How was today?

How would you describe
This day?
A good day or a bad day?
I think it was a good day;
You may think it was bad;
For one thing or another,
That did not go well,
But should that be the case?
A few bad things
Should not make a day
A bad one;
And also,
What you may consider bad,
May not really be bad;
A thing may appear bad
But be good instead ;
And a bad thing could be
The key to a great thing.


Deceitful look

It looked so bad;
As if nothing
Could come out of it;
I lost hope;
And felt so sad;
Little did I know;
That what looked bad,
Was, in reality, good;
Something great
In the making;
Fashioning itself;
It was growing inside,
Like a Chinese bamboo,
Bidding its time;
To emerge
At its appointed moment.
So, it happened.
Bad ended in good.

Such is life

How was your day?
Was it a day well spent?
Or a day of regrets
And tears;
My heart goes to you
If your day was filled
By years;
I pray God may comfort you.
And if your day was full
Of joy
Don’t forget those who
Had it hard.
Pray that the rays
of the sun may shine
on them but too;
As they did on you;
By the way,
Not all days can be good.
Some days will be good;
Some days will be bad.
Bad days and good days;
Such is life.

Must one change?

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Change is good;
And we all like change
But change must be
For the better;
It will not be worth it.
It is better
Not to change
Than to change for worse.
It is madness to change
From good to bad.

Change from immature
To mature,
From darkness to light;
And don’t read change
It may be negative
Though it looks positive;
Or positive
Though it looks negative.

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“Change is good; and we all like change; but change must be for the better; otherwise, it will not be worth it. It is better not to change, than to change for worse. It is madness to change from good to bad. Change from immature to mature, from darkness to light; and don’t read change superficially. It may be negative though it looks positive; or positive, though it looks negative. ” (Romilia Quotes)

To breed bad blood

Why do you want
To breed bad blood
In your country?
Why do you want
The people to hate
One another?
That is not a good thing
For your people;
You are causing deep wounds
That will be hard to heal.
You must stop breeding
Bad blood among your people;
You must sow the seeds of love
And not the seeds of hate.
To breed bad blood among
Your people
Is to destroy them.

Idiom: To breed bad blood
Meaning: To create hatred or hostility between people.

Make sentences with the idiom To make bad blood.

A good thing could turn into a bad thing

A good thing
May not always be
A good thing;
A good thing
Could turn into
A bad thing;
It all depends on
What you do with
The good thing;
A good thing badly handled
Could become a bad thing;
If you have
A good thing,
Take care if it;
If you have
A good thing
Handle it well.
Do not let
A good thing
Turn into
Abad thing;
It is easy for
A good thing
To turn into
A bad thing;

Tell me how you feel

Don’t you feel sad,
To see bad things happening
To good people?

Don’t you feel sad
To see innocent people dying
From the works of evil hands?

Don’t you feel sad
That innocent people who want nothing
But to live their simple lives
Are swept away in terrorist attacks?

Think for a moment that such a victim
Were you or your loved one.
Tell me how you would feel.
Is a terrorist attack a good thing?

Tell me how you feel;
Don’t you feel sad?
True that they may have a grievance;
What has the innocent to do with that?

Couldn’t we find a better way
To vent our anger?
Tell me how you feel;
Don’t you feel sad?