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Best day of the week

Which is your best day of the week?

Some people have a particular day of the week that they love most. They always look forward to it. They have their reasons for loving this particular day.

Some other people do not a particular day that they love most. To them all the days are the same; and they see no reason preferring one day to another.

What about you?

As for me, I fall in the category of those who do not have preference for any one day. I Don’t see why I should prefer one day to another. I take all the days to be the same. On some weeks, my best day is Sunday. On some, it is Monday. On some, Tuesday, yet, on some, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

However, I wouldn’t judge anyone who has a particular day as their best day. If you listen to their reasons, you may see that they have a point.

The day that I consider my best day any week is usually the day that I have the best interaction on my blog. I have a passion for blogging and you, my fellow bloggers are among my best friends. Though we do not see each other physically, I have a strong love for you. When I write posts which you appreciate I have the joy of having satisfied you. That makes me very happy.

I would like you to tell me if you have a particular day you consider your best day every week. If so, why? If not, why not? Thanks in advance for sharing.

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What I hate

What I hate is someone who gives the impression that he or she is good when, in fact, he or she is very bad. Many of us, unfortunately, are like this. We go about giving the impression that we are angels when we are devils. Isn’t this the case when a young man who poses like a responsible gentleman bombs and kills innocent children?

I think it is criminal to give an impression of what one is not especially when it is the impression of being good. A lot of young people do this when they meet the girl or boy they adore. They will give the impression of being good just to win the other’s love and confidence and maybe hand in marriage. After the marriage has been contracted, the real person will emerge and become unbearable.

We have to be careful when we deal with people otherwise we go away with the wrong impression about them and thus take a decision which will hurt us in future.


Janet’s ‘take on ageing’

Can you guess who caught my attention as I floated meaningfully on the web today?

Someone I call a rare specie. An amazing woman called Janet Weight Reed. Janet is an artist of class who’s been answering her call for forty years. She is “best known for her love of colour.”

This heart-of-gold woman turned 70 recently; and to be honest with you, I am still to forgive myself for failing to join the party train in her London apartment. Her family flew in from across the ocean to celebrate. A shower of love, Janet had a special anniversary cake.

What caught my attention today about her, however, is this post that I find excellent for people of my age and even more for the young who need this knowledge to start steering the boat of their own lives early enough in the right direction.

Janet gives her ‘take on the ageing process.”  Read her: “Having just celebrated my 70th birthday, I thought I would write something on my feelings about the ageing process.”

As customary with her posts, her words tie the knot with her paintings and the symbiosis is exquisite.

You will elated spending some time with Janet on her lovely site.

Time your success

The value of time cannot be over estimated. We are told time is money. It waits for nobody.  If you want to succeed, you must learn to manage your time well in order to make the most of the portion that has been allotted to you.

If you see someone who has succeeded or is succeeding, and look closely, you will certainly find a person who is aware of the importance of time and manages it well.

I detest seeing precious time being squandered especially when there is work to do. This explains why I get bored to death when I am at a long and uninteresting meeting. In fact, there is nothing I find more boring than a long, dull, and poorly run meeting.

Many Managers I have met do not know how to run meetings. They allow the participants to do or say what they like; when they like.  Thus, an issue that can be thrashed in a few minutes will drag on for hours.

What I have heard many people around me complaining about also as being  very boring are Sunday sermons. Have you ever had occasion to listen to a dull, boring sermon on Sunday? I have; and each time it’s like I can die. The same thing will be said over and over as if the Christians were deaf. At times one is tempted to think that the preacher enjoys keeping the Christians in Church for long.

It all boils down to the importance attached to time. If you value time, you will not spend it carelessly.  You will try as much as you can to make the most of it. This means that before you do anything, you will take time and prepare it well. If you do this, you will use the time well; and what ever project you are carrying out will not become boring.

It cannot be over emphasized that to succeed in this world, you need to learn to manage your time well. You must not let  your life become a long chain of wasted and boring moments.


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What bores you?

Ignore that liar in you

There may be some dreams that appear too big for you now. Yet if your heart goes for them, I advise that you embrace them as your dreams.

Why do I say this?

I say this because if you wave them off as being too big for you, twenty years from now, when you cast a glance at them, you will find that had you stuck to them, you would have achieved them.

Never cast aside a dream which burns in your heart because a small, cowardly, negative, silent voice within lies to you that it cannot be achieved.

It can be achieved. You’re up to it. Ignore that liar in you.

I almost shatterred my head

I did not see the stone wall, though it was right ahead of me. Not knowing it was there, I came on top speed, fully convinced the road was clear.

But before I opened my eyes, my head had greeted the wall. I hit it so hard that I saw a thousand stars. How my home did not shatter, God alone knows.

From that I learned a bitter lesson; that you do not run blindly on a road you do not know. You may abruptly come to a stone wall or ditch.

Although, God so kindly saved me, I will always remember that day; when I hit and almost shattered my head against a stone wall.

Good tears for the heart

Have tears ever flown down your cheeks because you heard or read something that deeply touched your heart?

This happens to me all the times. Sometimes people say things to me that make me so overjoyed that tears start pouring from my eyes. I have read two of such things today. I could not hold back the tears.

Do real men cry?

Thanks to all my friends who send me such lovely words that draw tears of joy from my eyes. Such tears are good for the heart.

Positive and negative thinking

Are you a positive person or a negative person? What is the difference between a positive person and a negative person? What would make you say someone is positive or negative? What are the characteristics of a positive person?

Success scientists hold that your success or failure is determined by whether you are a positive or a negative minded person.  Positive people succeed; negative people fail. Positive thinking is like the key to success. Negative thinking is the ‘unlocked door to failure.’

A real problem is to know the difference between positive thinking and negative thinking. Many people like to be positive thinkers but are not because they do not know what to do.  And many people think they are positive thinkers when they really are not.  They will declare themselves positive thinkers but in reality they are negative thinkers.

If you don’t mind it, let us share on this as it may help some people. Can you give some examples of positive and negative thinking?