Betrayal of trust

Is it you
Who have abandoned me
This way?
See me left in the cold;
All to myself;
Nobody paying attention.
To me;
And you think it’s normal?
That I should celebrate?
I cannot celebrate;
Because it’s not normal.
Never again should you do
You don’t abandon a man
In the cold
When he trusted you;
That is betrayal of trust.
Stop it!


Sad letter to mother

Dear mother,

I write to inform you that my sweetheart has, at last, flown off with my best friend-turned-enemy, leaving me in absolute cold and total darkness in the middle of an Atlantic ocean of sorrow.

As I pen to you, my heart is in thousands of pieces and my solitary journey has begun. How far I go, I do not know; my destination, I have no idea. All I know is alone I am on the move. No company do I seek. No company shall I have. None else do I need.

The wound of this ignominious betrayal will never be healed.

If you never hear from me or see me again, pray for you beloved son; and stay well.
Your lovely boy,
Myrad Benson.


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Death and Betrayal

Anger and hatred had infected George’s mind. He sat there seething, and spoke to the empty room, “How dare he! Who does he think he is? What kind of man steals his best friend’s wife? I can’t believe he’s in my house now!” George looked down at his cell phone. The webcam he had hidden in his bedroom fed the live stream to his five-inch screen. George’s stomach felt hollow and churned inside. His right thumb subconsciously flipped the safety on and off on his forty caliber pistol.  George watched the pair finish dressing and leave the bedroom. George looked his watch.  Lewis would be home within the hour.

George turned his attention to the pile of love notes that sat on the table in front of him. Janice thought she could get away with the affair because they had gone back to basics. Instead of exchanging texts they exchange short love letters. George smiled at her cunning. I have to give it to them, he thought, nobody uses love notes these days. The smile left George’s face as he read Janice’s intimate details of the things she planned to do to Lewis’ body. The gun trembled in his hand. George stood up and started walking around.

Above the mantle sat three photos of he and Lewis on their getaways to the beach. George began to wonder how long Lewis had cheated with his Janice. He walked down the hall and into Lewis’ bedroom. George furiously opened dresser drawers. The bottom drawer was filled with women’s lingerie. A bottle of Janice’s perfume sat on the side. George pulled the drawer out and flung it across the room. The drawer landed with a thud into the drywall and then fell to the floor. He then turned and tore the bedding off the mattress.

George searched Lewis’ nightstands. He found a nine-millimeter pistol inside the piece of furniture on the left. He pulled out the magazine and emptied the round in the chamber. George spoke to the empty room, “There’s no reason to give him a fighting chance.”

George went back to the living room, slid his gun into his waistband, sat down, and waited. A few minutes later the knob on Lewis’ front door began to move. “Hello?” said Lewis as he poked his head through the door. “Oh, George, you frightened me. How did you get in?”

George forced a smile, “My key. You know, we have keys to each other’s place to keep an eye on things.”

Lewis laughed, “Of course. I’m sorry, I’m a little distracted. You would not believe how crazy work was today. What brings you by?”

George noticed Lewis’ eyes glance over to the stack of love notes. George stood up and walked over towards Lewis. “I wanted to show you something I found on the internet. It’s pretty interesting.” George handed Lewis his phone and replayed the stream from the webcam.

Lewis began to quickly back up and raise his arms in front of him. “Now, George. Try and understand. We didn’t mean for it to happen.”

George’s fist tightened at his sides. “How long?”

Lewis backed up until his body pressed against the wall. “What?”

“How long have you been sleeping with my wife?”

Lewis was quiet, and George wondered what story Lewis was trying to make up. He finally answered. “Around a year. We started seeing each other when your job took you on the road six days a week, and I lost Sheila to cancer. Janice was trying to comfort me, and I guess we were both lonely. I should have never talked to her when I was vulnerable.”

George stood there a moment. Lewis had a point. He was gone a lot, and then there was Sheila’s death. Lewis and Sheila were talking marriage when she got the news. The cancer was exceptionally aggressive, and Sheila was dead within six weeks. George couldn’t kill Lewis, but he was not sure what to do next.

“Do you love her?” asked George. He could feel his heart breaking as the words escaped his lips.

“I don’t know. I mean, I thought so, but now, I don’t know. I mean, you’re like my brother. I love you like a brother. I can’t decide. Why? Are you going to let her go?”

George looked down at the floor and spoke in a raspy voice. “I’m letting her go alright, and she’s going to pay. I’ll make sure I get every penny the law allows, and I’m going to drag out the divorce as long as possible.”

“But why?” asked Lewis. “I just told you what happened. How can you blame her?”

George looked up and glared at Lewis. “I understand your grief doesn’t disappear, but I stopped going out on the road two months after your whole affair started. If she was just lonely, she could have cut things off then. Not only that, she moved some of her things over here, that isn’t a lonely woman.”

Lewis started to say something, but then rushed pass George to the bedroom. George walked over and leaned against the counter. He felt his world spinning out of control. His best friend had made a mistake, but Janice had taken advantage of the situation. Did she ever really love me? He wondered. The sound of Lewis woke George from his thoughts.

Lewis emerged from the hallway into the living room. His nine-millimeter was extended with both of his hands holding it. He aimed it squarely at George. “Why did you have to ruin things, George? Why couldn’t you let us be happy? I can’t let you torture Janice with a long drawn out divorce.”

“So you think murdering me will solve your problems? Were we ever really friends?”

Lewis nodded, “We were, until Janice. I can’t lose her too. I’m sorry.” With a pull of the trigger, the gun clicked once, twice, three times. Lewis looked down at his pistol confused.

“Doesn’t it feel a little light?” asked George

Lewis pulled back the chamber to find it empty and flipped the gun over to find the magazine missing. He reached into his pocket. “How many rounds are you planning to shoot me with?” asked George.

Lewis clumsily pulled a spare magazine from his pocket and slid it into the butt of the pistol grip. Lewis’ head raised up to aim the gun when George’s weapon discharged and the sound reverberated around the living room. Lewis’ lifeless body hit the wood flooring with a thud. George shook his head, and then spoke to Lewis’ corpse, “Self-defense.” George pulled out his phone and dialed 911.

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Betrayal kiss

We were deeply buried in each other’s arms as she gripped me so tightly I could hardly breathe.  Never before had I felt so loved. Before we separated she buried a deep kiss on my jaw. Before she went with tears in her eyes she put a note in my hand. It read:


Ours has been such sweet love I’ll never forget. But sorry that I have to leave you. Mater is mad about me and I am mad about him as well. We are off in ten minutes. You will never find me. Don’t bother to do so. You are adorable; unfortunately,  there is nothing I can do. I pray you find a love who will adore you.



I did not know Sinclar could bury my heart that way. There was no indication when she gave me that last kiss that it was my worst betrayal kiss.

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Is this excusable?

Ladin spent the coldest night in years as his wife, Laity, had traveled earlier that morning to the capital city where she said she had important official business to conduct.

Towards evening she texted him to say she had not finished and would be spending the night to continue the next day.

That night, Laity enjoyed the warmth of the cozy arms of her boyfriend, Patty. She and Patty had been dating since her wedding day.

When Ladin got up at 5 a.m. he had the urge to send his sweetheart a text message to tell her how he loved her and missed her. She wrote back, “Thanks for your message honey! You are such a sweet husband. I love you so much and don’t know if I can live without you.”

After sending the text message, she turned to Patty as both of them were still in bed (about to go for another round of love-making)and said, “Honey, I love you so much I don’t know if I can live without you.”

Patty and Ladin are best friends. Patty was the best man at Ladin’s wedding.

Sweet wounds of love

Randy’s sweet heart betrayed him and broke his heart. He had trusted her with all his heart. They were neck-deep in love, he thought.

One day, he got up to find he had no wife. She was no longer there for him. Without a word, she had flown off with his best friend. Only two days later did she send word telling him not to wait for him as he was already on a honey moon with his best friend.

This was too much for Randy. He collapsed; and when he became conscious he was in a hospital bed. It took him quite a while to come back to himself.

Randy narrates this story beautifully in a thrilling novel, SWEET WOUNDS OF LOVE which has earned for Randy a place in the Hall of fame. The betrayal turned out to be sweet betrayal after all. The wounds of love, sweet wounds of love. From a bottomless pit into which he was falling he rose to the pinnacle of fame.

We can always turn our disappointments into wonderful blessings.

Daily Chat Forum No 36 betrayal

I read this incredible story somewhere. Read it:

Arima was living with her elder sister Rikka and going to school. Her elder sister was married to a man called Tayeka.They lived happily together. Arima was a little girl of 18 and her elder sister was taking very good care of her. She wanted her to grow into a successful, happy woman so she spoiled her with luxury.

One day, something no one had expected happened. Arima fell in love with Tayeka, her elder sister’s husband. It started as a joke. Then the love grew like wildfire.

Behind Rikku’s back, for two years, Arima and Tayeka were mad in love. When their love got to a climax, they decided to become husband and wife; but Arima could not imagine herself coming in as a second wife and sharing her sweetheart with her sister. She wanted him all for herself. So she took her decision – to kill her sister and marry the man. Tayeka favored the plan. All measures were taken. A careful plan was mounted.

The innocent Rikka did not for any one moment suspect that her darling husband and sister, the two people she loved the most, were planning to kill her for her sister to take her place as her husband’s wife. She was unaware of the intrigues of the world. Every measure was taken for the plan not to fail and for no one ever to suspect them; but it failed. They were exposed. Rikka could not believe what she discovered; what had been going on for over two years between her darling husband and her darling sister.

How do you see the three characters in the story? What do you think of the story?

My spouse left me

Nobody will believe this;
Yet, it is true;
The unexpected has happened to me;
My darling spouse has left me;
Shameless betrayal;
An act of cowardice;
Hypocrisy at its peak;
We seemed so close;
We seemed like one;
Cemented together forever;
As it now stands,
That was all a farce;
Pretense at its highest level;
Which teaches us a big lesson;
Be careful when you love;
Be careful when you trust;
Let it not happen to you
As it has happened to me.

Love but make sure

I got your story and it touched my heart;
Hypocrite he is;
He lifted you to the sky in love
And without a wink dumped you;
It vexed me;
And for you, I shed a tear.
How comes some people are so cruel?
So dishonest;
So pretentious;
So evil indeed;
And such great cowards;
They double deal without qualms;
And see therm behave as if they were angels;
How comes they so easily find their way?
How could he get you so cheap,
And for such a long time?
You weren’t careful were you?
You weren’t vigilant enough;
You were too believing;
Too trusting;
Forgetting our’s an evil world;
A pity!
But now that it has happened,
Learn your lesson once and for all:
Love but don’t easily trust;
Move with both eyes widely open;
And take nothing for granted.
It has happened;
Close the chapter;
Let it not happen again.
Love but make sure.

This post was inspired by Once a happy memory now a history, a moving story by Jamaica U. Catamora, who likes to be called ‘Jam’. She writes beautifully. Thank you Jam. I dedicate this poem to you.

Many enemies are called friends

Not all are your friends
Who call themselves your friends;
Some are purely enemies
Who seek to see your downfall;
They sure do pose like friends,
But far from being your friends;
They are indeed your enemies;
Many enemies are called friends;
They dress in friendship garments;
But have no qualms to betray you;
When success comes your way
Instead they do not like it;
And anger grips them hard;
And if you look at their faces,
They are filled by jealous looks;
They will work behind the scenes
To stop good things from coming
To you;
And they might go behind as well
To plot to bring you harm.
And if you were sitting on a throne,
You may find yourself in mud
While they proudly sit on your throne;
They may wine and dine with you
And soon be stabbing you on the back;
You just have to be alert
When it comes to so-called friends;
If you move with closed eyes,
You’ll pay too high a price.