Breaking promises
Losing sight
Standing in awe
Lies crawl out of you
Flying from your voice
As rain pounding on my
head and chest
I hear sounds like words
But my heart only
Responds in sobs
Reverberating in a mind
Untuned to anything
Felt or stated
From You


Family Quarrel

family quarrel
No family is perfect ! We argue,we fight,we even stop talking to each other at times,but in the end family is family….the love will always be there.
Definition :To quarrel is to fight — but usually not physically. Quarreling is a fact of life, occurring between the best of friends, in the happiest of marriages, and between parents and their children. It is a disagreement about something. Why we quarrel in the very first place ? Somewhere I read ( I am not able to recollect the source) what is known as BIG 5 causing friction, leading to argument. 1.Money,, 3.raising kids, and work.Of course one can broaden the BIG 5 into various sub-classes. Disagreement can lead from just anger to outburst of pent-up feelings. The quarrels can stretch from very few initially to increased frequency over the time. The reasons can be from silly to far serious issues. The whole problem is because none is willing to admit their mistakes, continue the arguments,even competing with each other, with ego factor playing an active role. Whenever there is dispute remember,
“Family problems come in all sizes and shapes.Some are short-lived,easily managed,while others are more chronic and difficult to handle” unknown
What I am trying to tell is that it takes time to deal the problems and one must be patient.One must realize that,
“Families and their problems go on and they are not solved….they are dealt with”. Roger Ebert,
When we are friendly with the entire world ( don’t say…. this is because of survival instinct ),why can’t we show same friendliness to our family members? You know the old adage
“You can choose the friends,but you can’t choose the family”
In other words,since blood is thicker than water, all the more you can’t afford to quarrel with your family members.Why don’t you compliment the other for the good things in them How best to avoid family quarrels ? Some tips which I think,can help! ( My 12 commandments ) 1.Stay calm in spite of the urge to respond angrily.Never raise your voice. 2.Be a good listener. 3.Reduce your emotional scale to zero. 4.Let there not be communication gap.Make it clear as to what the other person is saying and meaning. 5.Impress the other person,what actually you meant or intended to do. 6.Never bring the past or unrelated issues. 7.Try to solve the problem and not to win the argument. 8.Put yourself in the others shoes. 9.Don’t stockpile your issues and vent at a stretch irrelevantly. 10.forget & forgive 11.Take it easy. 12.Have faith in the Lord.
“Problems are like washing machines,they twist us,spin us,knock us around but in the end,we come out cleaner,brighter and better than before” – unknown
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How Can You Have An Argument With Someone Else And Make It A Win-Win Scenario? — Michael J. Fite

“An argument is a psychological battle that you can win easily if you make smart moves.” -Unknown

For today’s inspiration, I want to share with you how can you have an argument with someone else and make it a win-win scenario.

Arguments are never easy to deal with due to the potential for negativity to come from them. An argument does not always have to be about one side winning because it does not accomplish anything in terms of unity. When you are able to find ways to create a win-win scenario, it proves each side a chance to speak and be heard.

Remember that an argument can result in a win for everyone when we all come together with the mindset to find peace, common ground, and unity on a given topic.

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How Can You Have An Argument With Someone Else And Make It A Win-Win Scenario? — Michael J. Fite

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Be Slow To Argue

Be slow to argue by purposive writer

I do not like arguments. Not because I am afraid to be proven wrong; but because to be proven right leaves a heavy burden on my shoulders. In arguments the persons involved only have one goal: to prove they are right. And when proven wrong they walk out angry and guilty; thinking to themselves they lose face. All because, most often than not, people reason out of emotions and not out of logical thinking. What they have in mind is, how others see them, how their “reputation” would look like the moment they would be proven wrong. To the point that they would twist the truth and fabricate stories just to get out of the mess clean.

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Argument in marriage

There are some people who like argument
And some who do not;
Those who like arguments argue about just
Ever subject that comes up;
I do not like argument;
Arguments are not good for marriage;
When husband and wife start to argue daily,
Their marriage is headed for trouble;
As much as you can,
Avoid arguments with your spouse;
If dialogue starts to become an argument,
Drop it;
You can come to it later.
Let argument not be part of your marriage.

Daily prompts: Argument