God the architect

Humans are the labourers;
God is the architect;
Let us allow Him
To build the mansion
As he conceives it;
The structure of His dream;
Not our dream;
The skyscraper He wants;
Not the kind we want;
What powers do we have
To produce anything
On our own?
God alone
Is the determinant;
But He works through us;
And we could be tempted
To think
We are the architects
Of our lives and the world;
We, surely, are not.


You have enough tools (Be inspired today 348 by Ngobesing Suh dude Romanus)

Let today be better
Than yesterday;
If today is better
Than yesterday,
It means you are
If today is worse
Than yesterday,
It means you are
You must watch out;
We don’t want
To retrogress;
We want to progress;
Each day ought to be
Better than the day
Each day out to bring
That will depend,
Of course,
On God
The Master Architect;
But also
On how hard, and,
How wisely you work.
Don’t wait on God
He already played
His part.
He gave you
A brain to think;
Hands to work;
Feet to take you
To wherever you want
To go.
As Master Architect,
He endorses
How you use the tools
He has given you.

The main architect

How do you get to where
You want to go?
Are you aware?
That you are the architect
Of your life?
The moment you are born,
You start to build
Your life;
And if you want a great life You must build a great life;
And to build a great life,
You must be a great architect;
None will create a great life
For you;
You have to do it yourself.
If others do it for you
When you are young,
Make no mistake,
They will not do it for you
All your life.
They may help, but the main architect is you.

Painting ‘Mirapuri Architecture’

Painting titled ‘Mirapuri Architecture’ by Michel Montecrossa

Mirapuri Architecture - painting by Michel Montecrossa


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Your commander-in-chief

You are the commander-in-chief
Of your Navy;
The chief architect of your life;

You have to shape your life;
Although others are there to help;
Don’t expect much from them;
They won’t make you what
You want to become.
They are not the chief architects of your life;
It’s you;
The commander-in-chief of your Navy;
You have to decide
Which direction to go;
You will not ignore advice from others;
The experts are there for you;
So too are your parents, teachers
And many others of good faith
Willing to help;
Listen to them; but know always,
You are the chief architect of your life;
The commander-in-chief of your Navy.

Play your part

When things are not going right for you, who do you blame? Many people blame every other person except themselves.. To do this shows you have not understood your role in bringing about your success.

You are responsible for your own success. Your success is in your own hands. It is not another person to make you succeed. Nobody will hand success to you. Others can help you; but you are the main architect of your success.

Of course, you cannot do it without your God. But God is waiting for you to play your part for Him to play His.

Hence, if you do not have what you want, go for it. If you are not happy, make yourself happy. If you are lonely, look for company. If your marriage is giving you hard times, fix it or call it off.

Instead of complaining or blaming others, fix it. Fix in your mind that you are responsible for your own happiness; success, or greatness.  All that is required of you is that you play your own part and let God do the rest.