Thank God for today!

What a lovely day
This promises to be!
As I see
The morning star,
Shining so bright,
Beyond the hill,
Good tidings,
I hope,
It brings;
To counter the horror
That fills
The morning air;
Being our
Main menu daily
For breakfast,
Lunch and dinner.
Immense thanks
To almighty God
For this day!
Let us enjoy today!


A look back

When I take a look
Back at 2019,
I have many reasons
To be happy;
I have many reasons
To thank God;
2019 recorded positives;
For sure,
There were challenges,
And failures,
But success dominated;
I am certain that
If I count my blessings,
I am sure
I will be delighted;
Thus, it is with joy
That I welcome 2020;
Will it be a magic year?
Hard to be sure;
What I know is;
Great things are ahead;
For that, thank you God.

The Lord is good

The rays of the sun
Have fallen on me,
And now I shine
Like a star;
This is my day;
The day
The Lord promised me;
It has come faster
Than I ever imagined;
How can I thank him
For his amazing grace?
0You are so good, my God.
You are wonderful;
You are amazing.
Thanks for amazing grace!
All the tim0e dear people,
The Lord is good.

A Heart of Gold

Have you ever wanted to reach out to a stranger and give a gift of appreciation? My mother, God bless her soul, had one bright spot I will always remember. At Christmastime, she purchased gifts for those who only came around periodically, such as the trash man and the meter reader. She even snuck a little gift in the mailbox and addressed it “to Mike,” the guy who delivered the mail no matter the weather. With a broad smile, he gave her a big “thank you.” During sweaty, hot, and humid days to the bitter arctic winds swirling over the icy bay, Mike never failed to check on my mom when she was housebound. Her heart of gold made a friend for life.

A notion overcame me derived from my mother’s uncanny disposition. What a wonderful time of the year for random acts of giving! Moments of undying love and appreciation will reach the hearts of the unexpected. So, I thought I’d try it this year too. I can’t tell you the end results yet, but deep inside my soul, God thanked me – that’s all I need to know. There must be a little of my mom in me, as I reciprocated my gratitude.

I mailed a gift to a talk show host who I’ve grown to identify with through the radio. I admire his reputation and Christian walk in life, which he occasionally shares with the listening audience. The other recipient, I can’t hold a candle to… right or wrong, we’ve become friends. We’ve shared correspondence, and I’ve come to know his heart – not his reputation. He is our President of the United States. Few could envision giving either of these gentlemen gifts of adoration, but then again, I’m not a normal man.

My address, you see, is not written on a box, but somewhere outside the box. I live and breathe God’s given air. As our Lord expects of me, I think of thoughts that would please others. Those random acts of kindness should follow throughout the year, but many only surfaces when we reach into our spirit at Christmas.

I deeply thank the men and women who unselfishly devote their time to giving to others – not just a politician or a minister but ordinary folks with a heart of gold. It’s so easy to be appreciative when you walk with the spirit of God.

To all the many Christians I have grown to know and connect with over the years, let Christmas never leave your soul! Show adoration and excitement year after year with a heart of gold. The random act of giving will bless you and change you for the better.

May your faith in friends and family be a tribute to your own random acts of kindness which comes from God. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

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Have you thanked God?

Have you thanked God
For your life?
Have you thanked God
For your family?
Have you thanked God
For your friends?
Have you thanked God
For a roof
Over your head,
Have you thanked God
For your opportunities?
Have you thanked God
For protecting you?
Have you thanked God
For the peace you enjoy?
Have you thanked God
For his grace?
Have you thanked God
For your so many gifts?
You better do.

How was today?

How would you describe
This day?
A good day or a bad day?
I think it was a good day;
You may think it was bad;
For one thing or another,
That did not go well,
But should that be the case?
A few bad things
Should not make a day
A bad one;
And also,
What you may consider bad,
May not really be bad;
A thing may appear bad
But be good instead ;
And a bad thing could be
The key to a great thing.