Great childhood dreams

When I was a little kid so many years ago, I was eaten up wholly from inside by ambition. Great were my dreams. They could only be likened to the size of an elephant.

I yearned to become outstanding; the pride of my country; and why not the world?

In high esteem, I have always held anyone who distinguishes himself or herself in life in any way.

I wanted also to distinguish myself.

Right in those very early years, I never saw why I should not become what I wanted to be. I saw the way widely open for me. I could visualize greatness coming. I felt set apart.

Yet, I did not fold my arms and wait. I knew that good things would not happen on their own. Hence, I worked very hard.

I believed in hard work. I have always believed in hard work. I believed hard work was the key that would unlock the door of greatness for me.

Since then, I have never stopped working hard.

Yet, today, so many years in old age, I am kilometers away from the finishing line of those youthful aspirationss. The challenges have been enormous. Many great opportunities have slipped through my fingers to someone else. I have had a galore of moments of discouragement. I have failed many times, but I have never let my resolve drop from its height.

Many times when I take up my head, I see the ceiling of my dreams so far off. To many, my summit is unattainable. Yet, I have not given up. The temptation to give up is underperforming.

I am resolute. I will stay on course. I will continue to climb one step after another. My eyes will remain focused on where I want to go: my destination is the same, clear and precise; the mountaintop.

I will do all I can do. I will put in my best. But for the outcome of my efforts, I allow it to God to decide. I am fully aware that no matter how hard and how brilliantly I may work, victory will only come from God.

Though I speak so firmly, I must be honest to admit I sometimes get really worried; and doubt and fear, far from sparing me, are quick to grip me.

This explains why I always appreciate when doses of encouragement are dropped into my cup; and they fly in both from people I know and people I don’t know. If you have such words for me, the joy will be mine.

Accept my heartfelt thanks for reading as I wait with saliva in my mouth to hear from you.

The sky is my springboard; the universe, my limit.

If you like to know, these dreams are not for me alone. They are also my dreams for you. And I am convinced unless you give up,they will come true for you.

I have no doubt you may doubt, thinking them farfetched; but let me assure you, they are attainable. They are possible.

In life, many things which seem impossible are possible; and it is hard to know what you can do until you try.

Try! Go for your loftiest dreams. Keep their candle alight and you won’t believe what will happen. You will achieve lofty dreams.


Sunshine Blogger Award

Well folks, we have two posts on one page.  Although it’s not what I planned for this evening, my morning post has decided to make an appearance too.  I couldn’t get the ‘Publish’ to work.

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #8

I am having problems today with publishing this post, so I’m going to copy the title on to Word, paste the completed writing and hope it works.  Be blessed where ever you are and we are thankful for our food and drink today.

I am having Natural Yogurt with Pumpkin seeds, dried Dates, Wholemeal Pitta bread with Flora and a glass of water.  I am thinking of the many things I need to do, apart from the writing, those I have started and need to be finished, start the autumn cleaning.

Having read a post on Reader ‘Blackout’ by Brendon, he had a Motor Vehicle Accident and do take a look at how he was feeling before and after it happened.  I am happy he is well but should get some rest.  I am sure I speak for all to wish you good health.




sunshineThank you Keith Haney of for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award.  It’s truly great to receive an honour for doing something I love.

The rules:

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What do you love about blogging?  

I love sharing inspirational stories from my personal and work experiences.  I’ve met some wonderful people who write on  varied and interesting materials.  Through my writing I am able to let my Christian faith touch other bloggers.

What is your favourite song?

I’ll give two songs- ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin and Psalm 23 as a song

What is your dream job?            

A Wedding Planner who likes to write on health and well living for all, couples and families.

If you could exchange your life with anyone for one day, who would that be and why?

Ban Ki Moon and I would decree a ‘Build not Ruin’ for the whole world and every delegate, person and country have to listen, obey and never change back to wars, conflicts and persecution.

 Your secret romantic fantasy?

A trip on the Orient Express through Europe and it would be a bonus if it was a honeymoon.

What are your habits that you hate most or want to change?

Procrastinating, which I have been working on.

Your most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

Being desperate to pee.

Your favourite colour?


Your motivation in life?

To guide my children, grandson and any youth to achieve their potential.

Craziest thing you would like to do in life that you were not able to?

Experience the landing of a Harrier Jump Jet.


The bloggers I nominate are-

Mr Ngobesing Romanus




Zainain Shah



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Modernity and old fashion: how compatible?

IMG_20151021_073652Do you know why I wrote this post?

I hear the aspirations of parents for their children and get shocked. What is even more shocking is the advice some parents give their kids. They advise their kids as if they did not know times had changed.

When it comes to jobs, all that a lot of parents want is job security for their children. They don’t care what the job offers. All they want is their boy or girl should have a job and be sure of making ends meet at the end of the month. Parents, at least in my country, want to move with their shoulders high that their son or daughter is working. But what type of job?  Where does it take them?DSC_0000152

This job-security thinking stuff is not for our digital children.

Many parents see things as they saw them in their time. They think in the past. I do not say all parents think in the past. I say many parents think in the past. This is true. It looks worse in villages.

Some parents would not even let their children leave them for a single day to go to the city, not to talk of going to another country to work or study even if the child wins a scholarship.

These days we talk of distance relationships. We have trans-continent, trans-racial marriages. The world has become a global village. If my son or daughter finds a beautiful Indian, American, German,Canadian, Nigerian to marry, should I or should I not accept? What do young people think? We have to take this into consideration. How do young people see the world? What type of world do they like to have? These are important questions.

Of course, we cannot let our kids just do what they like. We have to guide them; but anyone who continues to think in the past will get up to realize the sea is gone leaving some fish behind; and they are that fish.

We operate in a digital age; the age of communication. If you are a parent and do not know what is going on, tell me how you can see the opportunities that are available to your children this age.DSCN0590

You can only see the traditional opportunities that are more or less only good for the young men and women who have refused to move with their times.

I do not, for one moment, say parents should not advise their children about their careers and life in general. What I say is as a parent, listen to your children Then you can advise them; but, please, do not impose your vision on them especially if you know you are not abreast with the changes taking place in the world especially due to modern communication technology.

Let them tell you their dreams. What you should make sure should be that they have dreams. Advise them to be realistic in their dreams. Are they achievable dreams? How do they hope to realize the dreams in question? Once you see they know where they want to go, encourage them.

Above all, do not impose your vision of the past on your children. The vision of yesterday, the thinking of yesterday, the ways of yesterday will not give you what today’s world wants. Many of yesterday’s thinking and ways are old-fashioned. They will not deliver today; and we can’t turn back the clockIMG_20141223_143758

Strong, confident, assertive Linda-Claire

Ngobesing Linda-Claire Neh is a 23-year old young graduate of the Buea University in Cameroon. She is a ??????????development agent who picked up her first job less than one week after graduation, despite the scarcity of jobs in the country. The things she stands for, does and dreams to do motivated me to invite her for this discussion. Linda is one of the most inspiring young persons I have met. She speaks with assurance; and seems to know where she is going and how to get there. When she speaks on radio, many people listen knowing she has a message to put across. This young lady with big goals for her life is an asset where she works. I am very elated that she is my first guest on this blog and I know you will be as thrilled by our discussion as I was. Follow the chat:
Linda, I am delighted to have you as my first guest on this blog.
The pleasure is mine. I feel really honored to be here.
You work for a Development organization, what is it called?
I work for a development Non-Governmental Organization known as COMINSUD or Community Initiative for Sustainable Development
What position do you hold there?
I am the communications and PR assistant; but I also cross-cut through all other running projects in the organization like Democracy and Empowerment of Women, Land Governance, Water Governance, Food security and Environmental protection.
What does your work entail?
The day-to-day management of communications within the organization, ensuring that information is effectively communicated and feedback received to complete the process of communication.I manage the organization’s website and social network sites, updating the most recent happenings related to the organization’s activities and responding to reactions.
I represent the organization at public events including round table SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESdiscussions on international events, representing and participating in seminars within the city and attending meetings.
I Cross cut through other projects in the organization. In the Democracy and Empowerment of Women funded by Bread for the world Germany, I support Local Governance centers with training on monitoring cases, creating linkages with other institutions, writing and documenting cases. The Governance Network (LOGONET) has over 500 community based change agents in 34 Local Governance Centers. It addresses violation of women’s rights and other human rights, democracy and governance at local level.
I supervise training, assist in preparing for workshops and carry out follow-up activities on projects on Land and Agriculture.

I am the project manager of Eco-kids, an environmental project with 10 schools in the city. I supervise over 300 school children and 10 teachers on the implementation of environmental actions. The project is funded by Dordrecht – Bamenda Foundation Netherlands.
You got your present job just one week after graduation. How did this happen at a time when employment is so difficult to come by in the country?
Yes, I got engaged immediately after graduation as a Community Volunteer with VSO Cameroon via the VSO national volunteering program. When the program was launched, I applied just 3 days after graduation but anxious to put my skills to work. A day later, I was convened for interview. Of over 200 applicants, I was among the 15 selected and posted where I work today.
You studied Gender and Journalism. Now you are into development. How do the two match?
I earned my undergraduate Double Major degree in women and gender studies and journalism and mass communication. Development journalism has always been top on my agenda ; and I strongly believe that Gender analysis is and should be the most useful tool in any development process. The importance of effective communication cannot be over emphasized. My courses contained very useful elements to facilitate development work.
Would you like to share some of the lessons you’ve learned as you go about your work, meeting people: women, men and other developers?
I have learned so many lessons. Each day at work is an opportunity to learn new things and improve my knowledge and skills and how to interact with others. Most importantly, I’ve learned to serve and put service to humanity as a priority in my life.
Let’s come back to your studies. What prompted you to do a double major in gender and journalism?
Initially I was never interested in a Double major in Women and gender studies. I was orientated by my parents (that’s you and mum- laughs) who made me see the importance of the course. I wanted to study Journalism being passionate about media. I wanted to minor in gender studies in view of creating a TV show to transform the lives of women in the world. Thanks to your excellent orientation, I took the course fully and it has opened many doors for me and empowered me incredibly.
How did your studies shape your thinking to make you what you are today? What are some of the lasting lessons that you learned in the university?
I have become very analytical and like to wear a gender lens to look at anything. I put more effort to edit my writing, pronounce my words, so that these can shine through me and become part of my personal brand and make me known as someone who writes and speaks eloquently. My course in WGS and JMC makes me come across as a professional Gender analyst and media practitioner who doesn’t just look but sees and knows exactly where to start the race and which direction to take.
You studied in an all girls school, Our Lady Of Lourdes College. What memories do you have of this institution?
I have the fondest memories of this college where I met the most incredible girls growing up into the world’s most powerful women. They contributed tremendously to build me. This institution gave me a sound Holistic education that has shaped my life. Part of my strength to overcome challenges today is thanks to the challenges that I faced there. Lots of Challenges; which made me strong and gave me reason to fight against all odds to excel. It’s so nice to see my teachers today wearing broad smiles on their faces when they see me; especially when they tell me how proud they are of me.
Tell me about your philosophy of life. What is your guiding principle?
Service! Service to the people first! There is nothing I enjoy more than serving people and getting shining results.serve
How did you come about this?
First, as a young girl, I was a Cadet of Mary (Catholic group which models Mary, the mother of Christ and lives her ways). I cannot forget the rule of the Cadet: ‘The Cadet serves others first, self Last’. In our Lady of Lourdes the motto was “to serve with love”. Back at home love is the guiding principle that bonds my family together. We have learned to love one another from seeing my parents’ love each other.
Who are some of the people who inspire you, I mean your role models?
I admire lots of women whose success serves as a guide to me; but of all these women, my mother shines out. She is a strong woman. At professional level, two women stand out to me as great women’s rights activist: Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Anne Nsang Nkwain (May her gentle soul rest in peace. She just passed on). These women fight with so much passion that has given me reason not to give up on the cause for women’s empowerment. They are my role models. I look up to them. They inspire me.
Do you have male role models?
I have a male role model: my father (that’s you – laughs). You bring out the best in me every day of my life with your inspirational messages and soul-searching pieces for reflection. You have lived your purpose so cautiously and passionately and that has given me every reason to find and live my purpose here on earth.
Thanks for your kind words. It’s not every daughter who appreciates her parents. Tell me: which are your favorite books?
I am a great reader. The book that gives me all the solutions is the Holy Bible. I also read Motivational books. I have read ‘The Impossible is Possible’ over and over. I am looking forward to owning a copy of “Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer.

What are your dreams? I mean your aspiration?
To spend the rest of my life supporting young girls to develop their self-esteem, overcome their challenges, realize their dreams and live up to their potential. I want to see a society where girls everywhere know what they want, go for it with confidence and win. I aspire to build a strong network of girls who support and strengthen each other to overcome the challenges of women’s emancipation. If I find an organization that provides this kind of service to young girls, that is where I would like to work. In addition to providing girls the opportunity to benefit from networking, I would like to provide them with one-on-one matches with mentors to foster self-respect and love, leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.
What do you want to be yourself?
I want to be that woman who uses potential to build potential; that woman who transforms the lives of girls all over the world.
How else do you plan to realize this dream?
I intend to own a television show which I call ‘Strong women; strong girls platform’. The show will empower young women to think critically about themselves, their identity and their goals, breaking down negative messages fed to them by society. I will enrich them to be stimulants of positive change in their communities. I will interview women in decision-making positions who are potential mentors for young girl.This opportunity will enable young women and girls to understand how the women of the world who have developed new solutions reached the top. My hope is that the lives of girls living in both urban and rural communities can be transformed.
I intend to run multipurpose enrichment centers for girls all over the country. These centers will have 3 departments; a library, a modern computer laboratory and a mentoring department. Strong networks of girls, especially girls in rural communities shall be built and provided one-on-one mentor matches who will mold them.

Would you support a woman to become the president of your country?
I would support a Woman to become whoever they want to become. There is no limit to what a woman should aspire to be. I strongly support women in power and decision-making; and advise that they prioritize and address women’s issues to make the difference. We must go beyond representation to influence.
Do you think a woman can be a good leader of your country? If so, what makes you think so?
There are lots of powerful women in my country who can lead the change we believe in. I strongly believe in the potential of women because they have proven their worth. Away from politics, if we look at the number of women who are building communities and changing people’s lives then undoubtedly a woman will do a great Job in this light. At basic education level which is the core to upbringing and subsequently contributing to the kind of society that we want, women are key decision makers as head teachers. More and more women are nurses in hospitals; chairpersons of churches; home managers and what have you? If we put all these together, we will realize that the woman plays a key and significant role in leadership even without being politically appointed or voted. Leadership for them is an in-born quality. If a woman is given the chance to lead, she will make the difference.
To me you are a star. That is why I chose you for this interview; and I appreciate that you accepted. Do you have a word for young people who would love to be like you?
I am edified by your compliment. To all young people who look up to me, I have this to say: ‘There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve, dear girls; but there are equally speed breaks and potholes on the road to success. You are strong enough to overcome all challenges you will face and live your purpose; but it only gets better when you trust God first and then believe in yourself.’
You are wonderful! It was a pleasure talking to you
It was a privilege for me to be your guest. I really count myself blessed. I am highly impressed by your site. It seems to me you are building one of the world’s leading sites. You have inspiring and edifying stuff there. It’s simply amazing.

Ngobesing Linda Neh is a Double Major Gender and Journalism Graduate from Cameroon’s most reputed Buea University. She hails from the English-speaking North West Region of Cameroon. Linda is a writer, talented broadcaster, blogger, developer and motivational speaker, especially on girls and women’s empowerment, violence against women, helping young girls to develop their fullest potentials and make their voices heard. She is the founder and CEO of an NGO known as She Platform with a website @ To contact her send email to:  or Worldpulse.Com/user/22210.

Serve and grow great.

Take a look at these greatness quotes and say what you think.

“Those who think they can use force to become great make a big mistake. No amount of force in the world can make you great. It may make you widely known; but being well known is not greatness.”

“Winning an election and getting into a position of power or staying in power for a long time by itself does not make you great.

“It is through service that you become great. The more people you serve, the greater you become. People have aspirations that they hold dear in their hearts. The more you satisfy these aspirations, the greater you will become. Greatness is service. Serve and grow great.”

(All quotes by Ngobesing Suh Romanus).

Two powerful ‘don’ts’ for success

If you want to make it in a big way in this world, let me give you two powerful ‘don’ts’ that will help you faster up the ladder.

  1. Don’t be afraid to let the world know you are ambitious.
  2. Don’t be ashamed to let the world know you are ambitious.

Let the world know what you want. This will free you to pursue this dream with no complex and inhibitions. Have the courage of your dreams.

Bear in mind that you can live beyond your wildest dreams.

Dream big; achieve big.

I have many dreams;
I have big dreams;
Call them big aspirations;
What would I be without them?
They keep me going;
They fire me up.
They give me something to live for.
Some have no dreams;
They merely drift;
They know not where they head to;
And any wind blows them.
A life with no dreams
Is a life bound for nowhere;
It will arrive no where.
Tell me your dreams;
And I will tell you what stuff
You are made of;
Tell me your aspirations;
And I will tell you
Where you will land in life.
No dreams, no achievement;
Big dreams, big achievement.
Therefore, dream big;
And go for them in a big way,
You will achieve big.