Have you thanked God?

Have you thanked God
For your life?
Have you thanked God
For your family?
Have you thanked God
For your friends?
Have you thanked God
For a roof
Over your head,
Have you thanked God
For your opportunities?
Have you thanked God
For protecting you?
Have you thanked God
For the peace you enjoy?
Have you thanked God
For his grace?
Have you thanked God
For your so many gifts?
You better do.


How was today?

How would you describe
This day?
A good day or a bad day?
I think it was a good day;
You may think it was bad;
For one thing or another,
That did not go well,
But should that be the case?
A few bad things
Should not make a day
A bad one;
And also,
What you may consider bad,
May not really be bad;
A thing may appear bad
But be good instead ;
And a bad thing could be
The key to a great thing.

My favourite

My favourite is you;
Will so remain;
And that will be
For a long time;
If not for ever;
For many years;
Do not be surprised
That I say this;
You may not know,
But you are the best
I have ever met;
I am happy this is so.
You are so sweet
And nice;
And give me reason
To be happy.
And to celebrate.
You are my favourite.
My most favoured;
I don’t know
What I can be without you;
Always you put a smile
On my face.
You are Godsent to me.

20 things to thank God daily for

You have many reason to thank God. Here are twenty of them:

  1. Thank God for your life
  2. .Thank God that you have seen this day.
  3. Thank God for your family.
  4. Thank God for those who are close to you.;
  5. Thank God for your friends.
  6. Thank God that you are so blessed;
  7. That Godll that he has offered you many blessings.
  8. Thank God that your health is whatg uit is. It could have been worse.
  9. Thank God for the challenges you have which make you strong.
  10. Thank God for your neighbours. Whether good or bad, they are there for a purpose.
  11. Thank God for the free air you breathe.
  12. Thank God for your opportunities.
  13. Thank God for your wisdom.
  14. Thank God for your financial prowess.
  15. Thank God for your leaders. They could have been worse.
  16. Thank God for he is so pure.
  17. Thank God making you know him.
  18. Thank God for His grace in your life.
  19. Thank God for giving to you a heart to love.
  20. Thank God for making you who you are.

Is there any other reason for you to thank God?