Marketing skills

IMG_20151103_153731DSCN0774One of the greatest tools for outstanding success is marketing skills. How good a marketer are you?

You may be wondering what I am talking about if you do not have a shop or a product to sell. I will explain to you. Everyone has one product or another to sell. If you are in the job market, you are a product for sale in the job market. Your skills are products for sale.

You must have read the post Quality is not enough. If you have an excellent product but do not know how to market it, you will not sell it as much as you can. Nobody will buy the best product in the world unless they know it exists and they can find it.

This is one of the things Jesus Christ was talking about when he told his disciples in Luke 8:16: “No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead they put it on a stand, so that those who come in see the light.”

If you do not showcase your excellent product no one will know it exists and so those who would have bought it will not.

What product do you want the world to buy? Product are of two kinds: material and  immaterial. Material products are the things we can see and touch. The immaterial products are your skills; your expertise.

Anyone seeking a better life is a product in the market. You want people to buy your skills or what you can offer the world. The more people who buy what you have to offer the world, the richer or greater you become. Hence, it is not enough to have skills to offer, you must let people know you have those skills. You must market them. This is putting your lamp on the lamp stead so that it shines from there. You must be a good salesperson.

The big, successful companies in the world know this. Think of a giant company like coca cola. If they are doing very well in their sales it is because of the quality of their product and also because they know how to market it. They still advertise. They still promote their product. Sometimes they go for ‘aggressive’ marketing to let people know they are there; are the best; and should be consumed.

If you want to become successful like this or other companies, market your product well. Market your skills. Market yourself.

You may know some people who move from one lucrative job to another. They do not lack jobs. Why is this? They know how to market their skills. They know how to market themselves. There are others with even greater competences and skills who do not know how to market them. The result is their wonderful skills are more or less wasted.

The better your marketing skills, the better placed you are to sell your product whatever it is. Hence, one of the tools you must equip yourself with is marketing skills. Acquire the best marketing skills and market yourself the best way you can.