Start small or big

The beginning does not matter;
It is the way you proceed;
And the way you end;
Sometimes we start big
And end big;
Sometimes, we start small,
And grow big;
However you start, go well;
And make sure you end big;
Along the way, stay focused;
Work hard,
Be positive;
Expect challenges;
When they come, face them;
Do not be discouraged
If they are hard and many;
Keep on till you get to where
You want to land your plane.
Go for a safe landing;
Then you can throw a party.


Set for a new beginning

Up till now,
I sold myself short;
That is now over;
No more of that;
I am not doing
Of the sort again.
I will not sell
Myself short.
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I allowed myself
To be discouraged
So easily;
Over with that;
Once I set my mind
On a goal,
I will not allow
Anything whatsoever
To discourage me;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I was distracted
Never again
Shall I be distracted;
I shall ever stay
Focused on my goal;
No room again for
Any distraction;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I allowed negative
To invade my mind;
That, no more;
I shall look at
Every situation
Not negatively;
I am set for a new

Up till now,
I hated
No more of that,
I will welcome
But turn them into
I am set for a new

Starting anew this day

I will start anew this day;
I will make a new beginning;
I will leave my past behind;
I will make a fresh start;
I will be prudent this time;
I will be more responsible;
I will look before I leap;
I will do what I was taught;
I will think outside the box.
I will have faith in God;
I will act with confidence;
I will start all over again;
I will start from square one.
I will build a positive mindset;
I will work hard and succeed;
I will be good and kind;
I will be loving to all;
I will be a new creation.
I will be a winner not a loser.

Ending and beginning

Another day,
Another week;
A day has ended;
Another begins;
A chapter has ended;
Another begins;
A life has ended;
Another begins;
One thing ends
Another one begins;
Such is life.
We begin,
And we end;
Some end;
And some begin;
Here begins
Another day;
And another week;
And beginning;
And ending.
Thus, goes
The cycle of life.
People go;
People come.