My best day

Of all days, today is the best.

I am doing my best.

Planning the best.

Seeing the best.

Offering the best.

And getting the best.

If you call me the best.

Or offer me the best.

Or promise me the best.

My response will be the best.

I think the best.

Expect the best.

Hope for the best.

And get the best.

Always, I get the best.

The best you’ll get

For you, the best, I want;
And nothing short of it;
I don’t want your love
To fade;
I want it instead to shine;
And be so all the times;
I don’t want your light
To quench;
I want it always alight;
And be so all the times;
I don’t want your spirits
To go down;
I want them ever high;
And be so all the times;
I don’t want your business
To decline;
I want it to ever flourish.
To flourish all the times;
Can you see what I want
For you?
I want the best for you;
Nothing but the best;
The best, surely, you’ll get.
I think you deserve it.

Be at your best

My teachers taught me,
To always be at my best;
That is what also
My parents instilled in me;
At all times in life,
Be at your best;
In that, I encourage you;
You are called to do,
Be at your best;
Whether hard or easy,
Be at your best;
If you want success
To smile genuinely with you,
Be at your best;
Wherever you go,
Be at your best;
Never stop trying;
Until you are sure
You are
At your best;
But, if you are
At your best
And do not deliver
The goods;
Don’t worry;
Your best may not be good enough,
No problem,
You have done your best;
Heaven will understand;
You cannot do
More than your best;
The most you can do is,
To be at your best;
Care not about results,
They don’t come from you;
God alone controls that;
Your duty is to be
At your best.
To God, the Almighty God,
You must leave the rest.
He created you
To be at your best;

Before you go to bed

Before you go to bed,
Feel satisfied
That you have done
Your best to deliver
The goods;
Once that, you have done,
Let the results be not
Your concern;
Results are not in your hands;
You do the work,
God gives the results;
You work the sum,
God gives the answer.
You till, plant and weed,
God determines the yield;
So, lovely friend,
Before you go to bed,
Be sure
You have done your best.
And end.there;
That is the best you can do.

Today’s morning prayer 20

Lead me on
This day,
O Lord,
On the right path,
That I may do
But what’s right
And good
In your eyes.
Grant me wisdom
This day,
That I may be wise
And do
That which is wise,
Not for my glory,
But for your glory;
May I, this day
Do my best for you.
That is all
I want to do:
My best for you.
Nothing but
My best for you.

Quote (first)

“It is a great thing to be the first or the best in any competition. But that has its challenges as well. If you are the first or the best and sit on your laurels, you may soon find yourself not far from the bottom. No matter at what level we find ourselves, we have to keep fighting to do better. There is always room for the first or the best to improve. ” (Romilia Quotes)

Seek to be your best

Seek not to be the best; You will never be; Always there will be someone Known or unknown, Who will be better than you; And seeking to be the best, May leave you frustrated. Seek instead, everyday, To be your best; And put in all your effort; Worry not whether or not You get the results you desire; It’s for God to decide; And to each one, a plan; A mission; A destiny, Which no one can derail Obstruct or permanently block.