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Idiom of the day:

Within an ace of

If you are within an ace of something or of doing something, it means you are at the point of doing it. You have nearly or almost done it.

If something is within an ace of being done, it means it has nearly been done.


He was within an ace of becoming a Senator.

He is within an ace of success in the project.

The two warring factions were within an ace of a peaceful resolution of the problem.


Make a sentence or sentences with the idiom within an ace of.

For your sentence, you will receive a reward of three ‘likes’ on your site.


Solidarity Support Challenge day 80


Hello sweet Solidarity bloggers! This round of our challenge is drawing to an end . It should be over in a week. We definitely have not been perfect. Forgive the shortcomings. If by some oversight you have not been listed for this round, please do let us know so that we can do it before this round rounds off.

We do appeal that you begin to think about how we can improve on our working in solidarity. Don’t forget this belongs to all of us – support me, I support you. I haven’t seen the logo on many sites and wish to request that we appropriate it and be proud to belong.

We have two sweet bloggers listed for today as usual. Let’s do as we have always done. The positive comments that many of you write keep me in the highest spirits. Thanks a million and don’t relent. Let those inspiring words from you make my heart glow.

Here you go:

30. nananettie1969

31. Lifehelps

Happy blogging!

Week 1 assignment 6 Saturday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

There is no particular assignment today. Use this day to look at all that you did this week on this course. Do some evaluation. Did you get anything new, even if it was small? Were your expectations met? Do you look forward to week 2? Let us know what you think. That will help us get things better for you.

Never forget that great things sometimes have very humble beginnings. I am not sure that all of you liked it but I am sure that many of you liked it. That gives me joy and confidence to move on.

Tell us what you think and get ready to move on to week 2. Happy weekend!

Week 1 assignment 5 Friday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

“Success is not easy to come by. It does come, however, to those who work and keep on working till they succeed” (Ngobesing Suh Romanus).

This is true. Life is not a bed of roses. Life is hard. It is not easy to succeed. Some young people think they can succeed without working hard. This is not possible.

If you work hard enough, doing what you should do, nothing will stop you from succeeding.
Therefore, fold your sleeves and work and your success will be guaranteed.

What is your take on this?

Week 1 assignment 4 Thursday prompt for Live Your Dream Life course

“Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.” Albert Einstein.

A key to success is service to others. The more people you serve, the more successful you become. Somebody has said to become successful, look for a need and fill it.

Do you agree? Comment or write a post on this.