It pains my heart (poem 99 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

When I think of how we were
Not very long ago,
I cannot hold tears
Running down my eyes;
You were everything to me;
I was everything to you;
We were all and all
To each other;
You could not be seen
Without me;
I could not be seen
Without you;
We were inseparable
Like conjoint twins;
Bound together like one
By love;
Where they saw you,
They saw me;
Where they saw me,
They saw you;
We were an ideal pair,
The admiration of all;
Who came to us and said so;
But today, we are world’s apart;
What happened, my love?
What or who came between us?
Do you know how I feel?
Don’t you care again how I feel?
Am I not the same one
Who meant so much to you?
How could I have imagined
We would come to this?
You were so ideal;
And gave me more than I could imagine;
You stood by me;
Cared for me;
Made me happy;
And made me so proud of you;
And for all that to vanish
As I see;
Is so hard for me;
Though I may smile;
Though I may laugh;
Though I may look normal,
I am so alone;
That I lost the only heart
I had in the world;
Which is you.
It Pains my heart;
It pains the more because
There’s nothing I can do;
It’s only you my love
That can bring back your heart
From where you have taken it;
Will you do it?
Will you bring back your heart?
You better do so my love;
Do you know
We are the laughing stock
Of our city?
Many are saying, “look at them!
They claimed to be ideal;
See where they are today!”
Shall we allow them
To continue to laugh at us?
It Pains my heart.