Who is joining me in the Happy People League?


Happy People

Who are happy people?

 the ones who sing praises?

or those found dancing?

what you say is happy?

maybe just your notion? 

or some society portion?

Wow pal, I sure got a lotion 

that could be good for happy people 

You first need to be honest 

That you care not for its fowl stench

 Only then would you know 

That to join the happy people 

You may oft need to break some dem damn dos & don’ts!

(c) Marie Abanga 2017

p.s: I used to dance to the beats of R Kelly’s “Happy People” song to the point of being inspired to write a poem to motivate myself to always remember it is my choice to be happy. Being happy don’t mean we don’t have challenges, but it means we are happy even being alive and still around to figure out how best to stay happy in this life. I was inspired to put this up today and not later thanks to a post by fellow blogging buddie “upwardjourneys…”. Are you joining me in the “Happy people league”? Here is to the steppin…