Archbishop’s visit continues

Today, the Archbishop administered the Sacrament of confirmation to 300 Catholic Christians in the Main Mission in St. John the Baptist Parish, Ntaghem.

Thereafter, he held a meeting with all the religious in the Parish.

Later, he held another meeting with the Parish Pastoral Council and the Finance Committee.

Reporting on a working session with the Parish Priest during which the financial records and records of activities of the Parish were examined, the collaborators of the Archbishop who accompanied him on the visit eulogized our Parish and encouraged us to break new records.

He gave many proposals for us to take the Parish ahead.

We appreciated the proposals and promised to do our best.

The Peak of the Archbishop’s pastoral visit is a pontifical High Mass tomorrow Sunday featuring an address by the PPC Chair, and his response.

The visit ends tomorrow.

Chief Shepherd on Pastoral visit to Parish

“Then take care of my sheep.” John 21:17.

My Chief Shepherd, my Archbishop is on a pastoral visit to my Parish.

He has been visiting since Friday, August 7th 2020.

It’s a 3-day visit.

Start of the visit, Friday, August 7, 2020.

End of the visit: Sunday 9th August, 2020.

This is the Archbishop’s maiden pastoral visit to our Parish.

However, it is not the first time he is visiting my Parish.

The first time was immediately he took Canonical possession of the Archdiocese in February 2020.

He called it a know-your- neighbor visit. In other words, it was a friendly visit.

The Archbishop arrived in my Parish on Friday at about 8.30 am in the morning; and immediately took off for one of our outstations.

This outstation is today the least outstation in the Parish. But it was the very first. It is called St. Augustine Mission Station Mubang.

It hasn’t grown because it is in a village setting. Many of the young people born there shift to the towns when they grow and so the population of the village remains small.

The Archbishop was happy to meet this small but committed Christian population that was also happy and honored to receive their Chief Shepherd. He sang and danced and prayed with them.

A few weeks back, this area was inaccessible as fighters leading the political struggle in the region infested the place and it wasn’t safe for anybody. Right now, the military has a camp there are the fighters have moved out.

After his brief visit to that outstation, the Archbishop moved to another outstation. This one is called St. Luke Mission Station, Ntasen.

It is more populated and located in the urban area. Here, the Archbishop had a pontifical Mass and a working session with the Mission Station Council.

The Parishioners were happy to see him; he was happy to see them.

He administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to about one hundred Christians.

After this exercise, he visited the Catholic Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis who run the hospital, the Sacred Heart Fathers who live in the vicinity, before returning to the main Mission where he had benediction.

Key activities of the visit include pontifical Mass on Saturday 8th August at 10 am with the administration of Confirmation, and the peak Mass of the visit on Sunday.

End of visit: Sunday afternoon, 8th August, 2020.

Pastoral visits are faith enriching visits.

We thank God for this opportunity to commune with our chief Shepherd.

Know the leaders: The Archbishop of Bamenda Archdiocese

The Archbishop of Bamenda, His Grace Andrew Fuanya Nkea is the third Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

The Archdiocese of Bamenda is the Metropolitan See of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda.

The Holy Father appointed Bishop Andrew Nkea to this position on 30th December 2019.

He took canonical possession of the Archdiocese on Saturday 22 February, 2020.

In this position, he has replaced a great prelate, the Right Reverend Cornelius Fontem Esua, who was Bishop and Archbishop for 37 years.

Archbishop Nkea’s motto is “In spiritu et veritate” – in spirit and in truth. Like Pope John Paul II, he believes that “only the truth can set us free. We must always stand for truth…even when people misunderstand us and when we go through suffering. ”

To Archbishop Andrew Nkea, “real worship, real service, real love, real communion, and real friendship can only be in spirit and in truth.”

His coat of arms is a shield containing five images.

Why a shield?

He comes to his new position as Archbishop of Bamenda fearlessly with the shield of faith in his hand. Hear him: “The Shield represents the Shield of faith which St. Paul refers to in Ephesians 6:16 when he says that ‘in all things take up the shield of faith, with which you may be able to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one.”

He is aware of the challenges of the Bishopric. But he is ready to face all the trials and difficulties with the prayers of his patron Saint, Saint Andrew, the apostle.

He believes that becoming an Archbishop is not by his power but by the power of the Holy Spirit. He believes that whatever work he will do will not be by his power but by the power of the Holy Spirit who accompanies him.

He is determined to bear witness, throughout his Episcopal Ministry, to the truth and nothing but the truth, for, to him, “The only way to fight falsehood is to preach and stand for the Truth.”

Hear him: “I will depend completely on the Spirit of Truth, whom Christ says when he comes, will lead us to the complete Truth.” (John 16:13).

Like the good Shepherd who is ready to give his life for his sheep, Archbishop Andrew Nkea will be a good Shepherd to ‘all the priests, religious men and women, all Christ’s lay faithful, men and women of good will, and all God’s children. ”

The Archbishop has always committed his “priesthood under the patronage and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Christ and mother of Priests.”

He will continue to do just that. He writes: “Once again, and in a special way, I commit my episcopate to the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose son died on the Cross for our salvation and who has called me to his service.”


Archbishop Andrew Nkea begins his episcopate in the Archdiocese of Bamenda armed with the shield of Faith, with full trust in his master Jesus Christ, he will preach the truth, fearlessly, ready to die for the truth. He completely surrenders himself to the care of the Holy Spirit, mother Mary and his patron Saint, Saint Andrew. He will be a good Shepherd to the flock under his care.

Let us all pray for this brave prelate, that God may protect him from all harm and sustain his wisdom, energy, strength, courage and steadfastness.

All the information given in this post about our Archbishop has been culled from the explanation of his coat of arms which he himself has given.

It is my wish to accompany all the Bishops of my Ecclesiastical Province in their Ministry to enable the flock they Shepherd to better understand them and open themselves to be shepherded.

If you like what we are doing, why not do same in your Diocese or Ecclesiastical province?

I invite communicators in the other dioceses of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda to forward to me any information on the activities as well as the homilies of their bishops so that we can break them down for a better understanding by the flock.

Let us renew our zeal for the Catholic Faith.

What people say about the new Archbishop of Bamenda

How do you know somebody?

You can know somebody from:

  • What the person says;
  • What the person does;
  • What others say about the person;
  • What others do not say about the person.

The Archdiocese of Bamenda has a new Archbishop. Because everybody around me is excited about this man, I decided to take a closer look at him to better know him.

  1. Who is he?
  2. What is he saying?
  3. What is he doing?
  4. What are people saying about him?
  5. What are people not saying about him?

In the series of posts, starting with this one, we shall let you meet this distinguished servant of God.

I could have gone in for an interview to let him reveal himself to you, but I have adopted an another approach of letting us hear what people think of him.

Our new Archbishop is a man of 55 bustling with energy. He is called His Grace Andrew Fuanya Nkea.

When he was taking possession of the Archdiocese canonically, a special magazine was published with lots of good will messages.

I have taken time and read all these messages word for word to get what people think and say about him. These are few of what I gathered.
People say he is:

A seasoned intellectual;
A seasoned man of God;
A dedicated servant;
A charismatic personality;
A no nonsense leader;
An eloquent speaker;
An experienced teacher;
A great orator;
Very eloquent
Great inspirer and motivator;
Prayerful man
Very couragrous pastor
A loyal and faithful servant of God;
A wise man;

“Known to speak plainly, you have always stood firmly for justice and fairness. You have always been ever ready to proclaim and defend the truth of the gospel and the Church’s faith…ready to die’ for the Church.” (Bishop Michael Bibi, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Buea).

” We have keenly followed you in your avowed dedication to spread the Good News as far and as wide as possible – especially by your every word and deed – and we are convinced that you are a remarkable gift from God to the Church in the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province.” (Hyacinth Banseka)

“…you have been sufficiently prepared for this onerous task. You have always shown yourself a focused gentleman with nobility of character and graceful attitude. You will be an asset to the Church in the Archdiocese of Bamenda.” (Most Rev. Valerian Okeke. Archbishop of Onitsha)

Archbishop Emeritus of Bamenda: “you already distinguished yourself as a young, dynamic, intelligent, highly competent, zealous and dedicated teacher, administrator and Pastor, and indeed, as a Shepherd in the mind if Christ and the Church.” (Archbishop Emeritus, Cornelius Fontem Esua).

“I am aware of your well,- known prudence and clear vision for the Universal Church and your zeal to watch over and motivate each local church as a furrow where faith and vocations are born and .” (Sister Alfonsa)

He served in the Diocese of Mamfe “with great diligence through the preaching of the word of God, hard work, leadership, you have shown that you could collaborate well with the Priests, Religious and laity… You have the capacity and potential to take the Church forward in this challenging time.” (Mother Augustina Amadi , Mother Founder of Missionary Sisters of Divine Providence).

“…a very prayerful priest and great preacher.” (Mary Bi Suh Atanga)

“My amazement is beyond measure as I see and feel the unfathomable ways of the Holy Spirit which come to the fore in your unshakeable spiritual convictions, your thoroughness of approach to all that you set out for, the fervent flourish and finality with which you have stamped your every engagement wherein others would find rather bland processes.” Fr. George Ngalim

” have watched with rapt attention your growth in vocation…I have watched you develop the dimensions of a preacher a-fire with the Spirit of Pentecost, watched you mellow into a leader with Christocentric insights of Spirit-inspired surefootedness, and I have learnt to live with your strictures and respect for procedure, which to you is the condition par excellence for the validity of proposal from all and sundry. ” (Fr George Tomrila Ngalim)

“Your candour and eloquence in reaching out to your flock as you bring to them the Word of God is unique.” (Dr. Asheri Kilo Fofung)

“…one of the most awesome and selfless servants of God.” ( Alfred and Lilian Sibedwo)

“I have found you a real honourable servant of God who is humble and shares with all, who is loving and has a listening ear and especially who empathises…” ( Mrs. Abanda Grace)

“You have both the intellectual and spiritual capacities to do the things that should be done.” (The Dzekashu Family).

The Archbishop “brings with him a strong academic background. He has proven himself to be a man of intellect, prayer, fidelity, and pastoral zeal to the people he has ministered to in his time as priest and Bishop. He is an outstanding example of a modern Bishop. He is wonderfully engaged with youth and has a tremendous capacity to take the Church forward in challenging times… He will be a wise and pastoral shepherd to the people of the Bamenda Archdiocese and the wider Church in Cameroon.” (Armand and Yayu)

“…an extraordinary servant in the Lord’s vineyard, his love for humanity, kindness, forgiving heart, and steadfast guidance of his flock are but a few examples of his commitment to God’s work.” (Christine Achu-Anoma)

When the Archbishop was still a young priest: “As a young and vibrant priest, full of energy and pastoral zeal, he held us spellbound during his sermons…His Masses were always very full with Christians enjoying his very practical sermons and we always left the Church with lots of spiritual ‘food’ to feed us for the rest of the week and beyond.” (Paul T. Atang)

“I have followed with keen attention and admiration his rise within the hierarchy of the local Church – buoyed by his authoritative preaching, his strong convictions about family, traditional and community values and his emphasis on Catholic Education at all levels…a charismatic voice for the Church of the future…a mobiliser of people… an with great love for the Gospel Message and for the Church and its growth.” (Tameh Valentine, Educationist).

I hope you enjoyed reading what people are saying about this brand new Archbishop.

Don’t forget to watch out for a continuation.

Prayer 69 for a successful retirement for our Archbishop Emeritus, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua

O God, our heavenly Father,
We thank you from our hearts,
For a successful retirement
For our Archbishop Emeritus, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua;
He was a special gift
To many of us;
And our entire Archdiocese;
Thank you immensely
For giving him to the Church,
First, as a Diocesan priest,
Then as the Bishop of Kumbo;
Finally, as our Archbishop;
The Archbishop of Bamenda;
Thank you for his health,
Whenever he faced challenges
With his health and work,
You always stepped in
To take care;
Thank you for his energy;
His strength;
And his wisdom;
You equipped him and led him
To do his work
As the Chief Shepherd
Of our Archdiocese
For 14 active, good years,
After so many successful years
As the Bishop of Kumbo;
He loved his work,
Which he did diligently
And with total dedication;
He has spent more than half his life in your vineyard
As Priest, Bishop
And Archbishop;
All his life since childhood
When he was a Mass boy,
His focus has been you, Lord;
He championed the growth
Of the Faith
Wherever he worked;
And has left the Church stronger
Than he found it;
We pray O Lord,
That may you kindly reward
This faithful servant,
With a calm, peaceful, prayerful and joyful retirement,
Free of any worries.
Continue to protect him
As you have always done;
May he enjoy an excellent relationship
With his successor,
All the Priests and Religious with whom he worked,
And with whom he will live,
As well as the lay faithful
Whom he worked so hard to lead to heaven;
Though retired,
Make him not to be tired,
So that by his example
Of living the faith
On his retirement,
He will continue to nourish
Our own faith,
As a great source
Of inspiration to us.
Bless him now and throughout his retirement;
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord, Amen!

Daily prayer for Archbishop Andrew Nkea for success in his Episcopate

Dear God, the induction
Of the new Archbishop
Of the Archdiocese of Bamenda,
His Grace Andrew Nkea,
Took place on Saturday 22 February , 2020.
It went on very well;
Many of us
Who were not present,
Saw the pictures
And videos on television and on the web;
Heard on radio or from others;
The weather was good;
The sun was bright;
The atmosphere was prayerful;
Thank you good Father,
Thank you for the Holy Catholic Church;
And your servants whom you choose to work in your vineyard;
Thank you for all the people
You brought from all over,
To participate in the ceremony of induction of Archbishop Andrew Nkea;
And bear witness to the event;
Thank you for calling your son, Andrew Nkea,
To serve in your vineyard
In such a high position
Of Metropolitan Archbishop;
Thank you for considering him worthy
Of being your messenger;
Thank you for the people
You have so kindly moved
To support him in his exacting task as Bishop;
These include his fellow Bishops and Priests;
Men and women of consecrated and apostolic life,
And the lay faithful,
Not leaving out non Catholics, And non Christians;
And all people of goodwill;
When we listen to him,
We have no doubt O Lord,
That you have given him the gift of language power,
To move hearts,stir souls,
And win followers to you;
For this, we thank you;
You have called him to serve
At a very difficult time, Father,
Many challenges lie ahead of him,
His own people are torn apart by war,
There is so much hatred
In the air,
Heavy fighting is going on,
People are being killed;
Homes and property being ruthlessly destroyed;
People are being kidnapped,
Ransome asked,
People are molested,
Murdered ruthlessly in their homes
In the bushes,
No single person living in this land
Is feeling secured;
No one person is spared;
Your Church is threatened;
Many Christians fear
To go to Mass,
And participate in Church activities;
Detractors of your Church
Are doing all sorts of things
To erode the Faith;
The challenges and dangers are many;
We pray O Lord,
That you protect your humble Shepherd, the Archbishop;
From all dangers
No matter where they are coming from;
Give him the wisdom
To handle all the challenges;
We know that he will have pressure from all sides
To dance to their tune;
Keep him strong O Lord,
Not to waver;
To stick to the right path,
As you want him to;
Which is to preach the gospel,
And promote the values of love, justice, peace and unity among all your children;
Send the Holy Spirit
To fill his mind with wisdom;
Send an army of angels to accompany and protect him
Wherever he goes;
Crown his efforts with resounding success;
We make our prayer through Christ Our Lord, Amen!

Today’s daily prayer for our new Chief Shepherd 67

Mighty is your name O Lord,
Great are your works;
We have reason to praise your name;
And express gratitude to you;
Thank you for our New Chief Shepherd;
Our new Archbishop;
Bishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea,
Who, in your wisdom,
It has pleased you
To give us;
To take possession of our Archdiocese in accordance with your plan;
A good reason to honour you;
To adore you;
To glorify your name;
No one is mightier than you;
You keep us happy;
Even when we are sad,
When our tears are rolling down as now in this land,
You know how to wipe them;
We will, forever, praise you;
You are worthy of praise,
And all the honour
That you get,
No honour and praise
Can be too much for you;
Ever this day O Lord
In your mightiness,
You stand on our side
You put smiles on our faces;
Those sweet smiles
Like honey,
That come only from you;
Mighty gift, you have given us;
A new chief Shepherd;
Our new Archbishop;
Archbishop Andrew Nkea;
A gift so special to us;
We put back in your hands o Lord,
You best know to take care;
Bless him;
Protect him;
Care for him;
Equip him;
Grant him all the graces
To deliver the goods in your vineyard,
As in your divine plan,
So that your name shall ever be glorified;
This prayer, we make,
Through Christ our Lord,