It starts with belief

If you believe there is a way to do something, you can find it.

If you believe there is no way, no how can you find a way.

Finding a way always starts with belief. Success always starts with belief.


Fallen From Grace

God placed before me an obstacle course of challenges to navigate last week. Two individuals felt it imperative to attack my Christian beliefs. As we observe in the world today, many people have fallen from grace while they adhere to the trending fads of social justice. Though I could have tweeted and emailed rhetorical answers, I go forth in the light of God, and write this message. I welcome a good challenge, though, for they are not aware of my history with the Lord.

I investigated a word that rattled in my brain, for there must be some form of justice in my chain of events. It occurred to me God is not just a god of love, but He is “just” – morally right and fair.

Two kinds of justice should be the most concerning for Christians: social and biblical. Much of present-day humanity confuse biblical justice when applying it to our current laws – social justice. So, let me give you some prominent examples.


God created all humans equal in His image and the blessing to be treated with fairness and justice. But, from the beginning of the Bible, mankind rejected God’s principles. Paul, the Apostle, warned of this blight. Biblical justice is only what is right in the sight of the Lord – not man’s laws.

“God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.” Ecclesiastes 3:17

Biblical justice occurs when we see people as God sees them. This spiritual freedom causes us to fully embrace the cause of Christ by joining the community and reconciling others to the Lord. We should not to participate in something for just our own benefit, but for the glory of God.

He calls us to confront evil and to care for the vulnerable, however many people back away from this for fear of losing their life. So, thirty-five million people live in slavery, of some form around the world, because there is no one to save them from the horror. Injustice is rampant, and very few take action to protect the innocent. The news recently broadcast the story of a seventy-seven-year-old man beaten and robbed for a couple of hundred dollars. Did any Christian come forward to help him? Christ’s followers are to “do justice” because Christ came proclaiming justice. It is He giving a voice to the voiceless!

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” Psalm 82:3


In matters of social justice, we become entrenched in who wronged whom, and who wronged whom first, in an undertone of anger. It spreads division and destruction, as is evident within our current U.S. government. Social division becomes based on the judgment of everyone who does not see things “our way.” The distinction Jesus taught was never about skin color, religious, ethnic, or cultural affiliations or political positions. Condemnation of people blind us to the forgiveness Christ offers us as sinners.

Also, consider this… how many social media lovers refuse to discuss religion with others? Why? Is it the fear of social injustice invoking us to hide underneath the covers? Let’s drop our apprehensions and model Christ’s truth and grace.

Social justice will never represent the law of God passed down by Moses. It is unrighteous and dehumanizing, and the moment we accept it as a way of life, we have fallen from grace.


My answer is, “absolutely!” Upholding our dignity and biblical justice laws, we can become activists for the unborn, the elderly, marriage and family, and religious freedom. It’s not a glamorous feat, but it will quiet and humble the expression of biblical Christian justice.

May we all go out into the world with the spirit of our Lord! Be an inspiration for those who have fallen from grace. Your endeavors will be greatly rewarded!

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Today’s morning prayer 51

I count on you O God,

I look up to you

To bless this day for me

And make it fruitful;

I count on you fatherly love,

That ehen you see me

Going wrong today,

You will put me back

On the right course;

I know you are always there

For me,

And are there

For me today;

I know no body guard

Is as good;

A thousand body guards

May fail me

But you alone will protect me;

Help me therefore, O Lord,

To put my full trust in you

This day

In everything I do,

And everywhere I go

I make my prayer

Through Christ our Lord,


If you are not succeeding

If you are not succeeding, I know your problem.

You don’t believe you have what it takes to succeed. You don’t believe you were born to succeed. You don’t believe, what you are doing is good enough to make you succeed.

You have a deeply engrained lack of self confidence in you.

Unless you reverse the present thinking you have about yourself, you will remain where you are.

Reverse your thinking:

From lack of belief to belief;

From negative to positive;

From doubt to certainty;

Failure to success.

I encourage you to do this. If you do it, your success will be guaranteed. Nothing will stop you.


With the changing of the calendar there are disagreements about if it is really a new decade.

What a silly disagreement.

Humans feel they control time. They can catagozie and contain it. However, as diverse as Humanity is, there are as many ways to contain time as there are civilazations.

I Celebrate three New Year’s. My actually new year is aligned with my pagan beliefs with the start of the year on Samhein, Halloween.

Then I recognize the Gregorian New Year, which most of the world, particularly the Western World, follow. Then, finally, I celebrate Chinese New Year. This is out of appreciation for Asian culture.

I once owned a Tibetan Buddhist Calendar. It being based on the moon as opposed to the sun. It was definitely different.

My friend in South Korea has two ages. One which is “western,” one which is based on her culture.

Not only are there calendar and time controls within different cultures, there are different views of time in various religions.

Growing up in the United Methodist Church we followed the Christian calendar (hint we are still in the Christmas Season until Epiphany). There are specific traditions and practices associated with certain times of the year in every religious practice.

And don’t even get me started on the different political calendars across the globe.

Sometimes this societal agree on the meaning of time is to our detriment. More and more people are having sleep problems and health issues because they are no longer in tune with their own physical, internal clock, their circadian rhythm.

It is worth remembering for all of the different views and beliefs on time, it is all fabricated by our brains. It is simply a way for our brains to catagozie and barely begin to understand our place in the Universe.

This Gregorian Year of 2020 I suggest we all take a step back and allow the Universe to speak to us, to reset our clocks to its time, instead of the chaos of societal time.

Is God first or last?

If the first person
I talk to
When I get up
In the morning
Is not you O God,
Then I have missed
The point.
If the last person
I talk to
Before I turn in
For the day
Is not you,
Equally, I have missed
The point.
You should come first;
You should come last
In my life.
In everything I do,
Whether I am starting
Or I am ending,
You should be there.
I will start with you,
And end with you.
That is my pledge;
For you are my alpha
And my omega.
Nothing short of this
Shall be my aspiration.

Straight to heaven

When I die,
I want to go to heaven;
I don’t want hell;
You may not understand;
Unless you know about
Heaven and hell;
And believe in them;
Not every body believes
In heaven and hell;
And purgatory as well;
Have you heard
About purgatory;
I don’t like purgatory;
But it’s better than hell.
When I die,
I want to go straight
To heaven;
Where I will see God,
And live for ever
With him.

Trying moment

What a trying moment indeed;
There comes such a moment in life;
When your courage is tested;
When danger hangs overhead;
And you are fully aware of it;
This is that moment;
But I shall not shiver;
I shall not waver;
I shall be steadfast
In my trust in the Lord;
For he has assured me;
That he will be ever there for me
When I am in danger;
When I need him;
When I run to him.
His word is true.
He never fails
Those who trust and obey him.

Never will he fail me

I trust my God;
My creator, I trust;
I believe him;
I believe what he tells me;
His word is true;
At all times, it is true;
Right now,
My fortunes are mixed;
But still, I am happy;
It is not the end;
The road is still long;
And better things lie ahead;
I shall not relent;
Instead, I shall double my effort;
And I know,
When we say yes with conviction,
Heaven too says yes.
I put my trust in heaven;
In He who created me;
I know and believe
He will never fail me.
Never will he.
His word never fails
Those who put their trust
In it.

Father and friend

We are on our way
To meet our Master;
Our father and friend;
God is our master
Our father and friend;
He reigns supreme;
Greater than all things
On earth
And in the heavens;
He can do and undo;
We adore and worship Him;
For ever He lives;
Mighty and mysterious;
But full of love
And compassion.
Great is the day
Face to face
We will meet him;
We will wine and dine
With him;
For he is father
And friend for ever.