Is God first or last?

If the first person
I talk to
When I get up
In the morning
Is not you O God,
Then I have missed
The point.
If the last person
I talk to
Before I turn in
For the day
Is not you,
Equally, I have missed
The point.
You should come first;
You should come last
In my life.
In everything I do,
Whether I am starting
Or I am ending,
You should be there.
I will start with you,
And end with you.
That is my pledge;
For you are my alpha
And my omega.
Nothing short of this
Shall be my aspiration.


Straight to heaven

When I die,
I want to go to heaven;
I don’t want hell;
You may not understand;
Unless you know about
Heaven and hell;
And believe in them;
Not every body believes
In heaven and hell;
And purgatory as well;
Have you heard
About purgatory;
I don’t like purgatory;
But it’s better than hell.
When I die,
I want to go straight
To heaven;
Where I will see God,
And live for ever
With him.

Trying moment

What a trying moment indeed;
There comes such a moment in life;
When your courage is tested;
When danger hangs overhead;
And you are fully aware of it;
This is that moment;
But I shall not shiver;
I shall not waver;
I shall be steadfast
In my trust in the Lord;
For he has assured me;
That he will be ever there for me
When I am in danger;
When I need him;
When I run to him.
His word is true.
He never fails
Those who trust and obey him.

Never will he fail me

I trust my God;
My creator, I trust;
I believe him;
I believe what he tells me;
His word is true;
At all times, it is true;
Right now,
My fortunes are mixed;
But still, I am happy;
It is not the end;
The road is still long;
And better things lie ahead;
I shall not relent;
Instead, I shall double my effort;
And I know,
When we say yes with conviction,
Heaven too says yes.
I put my trust in heaven;
In He who created me;
I know and believe
He will never fail me.
Never will he.
His word never fails
Those who put their trust
In it.

Father and friend

We are on our way
To meet our Master;
Our father and friend;
God is our master
Our father and friend;
He reigns supreme;
Greater than all things
On earth
And in the heavens;
He can do and undo;
We adore and worship Him;
For ever He lives;
Mighty and mysterious;
But full of love
And compassion.
Great is the day
Face to face
We will meet him;
We will wine and dine
With him;
For he is father
And friend for ever.

God’s decisions

If God takes a decision
That it’s your time,
It will be your time;
You cannot change it.
If God takes a decision
That you will succeed,
You will succeed;
You cannot change it;
You cannot defer it either;
If God decides
That you will be great,
You will be great,
God’s decisions are final;
You cannot change anyone;
No one can change any;
What he decides stands;
And happens at the time
He chooses;
In the light of this,
Let us pray:
God our Father,
Thank you for revealing
Your truth to humanity;
Help us to put our trust
Fully in you.
Hear when we cry to you
As you have promised
You will. Amen!

The peak of foolishness (Be inspired today 315 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you know the peak
Of foolishness?
I do;
The peak of foolishnes
Is to refuse
To believe in God;
No foolishness surpasses that.
I wonder how they think;
I mean those people
Who don’t believe in God;
I really wonder;
What goes through their minds?
Dont they see how limited
They are?
How helpless they are?
Dont they see
There is a power
That is more than them?
That controls life
In this world?
When you came into the world
Was not decided by you;
When you will leave the world,
Will not be determined by you;
Who determines then?
Some power more than you;
A mighty power, it must be;
Is it foolish to pay tribute
To such a power?
Not at all;
It is foolish rather not to.
This is such a mighty power,
You can’t see him;
You can’t touch him;
You dont know where he lives,
But he is real,
Doing the marvels we know;
He alone can reveal himself
To us;
And he’s done so;
It’s so foolish to doubt;
And empty pride;
Dont think you can fully know him;
He is too complex for your simple mind;
You must accept in faith.
If it’s hard,
Plead with him to help you
To believe;
He will do it for you.
Don’t be too foolish
Not to believe in God;
The peak of foolishness
Is to refuse to believe
In God.

All you need (Be inspired today 196 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

No matter what I am going through, I will stick to my belief that God can give me what ever I want. He can.

Belief is what we need.

God is in control. He is the one who determines.

But, he allows us to influence his decision about what he allows to happen. This is as mysterious as God himself. If we are looking to have a full understanding of this mystery, we will be disappointed.

God has equipped us with intelligence to know things and take decisions, but that intelligence is not limitless. If it were, we would overthrow him.

He knows the power of ambition, which he himself created; the work of his own hands. Hence, He has equipped us with powers of subordinate to His lest vaulting ambition pushes us to overthrow him and destroy the work he has done – the universe which he created.

Though limited and subordinate to His, the power He has given us is immense. It can enable us to do marvels especially if we acknowledge and partnership with Him.

Some have partnered with Him and have done marvels here on earth. The majority, have not. They do not give him enough say in their affairs.

You give God a say in your life and affairs through faith and prayers.

Have faith in his power to do what you want.

Tell him in prayer that you have faith in him.

Show him in action that you mean what we say.

Obey the laws he has given us to live by.

He will give you whatever it is that you want.
Belief that is deep;
Belief that is beyond mere words;
Belief that is shown in action;
Belief that is seen in obedience, That is all you need.