What you believe

If you believe
God will do it for you,
He will.
If you believe it is possible,
It will be;
If you believe it is impossible,
It will be;
What you believe will happen to you,
Is what will
Happen to you.


The truth about belief

DSCN0042The truth about belief is it never fails.

Do not take wishful thinking to be belief. You cannot believe and doubt at the same time. Belief is certainty. You will not be anxious, worried or afraid if you believe. When you believe, you are sure.

If you truly believe you will do something, you will do it.

Many people think they have belief when they don’t. They only say it. They don’t believe.

The real sign of belief is success; the result you desire; not the proclamation of belief in words. If you say you believe you will do something but fail, it means you did not actually believe. You only claimed to believe. You only said the words.

People can only know you believe if you do the thing you say you believe you will do; and there is absolutely nothing you will not do if you believe you will do it.

Be prudent and believe.

Do you say there is no God?
If you say there is no God,
You make me laugh;
If you say you want to see God
Before you believe,
You make me laugh the more;
If you say you don’t believe in God
Because there is too much evil in the world,
You make me really laugh;
If you say God does not exist
Because good people suffer and evil people enjoy,
You make me laugh out my lungs;
Why do I laugh?
Because I think you are short-sighted
If not downright stupid;
You think you can use your human mind
To understand the mystery that is God?
You can only understand some;
What He decides that you understand;
The rest is mystery.
By the way, how many things of the world
Do you understand?
Do you understand or see all the things
That you believe or that are real?
You don’t see air but isn’t it real?
You can’t touch air but isn’t it real?
You want to see God before you pray to Him;
Do you see the person
At the other end of your telephone
Before you talk to him or to her?
Does the broadcaster see their audience
Before talking to them?
Even the things that fellow human beings do,
Do you understand all?
Be prudent, my friend.
That is what a wise person does;
Be prudent and believe;
If it turns out when you die
That there is no God, no heaven, no hell,
You have nothing to lose;
If you fail to believe
And it turns out when you die
That there is a God, a heaven and a hell,
What happens to you?
It will be to late.
People who were here before you believed;
Greater people than you believe;
Scientists believe;
People who have made their mark in the world believe;
Don’t claim to be the most brilliant of all;
The only one who understands;
You are not.
If you are, prove it in other fields;
Make your mark in other ways;
Win a Nobel prize;
Go down in the world book of record
As the greatest man whomever lived;
Who alone understand life
And says there is no God.
My friend, be prudent;

Pray? For what?

You must pray.
You must start your day with a prayer
And end with a prayer.
You must pray throughout the day.
You must pray without ceasing.
Pray to thank God for your life
And all your numerous blessings;
Pray to plead with God
To grant you wisdom
And other necessary resources
To know and accomplish
His plan for your life;
Pray that God may use you fully
As an instrument to accomplish his plan
For your life.

Where your problem lies

Do you know
Where your problem lies?

Not until you tell me.

Let me tell you:
Your belief;
Do you believe in me?
Do you believe when I say
The best for you
Is still to come?
Do you believe when
Another says to you:
“The best for you
Is still to come?”

Not at all.
It’s more or less zz to me.

There you are!
Had you believed, that would have
Been fine;
Now that you don’t,
That’s where
Your problem lies.
You doubt the truth;
How then can it come true
For you?
You have to believe;
Without doubt;
And then work for it;
You have to persist;
And keep on working;
And keep on believing;
Until the truth comes true.
As simple as that.

That sounds quite easy;

I know;
But to get there;
That’s the problem.
You have to be determined;
You have to be strong;
That, you can be.

That, I will be.

The winners

The winners in life,
Are those who believe
They will win;
The winners in life
Are those who know
They are
Capable of winning;
The winners in life,
Are those who know
They are not alone;
That a power mightier than them
Is on their side
Helping them to win;
The winners in life
Are those who keep on
Doing what
They know
Will bring
Them the victory they seek;
The winners in life
Are those who never give up;
Even if everything seems to be
going wrong;
They are those who persist.
Be a winner;
Think, believe and act
Like the winners.

That’s the spirit

If you believe you can do
Whatever you want to do,
That’s the spirit;
Keep it up.
It will take you far.

If you believe you have the courage
To withstand all the storms of life,
That’s the spirit;
Keep it up.
It will take you far.

If you believe with God on your side
Everything is possible,
That’s the spirit;
Keep it up.
It will take you far.

If you believe you are the architect
Of your own destiny,
That’s the spirit;
Keep it up;
It will take you far.