Even your best friend

Who is to be trusted
Trust is hard to find;
People you trust
Can turn against you;
People you trust
Can betray you;
People you trust
Can lie to you;
A spouse you trust
Can cheat on you;
Even your best friend
Can become
Your worst enemy.
It’s not easy;
Is quite a complex thing.


Never betray!

How sorrowful indeed,
For someone you trust
To betray you!
It’s, for sure, a sad thing;
Promise you will never
Betray me;
Shall you be loyal to me
All the way to the end?
The world needs trustful men
And trustful women too;
But, how hard
They are to find!
That makes the world
A slippery place.
Do you promise you will
Never betray me?
That you will be loyal to me?
Never betray!


My best friend betrayed me

I could not believe it;
But it happened;
Under my very eyes;
My best friend betrayed me;
A shame indeed!;
It’s wickedness and a coward’s way;
Has a good friend ever betrayed you?
Tell me how you felt?
It hurts, doesn’t it?
It’s heart-piercing;
To betray;
It’s to stab
Someone on the back;
A way of killing;
Pray that someone you trust
May never betray you;
And on your part,
Never, never, betray anyone;
Never betray a friend,
Or anyone for that matter;
Who places their trust in you.