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If you don’t believe in God

If you don’t believe in God, Tell me in what you believe; You did not create yourself, did you? Your parents did not create you either; They only served as the channel Through which you came Into this world; There is a power more than you, That is responsible for your life, Those who were…

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Be steadfast

Be steadfast; And keep your fingers Crossed; Don’t relent in your effort; You will regret If you do. Success never comes With ease;😁😁 So you keep hammering; And don’t stop Until, to pieces, The stone has shattered. Hold firm; Your reward will come; And that might be Sooner than you Can guess.πŸ‘ Believe me, Because…

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If you are among those who question or doubt the existence of God, I advise you to think again. Look at yourself and nature and ask: “Who created me? Who created the universe?” Then pray to your creator. “Mighty Creator, you created me. If you can do something as complex as creating me, then you…

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