20 things to avoid

  1. Avoid unnecessary anger.
  2. Avoid eating too much.
  3. Avoid becoming too attached to earthly things.
  4. Avoid idleness.
  5. Avoid staying up too late.
  6. Avoid sin.
  7. Avoid gossiping.
  8. Avoid criticising too much.
  9. Avoid being stingy.
  10. Avoid extravagance.
  11. Avoid greed.
  12. Avoid being impatient.
  13. Avoid envy.
  14. Avoid fear.
  15. Avoid doubt.
  16. Avoid worry.
  17. Avoid procrastination.
  18. Avoid causing pain to others.
  19. Avoid disturbing in the night.
  20. Avoid shouting unnecessarily.

If you know something you think we should avoid, do well to add to this list.

20 Things to avoid in your marriage

  1. Avoid comparing yourself with your spouse.
  2. Avoid competing with your spouse.
  3. Avoid unnecessary anger.
  4. Avoid overspending.
  5. Avoid throwing slangs at your partner.
  6. Avoid blaming your spouse for everything that goes wrong in your relationship.
  7. Avoid showing disrespect to your spouse.
  8. Avoid anything that will make your spouse suspicious of you.
  9. Avoid making your spouse jealous.
  10. Avoid throwing slangs at your spouse
  11. Avoid taking your spouse for granted.
  12. Avoid drinking and getting drunk.
  13. Avoid staying out and coming home late.
  14. Avoid thinking too much of yourself.
  15. Avoid wanting that things should only go your own way.
  16. Avoid putting yourself first.
  17. Avoid being haughty.
  18. Avoid despising your spouse.
  19. Avoid provoking your spouse to quarrel.
  20. Avoid talking too much.

20 kinds of people to avoid

If you want to successful,
Some kind of people
You must keep out
Of your life.

  1. Negative people;
  2. Lazy people
  3. Idle people
  4. Irresponsible people;
  5. Disorganized people;
  6. Extravagant people;
  7. Impatient people;
  8. Unambitious people;
  9. People who are not determined;
  10. People who lack focus;
  11. People who spend time gossiping;
  12. People who cannot persist;
  13. Dirty people;
  14. People who lack morals;
  15. Greedy people;
  16. Self-centered people;
  17. Power hungry people;
  18. Wicked people;
  19. Dogs in a manger;
  20. People who steal.

This list is not exhaustive. What can you add? Please. Add!