Success advice 11 How to become unbeatable

It is possible to become unbeatable.

Tell yourself that nothing can stop you from getting whatever you want. Keep repeating this to yourself until it is engrained in your brain.

You will become unbeatable.


You have to believe

If you don’t believe in God,
What do you believe in?
And how can you believe in yourself?
You have to believe in God,
Believe there is someone,
Or some power by far
Greater than you,
And responsible
For your being here;
For the world we see;
And the world we don’t see;
All the world could not have happened as an accident;
It did not just happen
And is as perfect as it is;
There is a mighty brain
Behind the universe;
We are told that brain is God;
We are told by people
Who were here before us,
Who were told
By people who were told;
Who were told
By people who were told;
Who were told
By people who were told;
Who were told
By people who were told;
If I refuse their story,
Which story shall I believe?
And where will it come from?
Will I create my own story?
Do I think of the billions
Of people
Who have lived in this world
I am the most intelligent?
No! Far from it;
I wouldn’t make a fool
Of myself;
What I came and met
I will leave and go,
And it will continue
To be believed,
Hence, wisdom demands
That I believe;
By the way,
Whether I believe
Or I don’t believe in God,
Nothing will change
In the story of God,
But I may have to explain
To him in my next world
Why I refused to believe.
So, I believe.
Do you believe?
Yes, I believe.

Life After death

Don’t be the greatest fool ever;
The greatest fool
Who ever lived;
And anyone who lives
Ohnly for now
And cares less about eternity;
How foolish is such a one!
To say there is no eternity
Because you don’t understand
Is foolishness of the top rank;
Who knew there was
A world like ours
Before they came to live here?
You found yourself here;
And you will find yourself leaving at a time you least expected;
Or desired;
My friend,
Be wise and accept
What millions have believed
Down the centuries:
That there is life after death;
Maybe you died in one world
Before you were born
Into this world;
What stops you
From being born
Into another world
When you die and leave
This world?
There’s life after life.
Or should I say
I believe in life after death?

The word of God

The word of God
Is alive and active;
It is not dead;
Is powerful;
The word of God
Has tremendous power;
It is accurate;
It is exact;
It does exactly what
It says it will do;
It never fails to do
What it promises;
The word of God
Is truth;
It is reliable;
The word of God has
The potential
To change lives;
And situations;
To work miracles;
The word of God
Can do marvels;
But of course, only
When you accept it
As truth;
And are steadfast
In your faith;
What you are right now
Is what
The word of God says
You are;
You will become
What the word of God says
You will become;
If you believe.
The best way
To succeed
Is to put your trust
In the word of God;
And be steadfast
In your belief.

If you don’t believe ( Be inspired today 287 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you don’t believe
What I am going to tell you,
I ask you to believe,
Because it is true;
It may look like not true,
But I assure you
It is true.
Those who believe least
In you
Are your own people;
The closest ones to you;
The world may hail you,
Yet, hardly will they see
What they are hailing
In you;
As if to justify
What the Bible says:
A prophet is never accepted
In his own home.
I think this is true.
If you don’t believe it,
It remains true.