Quote (heartfelt desire)

“My heartfelt desire is that through inspiration,motivation and encouragement, I may sow seeds of love and possibility in the minds and hearts of others which will bear fruits for them for the rest of their lives and produce seeds which they will in turn sow in the minds and hearts of others.” Romilia Quotes


Song ‘Flaming Hearts’ (audio & Lyrics)

Michel Montecrossa’s yearning Song ‘Flaming Hearts’ – read the complete song lyrics on the Michel Montecrossa Blog here


Michel Montecrossa’s Song ‘Flaming Hearts’ is part of his ‘Love and Light & Love and Theft #’ album that you can read about here (album from the Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan Series see www.Michel-BobDylan.com)

Flaming Hearts

Flaming Hearts
Looking deep into your heart you will see a spark of fire, coming from the
marvellous Light deep within your heart of Glory. And a voice of calmness
speaks: “Grow and kindle your Flame.”
“Grow and kindle your Flame.”

Emerging from the spark then comes a tongue of fire golden-warm, giving
strength out of its growth: ..

Read the complete song lyrics in this blog post here

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Painting ‘Proud Devotion’

Acryl painting titled ‘Proud Devotion’ by Michel Montecrossa


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Navaveda – the Free School of Mirapuri (text & video)

Navaveda is the Free School of Mirapuri. It is a school for the Mirapuri children which is guided by Mirakali (www.Mirakali.net) who lives and works in Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe (Italy). Navaveda helps the children to keep in touch with their soul and to unite inner experience with outer knowledge and understanding in an integral consciousness. At Navaveda the teaching expresses itself in a wide freedom and its content is explored with the children in harmony with their needs and aspirations as an expression of their individualities and unique characters.

See also this link: http://mirakali.net/navaveda-the-mirapuri-school/

The school-experience in Mirapuri protects and encourages the childhood and youth with all its energy, ease, visions of the future and future-wideness, so that the whole life is filled with happy trust in the beauty, the good and the meaning of life. Creative joy and the experience of freedom through freedom is the golden treasure of Navaveda, and the happy laughing of the children and the light in their eyes are the rich reward for all that work at Navaveda: the children, the young and the adults.

Navaveda is the educational action of Mirapuri and Miravillage for children of all ages. Its activities are linked to M.I.R.A and the New Age Seminars. Navaveda also incorporates Navaguha (the kindergarden section of Navaveda) and the Miramour – Project for orphan children. The aim of Navaveda is to encourage perpetual renewal and growth of consciousness in freedom and joy, to be able to always see and experience in a new and unexpected way and to expand one’s capacities without limits – in short: to preserve and live the spring of eternal youth.


‘Youth does not depend on the small number of years one has lived, but on the capacity to grow and progress. To grow is to increase one’s potentialities, one’s capacities; to progress is to make constantly more perfect the capacities that one already possesses. Old age does not come from a great number of years but from the incapacity or the refusal to continue to grow and progress. I have known old people of twenty and young people of seventy. As soon as one wants to settle down in life and reap the benefits of one’s past efforts, as soon as one thinks that one has done what one had to do and accomplished what one had to accomplish, in short, as soon as one ceases to progress, to advance along the road of perfection, one is sure to fall back and become old.
One can also teach the body that there is almost no limit to its growth in capacities or its progress, provided that one discovers the true method and the right conditioning. This is one of the many experiments which we want to attempt in order to break these collective suggestions and show the world that human potentialities exceed all imagination.’ (Mira Alfassa).