The word of God

The word of God
Is alive and active;
It is not dead;
Is powerful;
The word of God
Has tremendous power;
It is accurate;
It is exact;
It does exactly what
It says it will do;
It never fails to do
What it promises;
The word of God
Is truth;
It is reliable;
The word of God has
The potential
To change lives;
And situations;
To work miracles;
The word of God
Can do marvels;
But of course, only
When you accept it
As truth;
And are steadfast
In your faith;
What you are right now
Is what
The word of God says
You are;
You will become
What the word of God says
You will become;
If you believe.
The best way
To succeed
Is to put your trust
In the word of God;
And be steadfast
In your belief.


If you don’t believe ( Be inspired today 287 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you don’t believe
What I am going to tell you,
I ask you to believe,
Because it is true;
It may look like not true,
But I assure you
It is true.
Those who believe least
In you
Are your own people;
The closest ones to you;
The world may hail you,
Yet, hardly will they see
What they are hailing
In you;
As if to justify
What the Bible says:
A prophet is never accepted
In his own home.
I think this is true.
If you don’t believe it,
It remains true.