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You are so nice

You are so nice; All so nice; I don’t know what To say; What can I say? You are so nice; All so nice; Pillars of my life; Boosting my self esteem; Making me love life; So happy I am; So happy with you; You are so nice; Everybody nice; You are so nice; All…

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Come join to celebrate!

Hello friends! Come join to celebrate. Friends join to celebrate. The Rocky Safari is celebrating six years of being online. Wao! Bravo! We wish our sweet friend many more happy years. Please, hop over and share in the feast: Rocky Safari. ‘Sharing is caring’

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Letter to you

Hello friends! If you were able to get into my heart, you would be happy for me. Why? You would find that I am very happy. Why happy? Because you have made me happy with your comments on SIWO. You have responded to my request for more interaction. You have been kind to me. So…

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Joy in my heart

There is joy in my heart; Never before have I had So much joy in my heart; Wonderful joy in my heart; And I do know the source Of this immeasurable joy That is flowing in my heart; It is coming straight from Up, I mean from heaven above; It is coming from the source;…

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Thank you, Sydney Greer!

Is there a difficult task in your hands which scares you and you are wondering how you will ever get through it? Don’t worry. You will get through. Draw inspiration from How will I get through this? a sweet post by Sydney Greer. I wonder if there’s a single soul that has not experienced what…

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You are so sweet

Your confidence in me Amazes me;πŸ™ You couldn’t give me A greater compliment; You make yourself So sweet; If you were chocolate, I would chew and swallow All of you;πŸ˜€ And if you were A glass of good wine, I would gulp you down Before you know. To say the least You are so sweet;…

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The day is great

It hasn’t looked very good; But take note I said looked; I didn’t say it’s not been; I said it hasn’t; It makes a difference; It may not look good When it is actually very good. That, indeed, is the case today; Things have not looked good But are really good; I am sound and…

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