Always look forward (Be inspired today 154 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Always look forward;
Never backward;
Look forward to good things
Not backward
To whatever bad thing
That has happened;
Always expect the best;
Nothing less;
Let your trademark
Be excellence;
Always aim high not low;
A low aim is not for you;
Make the world know;
And even the gods know,
That you are a person of
High quality;
That you are a winner;
That only the best comes
To you;
That you are here to win
Not to lose;
And you will win.
To sum it all,
You are born to win.
As a winner,
Never look backward;
Always look forward.


Educate our children

To educate our children is our duty;
A responsibility that carries beauty;
No one can joke with sound education;
A source of motivation and inspiration;
Above all, it arms one with knowledge;
Which the wise do openly acknowledge;
Is the key to development and progress;
Without which one can only regress.
And who will like to go backward
Instead of taking strides forward?
Let us empower the next generation
With a very sound education
To solve the problems of their day,
As we are failing to solve ours today.


What has happened?

Can you tell me?
What has happened?
I see you are at a standstill;
You are neither going forward
Nor going backwards;
What has happened?
You stand like a pillar,
Unable to move;
What has happened?
You can’t continue to stand that way;
You have to move;
You just have to keep going;
Forward ever;
If you stand still you perish
Keep going.