That is exact!

I am confident
Because I am never alone;
God is always on my side.

I know I will succeed,
Because, I am never alone,
God is always on my side.

I have no fear
Because, I am never alone;
God is always on my side.

I see victory ahead
Because, I am never alone;
God is always fighting
On my side.

When you are never alone,
When God is on your side,
You have everything.

When you are never alone,
Your victory is inevitable;
Or do I say guaranteed?
That is exact!

Let me assure you

Let me assure you;
If you are afraid,
That you have no reason
To fear;
Let me assure you,
If you are doubting,
That you don’t have
To doubt;
Faith works wonders;
Let me assure you
If you are afraid
You will not make it,
That you will make it;
Let me assure you
If you think God has
Abandoned you,
That God never abandons
Those who put their trust
In him;
Let me assure you
If you are worried
About your future,
That your future is bright;
Your future is brighter
Than you think;
Let me assure you
If you are still having
Sleepless nights,
That the best
Is on its way to you.
Don’t lose hope;
Keep the flame burning.

Count on me

Do you know you can
count on me?
I promise you,
I will not be lazy;
I promise you,
I will work hard;
I promise you,
I will do my best;
I promise you,
I will stay on it;
I promise you,
I will not give up;
I promise you,
I will not make a mistake;
I promise you,
I will be careful;
I promise you,
I will accomplish
My mission
With flying colors;
I promise you,
You can count on me.


On sail you are
In waters
So troubled;
The storm is violent,
As if controlled
By the devil’s agents;
Scared you are,
As never before;
That, I read
In your eyes;
But rest assured
All will be well;
I shall send my angels
To steer you home;
And not a single hair
On your head
Shall be lost;
But this will happen
Only if you believe
In my word;
This is the promise
I make to you.

I am not afraid

I am on my way;
My journey is long
And short;
I know exactly
Where I am going;
I know not
Where I am going;
How contradictory!
That is life;
I am not afraid;
And I am afraid;
I am not worried;
And I am worried;
I could miss my way,
I cannot miss my way;
Because, I am not alone;
I have an able companion,
Who is my guide,
And my helper as well;
He knows the way,
To his finger tips;
As no other one does;
Who knows this guide?
Jesus, the Master;
The king;
The king of glory;
The king of kings;
Jesus of Nazareth
Who died on the cross
For you and I.
He holds my hand,
As captain of my ship,
No matter the storms
He will sail me
To safety shores!
I am, indeed, not afraid.

I am most optimistic

Looking at the situation squarely in the face,
Reading between the lines,
I want to assure you fully
I am most optimistic;
The universe remains
Your only limit;
The sky may be dark
Yet there will be
No rainfall; and you will soar high;
The sea may be rough,
Yet the ship will not sink;
Instead, it will sail better
On the waves;
The times may be hard,
But we cannot miss
Our three square meals
A day;
It is not on earth
But in heaven
That we are sure
Who is a saint,
You don’t declare someone
A loser,
When a match is still
Going on.
And so don’t tell me
It’s over for me;
It’s not over
As long as I am not wearing
My golden crown.

I can assure you (Be inspired today 401 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I can assure you;
You are doing it;
You are doing well;
You are succeeding;
You are on the right path;
You are moving in
The right direction;
Your success
Is irreversible;
Of that, I am sure;
I am certain;
I know you will make it;
You will come out victorious;
You will succeed;
And not only.succeed;
You will do so with flying colors;
I can assure you.

Who can stop you? (Be inspired today 355 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Who can stop you?
Nobody that I know;
You will succeed,
If you want to;
Your life will change
If you want it so;
It all depends on you;
If you say yes,
God will say yes;
If you say no,
Heaven will echo;
Therefore, don’t say no.
Say instead, yes.
That it may reach heaven
And bounce back to you.
You will make it,
If it is your desire;
Nobody will stop you.
Your success is in your
Own very hands.
Nobody can stop you.
You have a right to smile.
Smile now!

100th letter (poem 100 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

My dear one,
It is my pleasure
To write my 100th letter
To you;
But what can I tell you
That I have not already
Told you?
Just let me say again,
If at all it is necessary,
That I love and value you;
You are not just my silver;
You are my Gold;
The star that brightens
My way at night;
The reason I so often smile
A broad smile
Which refuses to quit my lips;
Assure me I can count
Fully on your love;
That when I go to bed,
I can sleep and snore
Because I have a love in you
That never dies.
Do you assure me?

You will get it (Be inspired today 242 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

A lot of us are looking for ways to improve ourselves. We want to make more and better use of our talents.

In that search, some of us give up without getting what we want.

Some of us stay on no matter what happens till we get what we want.

The latter are the winners in life. When you stay focused and stay on in your search, the chance is you will find what you want.

Everything we want in this world is already there waiting for us. It is left to us to seek it and keep on seeking it till we find it.

Humanity will never stop stressing the importance of persistence or sticking to it.

If you are on the right track, and the road is rough, you have no excuse for not getting to your destination. All you need do is to stay on; to Keep pushing.

Are you on the right track? And are you ready to stay focused and stick on until you get what you want?

That is your challenge.

I can assure you that you will get it if you stick to it. If you don’t, know it is not the best thing for you. It is not meant for you.

What is meant for you will come if you stick to your endeavors to get it.