Growling champions

Do you know these people who are always ready for a fight?
They growl for everything that happens, good or bad;
If you greet them, they growl;
If you don’t greet them, they growl;
If you approach them, they growl;
If you distance yourself from them, they growl;
If you knock the door before you come in, they growl;
If you bomb in without knocking the door, they growl;
If you smile to them, they growl;
If yo don’t smile to them, they growl;

They growl to their wives;
They growl to their husbands;
They growl to their parents;
They growl to their children;
They growl to their friends;
They growl to their enemies;
They growl to strangers;
They growl to people they know very well;

If happiness is a stranger to them;
Anger, bitterness, frowning are their bedfellows;
If anything makes them happy, it is growling;
If they are not quarreling, they are not happy;
If you are not of their skin color, you are their enemy;
If you are not of their religion, you are their enemy;
If you do not come from their own land, you are their enemy;
If things do not go as they want, they are furious;
If they get up and feel like,
Innocent people suffer.
Do you know such people?
Tell me what you think about them.


Name your friends?

Life is a journey;
So many bends does the road have?
Potholes for sure, are galore;
Many people shall you meet:
Peace of Mind;
And many more.
They shall seek to be your friends;
And you alone shall decide.
You have the yam;
You have the knife;
Who shall be your friend?
Who shall be your friends?

Stay clear of anger!

Kill that anger!
Lest it blows you off;
That four-letter word
That destroys like mad.

Shoot that anger;
Lest it pulls you down;
That four-letter word
That pulls people down.

Stop that anger,
Lest it ruins your life;
That four-lettered word more dangerous than
Anyone can say.

You thread on dangerous ground
When you make anger your bedfellow;
Stay clear then of anger;
Lest it blows you off.

My rival over my sweetheart


krDear Mr. Whosoever,

I hear you call yourself Joseph. Who gave you such a lovely name? What a waste! You don’t reflect that name. Joseph in the Old Testament was a gentleman not a filthy man like you. Joseph in the New Testament was a man of many virtues; a role-model, not an evil man.

Why have you broken my heart, dirty fellow? Why have you shattered my life?

Why have you destroyed the one I adore the most in this world? She was the only one I loved; theSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES only one who kept me happy. You wickedly snatched her away from me, taking away my only source of happiness, leaving me shattered. Are you happy you’ve done this? But why?

Aren’t you a hypocrite? You swore heaven and earth that you loved her. Why don’t you love her now as you claimed? I saw all the false letters you wrote to her. You deceived her.  You told her you would adore her all your life; every single day of your life; that you would love her as no other man had ever done before or would ever do. Where is that love today? Answer me. Where is that love today? I know she still loves me. I know she cannot love an unworthy man like you.

She is not capable of loving a heart-breaker like you. After breaking my heart, you are now breaking hers. Why are you destroying two lives at the same time? Who will believe you if you said you were not wicked?

Your devilish dream was to take her away from me; and you have done so; leaving me shattered. Then why not keep her happy? Why torture her? Why are you destroying her? Answer me!

Thank your stars that I can’t find you. Pray that we never cross each other’s path. If we ever meet, either you give my body to the birds or I do so with yours.

Stupid, filthy fellow that you are.10955710_873754672668060_337629314873885398_n

I shall control my anger

I shall not let anger destroy my life;

I shall not let anger destroy my marriage;

I shall not let anger destroy my relationship

with my friends and other loved ones;

I shall control my anger;

Uncontrolled anger is dangerous.

Therefore, I shall control my anger;

I shall not let it destroy anything.

Please, dear friend, do like me.

What is more dangerous than anger?

IMG_3875I wonder what can be more dangerous than anger!

Do you know that anger can destroy you? Yes, it can. Anger can destroy your marriage.

It can destroy your home.

It can destroy your career.

It can destroy you.

Anger has destroyed many people.

Once I met someone who was so angry he could hardly speak sense. At another time I saw two gentlemen in a very bitter exchange of words just because of anger. They were dying under the yoke of anger.

A great man once said, ‘When a man strikes in anger he usually misses his mark.’ He is right; just like the man who says ‘people who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.’

Uncontrolled anger can be very dangerous. It can cause great harm. It can even destroy a nation. It can destroy the world.

There are people who are having problems in their marital home now just because of anger. Many of the problems in marriage are caused by anger. If you are married and you and your spouse can manage your anger, your marriage will be by far more successful than if you allow it to go without control.

A challenge to all couples: control your anger against your spouse and seeIMG_3922 how different your marriage will be.

A challenge to all: control your anger and see how different life will be for you.

Considering the importance of this subject, I’ll treat it step by step just as I did with charismatic personalities so that you see not only the bad side, but also the good side of anger; how to manage it; and use it for good, instead of allowing it to destroy you and others. My opinion therefore is that anger is the most dangerous emotion in the world.

If you do not control your anger it will destroy you.