Breaking promises
Losing sight
Standing in awe
Lies crawl out of you
Flying from your voice
As rain pounding on my
head and chest
I hear sounds like words
But my heart only
Responds in sobs
Reverberating in a mind
Untuned to anything
Felt or stated
From You


One Word can….

One word can start a friendship,
One kiss a love affair,
One smile can bring you laughter,
One hug can show you care,
One wave of your hand can say hello,
One tear can make you cry,
One gentle touch can warm a heart,
One dream can make you fly,
One song can bring back memories,
One thought sees brighter days,
One wish can bring colourful rainbows,
One good deed can bring you praise,
One moon can light your darkness,
One star can guide your soul,
One step will start each journey,
One hope to make your goal,
One hand to hold in friendship,
One heart that’s kind and true,
One Love…One friend, is all you need,
It’s really up to you.

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Shubham Verma

Walking Music

Not sure if I am headed outside to walk today. Might be a treadmill day.

Either way I wanted to share what is on my walking play list.

“Electric Daisy” Lindsey Stirling

“Elements” Lindsey Stirling

“Shadows” Lindsey Stirling

“Shatter Me” Lindsey Stirling

Yes, I like Lindsey Stirling.

“Rx” Theory of A Deadman This would be one of my ironic choices.

“Closing Time” Semisonic This would be the other.

“Believer” Imagine Dragons

“Rise” Katy Perry

“My Favorite Game” Cardigans

“Start A War” Klergy

“Leader of Men” Nickleback

There you have it. If you thing this list is a bit eclectic you should know I have one big YouTube play list with over 300 songs on it. I have other list which include but are not limited to: 30’s Swing/Big Band, K-Pop, Techno and Classical.

My favorite artists include: Nirvana, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Garth Brookes, Lindsey Stirling, Katy Perry. Big Bang (who I saw in concert), Guns N’ Roses, Baby Metal (who I also saw in concert), Ozzy Osbourne (my first concert-OzFest) and Mozart, Vivaldi and Gershwin.

Some of my favorite songs include, New York, New York, Come As You Are, Gimme Chocolate, No More Tears, Low Places, Rhapsody in Blue, Fat Bottomed Girls and Bicycle Race, and Four Seasons.

Even if I don’t post pictures today I hope I inspire some of you to expand your musical comfort zone.

Song & video ‘Tantra Girl’

Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Tantra Girl’; music video for ‘Tantra Girl’ by Mirakali


Download from iTunes here this and many other great songs from Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Erotic Devotion’ album


Tantra Girl

Tantra Girl knows the delicious grace.
Her hands are moving with the living faith.
Sensual revolution is her beauty face.
Her body is leading to the secret place.

Tantra Girl knows the world beyond mind.
Her spirit embodies future mankind.
Liberty is her heartmelting smile.
Surrounded she is by light divine.

Her words are spoken to give delight.
Her whispers and moans are naked night.
Truth and her sex are linked to the might.
Her adventure and joy are stronger than fight.

The right hemisphere of her wonder brain
is an open gate to the Elysian game.
She lives her life like a work of art.
She is master of the aesthetic heart.

Tantra Girl knows the delicious grace.
Her hands are moving with the rhythm of earth.

Tantra Girl’s teaching is erotic attention.
She is involved in each sensual expansion.
The survival sequence she has left behind.
She is free in her mind
and therefore so tender and kind.

No big brother takes good care of you.
Fear and rage, hot and cold wars
stand against love, simple and true.
Tantra Girl shows what to do.

The process divine is inside your body,
it is working bliss in every cell.
Heaven and earth is young and ecstatic.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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