Stunning beauty

You are so beautiful;
Are you aware
Of your stunning beauty?
It is more than
I can express in words;
Look at you!
You charm, my heart magnetizes;
Are you as beautiful
In your heart
As you are on your face?
Where did you get beauty
So striking like this?


A beautiful heart

What does beauty
Mean to you?
Does it move your heart
As it does mine?
Beautiful face
Beautiful flower;
Beautiful bird
Beautiful landscape;
There is no end
To things beautiful;
But of all the beautiful things
I cherish the most,
A beautiful heart tops
The list.
Let me find
No other beauty
In you
But a beautiful heart,
And you win
All my heart;
No treasure surpasses
This kind of beauty;
I love
A beautiful heart.

Life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth. Do you believe this ??

Life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth

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Life is a beautiful lie:

I can give many examples but a few suffice.

1. Lies are loved and truths are hated.

2. Ugly looking person suffers at every stage.

3. God is remembered only when problems are faced.

4. Every one has a dark secret.

5. Men look at women in ‘sex angle’ irrespective of age or relation.younger the woman better.

6.Money overtakes health,family,friendship and ultimately happiness.

7. Remember people only like you for what you have ,and not for what you are.The more rich you are,greater respect you command.

8. It’s impossible for you to meet your soulmate.twin flame or kindred spirit.All humbug.Each soul is unique,The theories are good for reading and for some one to enact.

9. Appetite grows with wealth.Regarding the nature of appetite ….I leave it to you.

10. Nobody cares for anything until it happens to them.

11. Menstrual cycle ( bleeding ) every month for almost 40 yrs is truly harsh.

12. Life is unfair right from birth,some are born disabled,some born rich,some born poor.

13. You have to live with the constant judgement by others of you .

14.The world is a cruel place.

15. Social media killing people.

16. The person you love most, hurts you a lot.

17. You can’t make every one happy.

18. All good things have to end.

19. People change.Friendship changes.Nothing is permanent.

20. You get what you get ,not what you deserve.

21. Life hurts a lot more than death.

22. Humans are amazing in that their sex is not limited to the same species.

23. The one certainty in life is uncertainty,

24. You only live once, so enjoy the life is rubbish and not possible.

25. Life is fundamentally sad,but with tinges of happiness.

Death is a painful truth:

Life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth

1Whether people be of high or low birth,rich or poor,old or young ,enlightened or confused,they are all alike in that the will one day die. Yamamoto Tsunetomo

2. No body cares to remember you forever after you die.

3. Death is the last intimate thing we ever do. Laurel K Hamilton

4. You can’t prevent death.

5. Death is not painful.But fear of death is painful.

Remember Woody Allen’s famous quote ?

“I am not afraid of death. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

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Real beauty (a poem by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You are not my kind
Of beauty;
If you know what is beauty;
Though beautiful on the face
And smart as you look,
Your heart is not
As beautiful
As your face;
And that is not
What I like,
Beautiful on the face,
Ugly in the heart;
I prefer someone who is
Ugly on the face
And beautiful in the heart;
That is real beauty.

You are beautiful (Poem No. 72 from 100 poems for my sweetheart)

You are beautiful;
You are so beautiful;
You are charming;
Simply amazing;
Your beauty is more
Than I can tell.
You are like an angel;
A. beautiful rose
You are more than
A an ordinary flower;
You are my life.
Are you aware that
You are very beautiful!
If not, better know now.
You are not just
Beautiful but
Very very beautiful.

Poem No 48 from 100 poems for my sweetheart by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

The amazing degree of your beauty

Do you know
How beautiful you look?
Do you know
How beautiful you are?
Do you know
How beautiful I find you?
Do you know
The amazing degree
Of your beauty?
You look so beautiful;
I find you so beautiful;
You are, indeed, so beautiful;
God took time to create you.
You are as bright as
A blooming flower;
Shining like a star in the sky.
Do you know
What you mean to me?
Do you know
How madly I love you?
I know you don’t know;
Let me tell you;
I love you to a fault;
I am mad about you;
You are all I think of;
And the thermometer
Of my love for you
Is rising high by the day;
How can I keep this to myself?

A beautiful day

This day is a beautiful day;
The Lord has made it so;
All things so beautifully
He has made;
And all we need is
Eyes that see,
To enjoy;
The beauty of the works
Of his mighty hands
Are for us to enjoy;
And you will see
The beauty of
This day;
That the Lord has made.
What a great God he is!
A powerful God;
A mighty God!
Praise to you O God,
Mighty king of the universe.