuals but politics and businesses too. We are taught differently as children, yet it free flows into adulthood. The Bible warns us of a tragic fall when we follow the crooked paths of life. Curb the tongue as our gracious Lord taught us.

Some things are better left unsaid.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” Proverbs 18:21

Those who scramble to speak like a double-edged sword will find their life spinning in circles. They shall never experience the Christ of this world without repentance. Smile instead… let your derogatory words and thoughts be a secret only unto the Lord. Be gracious unto God and let others be a witness to His love which lives inside of you. You are the Lord’s temple.

Leave some things better left unsaid.

I couldn’t have imagined, Can you?

I found this story unbelievable and was wondering if things like this happen just to come across this:

Watch “Husband Is Having Affair But Wife’s Brilliant Revenge Makes Him Regret It All” on YouTube

Who can give me a take-home from these stories?

When we say we love, do we mean it?

How many of us respect our marital vows ?

And how hurting is it for someone we love to cheat on us? I know it hurts. It can inflict deep emotional wounds but should punishment for someone we really love be so severe?

I know we are called to be forgiving in marriage, to love unconditionally, and to remain in marriage for better for worse.

How do we reconcile all this with the severe action of the two wives?


There are many temptations in marriage. One of the commonest of them is the temptation to be angry. It often comes at unexpected moments. The relationship between husband and wife may be at its peak when all of a sudden, temptation will drop like a bomb from nowhere. Something may just happen or be said that will make you angry. If you are not careful, you may explode.

You need a mature and balanced personality, built on a foundation of faith in God, so that instead of losing your temper or composure at such moments, you may respond with love and consideration in the manner of Jesus Christ. (Mark 8:11-13)