Fly like a kite

I want to fly like a kite?
Who also wants to fly?
I am searching for wings
To fly,
If you know
Where I can find them,
Do let me know;
I will be delighted;
I want to find good wings;
Strong wings;
I want to fly high;
I don’t want to crawl
On the ground anymore,
I am tired of crawling!
And now, I want to fly.
Not like a mosquito
But like an eagle;
Like a kite;
Why not like an aeroplane?
High up in the sky.
I want to fly like a kite.


Start your day early

Like an early bird,
Flying in the sky,
Early, you must start
Your day;
And you will see
It’s a good thing to do;
If you don’t go further
Than on other days,
It shall surprise me;
In any case,
There’s every indication
It’s the right thing
To do;
Better to start early
Than to start late;
If you start early,
Before it’s getting late,
You’ve gone far
And by the end of the day,
You have covered much.
I urge you to start early,
And make it big;
Make it a habit
To start your day early
Like the early bird,
The ripest banana
Shall be yours to enjoy.
That is what
I encourage you to do.

Things done in a hurry

Do you take time to do the things you do or you do them in a hurry? While some people take time to do whatever they do, other people never do. They are not patient. They are impatient and do things in a hurry. The following story is about doing things in a hurry. It is worth reading:

Once upon a time, Lady Crow and Lady Sparrow lived on the same tree. Lady Sparrow was very hard working and patient; and loved taking time to do whatever she had to do so as to do it well.

Lady Crow was different. She was very lazy and impatient and did everything in a hurry.

When the time for them to lay eggs came, Lady Sparrow took time and built her nest carefully and made it very solid.

black crow bird

Photo by Pixabay on

Lady Crow did not see any sense in working so hard to build a nest. “I can build a nest in a very short time. Why trouble myself?” She asked herself. So saying, she went flying about and enjoying herself; after which she collected a few straws and rapidly made her nest. It was not a solid nest.

When the time came for both birds to lay their eggs, they did; and soon began hatching them.

Shortly after, a heavy storm came and easily blew off Lady Crow’s flimsy nest, but could not blow off the strong and solid nest of Lady Sparrow. Lady Sparrow’s nest and her fledglings were safe while Lady Crow lost everything.

What lesson do we get from this? Do you know a similar story you like to share?

A bird in hand

If you have a bird in hand,
Value it,
And jealously keep it;
For who knows?
That may be all you ever have.
Never throw away what you have
Until you are sure
You have something better,
And will never need
What you already have.
That is why the old and wise
So wisely say,
” A bird in hand is worth
Two in the bush “
Though I would say
“A bird in hand is worth”
Many “in the bush.”

~S P L A S H~

       ~S P L A S H~
The Pigeon enjoying the season’s #FirstRain & it caught my attention the moment rain stopped.

It’s a pleasure to watch these birds enjoying their winged instinct.But our environment is going harsh day by day for these birds who won’t have…

 “air-conditioner to cool them off”


“let’s save our planet 🌎 and make it a #SafeHeaven for all animals as well as birds”

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Drawing ’Bright Earth Bird Of Emerging Human Unity’, The Meaning Of The Meaning Triptych #2

Drawing by Michel Montecrossa’Bright Earth Bird Of Emerging Human Unity’, The Meaning Of The Meaning Triptych #2

Description: ’Bright Earth Bird Of Emerging Human Unity’, The Meaning Of The Meaning Triptych #2 Mirapuri, 25th January 2015, wax crayon and acryl on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

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