A Dale Carnegie quote

Dale Carnegie was a great American. His teachings have transformed the lives of many. He said this:

“The tendency to seldom think of what we have but always of what we lack is the greatest tragedy on earth. Count your blessings – not your troubles!”

I find this statement to the point. What do you say?

Many of us do not seem to be conscious of our blessings. We spend a great deal of precious time complaining of what we don’t have instead of doing something about it and celebrating what we have.

If you want to make a difference in life, cultivate the habit of seeing what you have and not what you don’t have. See your blessings and not your troubles. Go to bed everyday thanking God for your blessings not frowning that you had troubles.


There is a way

There is a way
To turn your present problem
Into your gold mine;
Search for it;
I bet, you will find it.

There is a way
To turn your poverty
Into shouting riches;
Search for it;
I bet, you will find it.

There is a way
To turn all your failures
Into glittering successes;
Search for it;
I bet, you will find it.

There is a way
To rise from where you are
To where you want to be;
Search for it;
I bet, you will find it.

God’s plan for you

Do you know God’s plan for your life? God has a great plan for you.

One of the tragedies of our world is that millions of people have resigned to a life of misery. They have accepted their miserable or below-standard situation as normal. They believe the good things of life are not meant for them. They are not aware of God’s plan for their lives.

This is unfortunate. What you believe is what becomes reality in your life. If you are miserable it is because you believe your lot is to be miserable. If you are miserable it is because you have accepted misery in your life. You have resigned to misery.

The way to come out of your situation is to reverse your thinking and belief about yourself; about your destiny. Start believing that you were born for great things because, indeed, you were. You have enormous talents and abilities.You can do many things. You can achieve many things. You can be rich and become a benefactor instead of someone who is waiting for charity from others.

Start right now to tell yourself, “I was born for great things. I will be rich. I reject any thought in my mind that tells me that I am doomed to suffer. From now on things will start going well for me.”

From now on say this as often as you can during the day. Start seeing yourself as a success. Start acting as if you had already succeeded. If you do this long enough and work hard at your job, you can be sure to become a different person.

Do not think you were born to fail. Do not resign yourself to misery. That is not what God has as a plan for you. God’s plan for you is that you succeed; that you prosper; that you become great.

A promising day

Today is a promising day
For me;
Is it a promising day
For you too?
I pray it should be.
If today is a promising day
For me,
It is because my spirits are high;
What of you?
Are your spirits high?
If my spirits are high
It is because I have decided
To make them high;
If you want your spirits to be high,
Make them high;
Don’t wait for circumstances
To make your spirits high;
What if circumstances don’t come?
Regardless of circumstances,
Get your spirits
Into high gear;
And make your day
A promising day.

Look for the upside

Every situation has a downside and an upside; a negative side and a positive side. In every misfortune, there is a fortune waiting to be tapped.Losing a job may be an opportunity to land a better one. If you fail an exam, that may be an opportunity to pass with better grades next time.

Your misfortune may be a blessing in disguise.You may fail to get what you ardently want because God wants to lead you to something better.

For this reason, whatever situation you find yourself in, it is better to look at the upside not the downside of it/ to focus on the blessing in every misfortune; and as someone has said, if you are given a lemon, use it to make a lemonade.

This is the attitude of the super-achievers; and that is what makes them super-achievers. If yo want to become a super-achiever, this is the attitude you must cultivate.

Attitude matters

Has your day been dominated by a positive or negative attitude? Can you remember times when you were negative instead of being positive? Do not forget that attitude matters. The positive attitude is the right attitude. Each time a negative attitude comes your way, throw it off. Make the positive attitude a lasting friend.With a positive attitude, you become a winner.

Create the life you like

Live the life you like
Don’t settle for a life
You do not like;
If you want something,
And you can’t find it,
Create it;
If you want a new life,
And you can’t just have it,
Create it;
If you are not satisfied
With your life
As it is,
Create the life you want;
Change your environment;
Change the people
Who make your world;
Change your attitude to life;
Do not live a life
You do not like;
When you can create
The life you like.

What you tell yourself matters


Do you know the one thing that can prevent you from becoming what you want to be?

I will tell you.

Do you know the one thing that can open the door for you to become a stunningly successful person and be greatly admired?

I will also tell you.

I like you to read attentively. This can be a turning point in your life.

Many of us are more negative than positive.

We think more negatively than positively about ourselves especially about our abilities.

Have you ever realized that you talk to yourself more than you talk to others? This is what happens.

And what  do you tell yourself? Mostly negative things about yourself.

Whenever you are sitting silently or walking or driving and talking to nobody or nobody is talking to you, you are actually not silent. You are talking to yourself silently. Although words do not come out, you are saying things to yourself.

These silent conversations have played a big role in determining what you are today. If you are a successful person at the moment, they have been the key. If you have experienced many failures, these silent conversations with yourself have been the cause.

Let me explain. If the things that you usually say to yourself during such silent moments are negative things about yourself, you will become a negative person and will do negative things, behave in negative ways, react to situations negatively, and negative things will begin to happen to you.

This is where most of your limitations and failures come from. You tell yourself a lot of negative things about yourself during your silent moments and instill negative beliefs in yourself about yourself.

Thus, you limit yourself without realizing it. You sell yourself short. You put barriers on your own way.

The solution is to make a conscious effort to stop telling yourself negative things about yourself be it when you are speaking aloud to people or when you are speaking silently to yourself.

You must take a firm decision to let no negative thought or word about yourself and your abilities pass though your mind or lips.

Instead tell yourself positive things about yourself. See yourself positively. If the thought ‘I can’t’ comes to your mind, quickly replace it with ‘I can’. If someone treats you as stupid, tell yourself ‘I am brilliant but you are not brilliant enough to see it.’

Someone has said, “Attitude is everything.” Attitude can be positive or negative depending on the thoughts that dominate your mind; your silent conversations with yourself. Therefore, in your silence, say only positive things to yourself about your self.

A disabled bursts into tears

Picture 057After one week of discussion on the subject of people with disabilities, here is the concluding post. I wish to thank all those who participated in the debate. Read the very pertinent and edifying comments here.

At a Church gathering shortly before I published this post, I was at the closing of the week of prayer for Christian unity. Among the Christians was someone with a disability. The Christians spontaneously made a huge collection to assist him.The gentleman was so moved he could not contain his tears.

What is your attitude towards people with disabilities?
A lot of people in society pity people with disabilities. Some people feel superior to them.
There is no reason, whatsoever, to pity or feel superior to anyone with disability. This is not what such people need. What they need is love, understanding, and opportunities to exploit their potentials like any other person.photos from scholarship[ (1)
Many of them have unbelievable potentials. There is at least one thing in which they can excel.
One time U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was disabled on his leg.
Your disability can actually contribute to your rise to eminence.
Yet, there are some people with disabilities who sit around; do nothing; only expecting pity, sympathy and charity. This, of course, is like many so-called able-bodied persons.
We need to develop a positive attitude towards people with disabilities; open our hearts and extend a hand to them just as we can do to anyone, with love and respect, not condescendingly.
DSCN0486We must never lose sight of the fact that people with disabilities are humans like any other person. They have dreams, aspirations, needs, likes and dislikes.
Anyone can become disabled. There are many people who think they are not disabled when, indeed, they are; perhaps not physically but psychologically. This is worse than physical disability.
Disability does not ring a bell when it comes. It can take one unawares through blindness, an accident, a stroke, etc.
Wisdom thus demands that we treat people with disabilities as we would like to be treated if we happen to become disabled ourselves.


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