Heart of gold

There is beauty
In your thoughts;
Translated in words,
And into actions,
Draws me to you.
You have a pure heart
Of gold.


Beauty (Be inspired today 171 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If all hearts were as beautiful as these flowers,
Guess how the world would be.

If you could smile like this,
And do so often,
Guess how much beauty
You would give the world.

If the sky were so bright
And beautiful everyday,
How nice to spend hours
Watching it!

There’s nothing as beautiful
As God’s handwork,
Everyday exhibited at
Nature’s Trade Fair

First class beauty (by Ngobesing Suh Romanus) poem 51 to my sweetheart

Your beauty,
I have never seen,
Your beauty,
Is so special,
So unique;
Your beauty,
Is first class beauty;
Eye dazzling beauty;
It can make
A man’s heart
Lose a beat;
Where did you get such
Simmering beauty?
And to know that
With such glittering
You are mine,
Can you guess
How I feel?
On top of a mountain,
Looking down
On the world;
Pure, fresh air
Floating in the sky.

A touch of beauty (by Ngobesing Suh Romanus) poem 50 to my sweetheart

May God continue
To add
To your heart!
May God continue
To add
To your face!
May God continue
To add
To your life!
May God continue
To add
To your years!
May God continue
To add
To the words
That flow from
Your heart!
May your beauty
And outside
Continue to grow
By leaps
And bounds!
May all you do
Have a touch of

Charming world of flowers

In a garden of flowers,
I stand;
Charmed by the beauty
That surrounds me;
What a variety of flowers;
I find!
At the far end,
At my right,
A rose nods its head;
I will harvest that rose
For the one who has won
My heart;
I hope for a love
Far from short lived
Like you, flower;
Here today, gone tomorrow;
So bright and beautiful,
But not for long;
Very much like life,
We are young today,
Old tomorrow;
Strong today,
Weak tomorrow;
No beauty is there forever;
Like you my lovely flowers,
It’s soon gone;
O flowers!
But beauty is not all
You have;
You are medicinal as well;
And nutritional;
See that honey bee flirting
From flower to flower
In search of nectar;
To make me a sweetheart;
Call that honey.
O lovely flowers!
The beauty of nature;
You who are staring at me,
What do you have for me?
Good fortune?
Or hope?
Let it be all of these,
Lovely, charming world
Of flowers.
Move your beauty into
My heart.
Let it there for ever dwell.

Natural Beauty Boom

Natural beauty boom
Is open for you to enjoy;
A real flower show;
The true language of love;
Flowers of all kinds,
But not known by all,
Some see their beauty,
But many eyes are closed;
The language of love
They do so well speak,
Beautifying the heart;
The flowers are rose;
Those I love the best;
And those that are white,
I adore them equally well;
Each it’s own colour;
Beauty with no compare;
Who can think of a world
Where flowers are not?
Give me a flower everyday
To show me your love;
The love that beautifies;
Flowers have no mouth,
But so eloquent they are;
Their words can paint
With love;
Flowers, flowers all over;
In the beauty garden
Of the creator of the world.
I love the flowers, everywhere.

Lovely sky

If my heart were
Like you, lovely sky;
If every human heart
Were like you;
What a beautiful world
We would have!

See how stunning
You are,
All the beauty
In the world
Gathered in you.

Sweet like you,
Lovely sky;
Bright and beautiful
Like you.

Give us hearts
So cute O Lord,
Hearts that are gentle
And cute;
That is what the world
Very much needs.

Do you know what makes you so special?

There is something about you
That makes you so special;
Do you know what it is?
I don't know what it is;
But it is real;
I feel it;
And want to know;
I first thought it was something
In your eyes,
Because when you look at me,
I am spellbound;
But now I find it is beyond your eyes;
Just thinking of you
Sets my heart ablaze;
And the fire burns so hot;
I can't say it's a question of beauty;
Sure, that beauty you have;
That is captivating;
But I think it is deeper than
Physical beauty;
 I am still to put my finger on it.
What I am sure of is
There 's something about you,
That makes you so special.
Maybe someone can help me out.
If you know, please, tell me.
Your presence gives joy
Hardly experienced else where.