Who is this man?

Who is this man?
Wonderful man,
Whose name
Is pronounced
Loud and clear,
Billions of times daily,
In all continents
Of the world.

Who is this man?
Wonderful man,
Born in a little city,
Whose birth day
Is remembered
Months ahead,
And after intensive preparations,
Is celebrated by all
The world.

Who is this man?
Amazing man;
Whose name alone
Puts money into
Billions of pockets;
Who enriches
Those who love him
And those who hate him.

Who is this man
A man among men;
Source of energy,
And happiness
For many.

Who is this man?
So simple and great;
Who loves friends
And foes alike;
Feeds friends and foes
Welcomes all,
Friends and foes,
Without discrimination.

Who is this amazing man?
Who stands for Justice?
Who is an example?
Who is so simple?
Who experienced untold
Yet, never complained?
And offered himself as sacrifice
For the world.

Do you know this Jesus?
Do you know this Christmas?
Do you know this son of Mary?
What do you know about him?
Is he your friend?
Does he put food on your table?
Doesn’t he put money
Into your pocket?
Isn’t life better for you
Because of him?



Mending cover

It’s the eve of another year past. Life changes and different anatomical pains arise. I made some new friends this year and reunited with some old acquaintances. There were some I wished well and sent them on their way. But, in a summation, I wish I knew where life would find me.

I’m not sad or alone, decrepit or incapacitated but instead, I feel young and vibrant; blessed with vitality and youthfulness. It makes me wonder, because, at my age, I shouldn’t be going ninety miles per hour. If God is making an example out of me, well… He’s doing a pretty good job! So it’s time to reflect on the past hurricanes ravaging my lingering memories. That’s all left to stand.

I ask God to lead me in an effort to comprehend life’s twists and turns. My future path is anyone’s guess, but I can say He’s made miracles happen which are out of my control. I have to decipher my own handwriting when He fills my head with messages. I only wish I could dial the heavens and share the joy with Mom and Dad.

Materialistically, a loss is a sign of weakness, but spiritually speaking, any catastrophe brings strength in times of adversity. Outside forces controlled my earlier years. But for the second half, I’ll return to the point God first touched me. I’m mending this section and my days left in it. I only ask of my Father to protect me. May joy accompany my life, and friendships blossom, yet praise the “love” who kept searching for me. Mending the past to the present is heaven-sent – this makes sense. I only wish I figured out the signs He was sending me thirty-four years ago for there’s no telling the direction my life would yield. Today, a gravitational pull beacons my spirit as God is now my priority.

I’m older tomorrow by one year, and I wonder how many more God will give me to enjoy? Though I lost my parents when I was young, He watches over my hurts and fills my soul with peace. But, how can “sorry” help if no one ever listened to my hurts? Only forgiveness sends messages to the deceased. To patch my broken years, I would have to fill the voids; however, there’s no home remaining, nor church which captivated my soul – just the first place I came in contact with the Almighty.

Mending a broken past with joyful present memories brings me a craving of jubilation. Jesus knows my heart.

Thank you, Lord, for my life!


God bless you, my sweet husband! Your walk in life is the most inspiring I’ve ever witnessed. You are a joy and inspiration to our family and friends! Each day spent with you brings another smile and blessings bountiful. How can we ever thank you enough for “just being you”!

Thank you, God, for the glorious messenger you brought into all our lives!

My birthday – Hahahaha!

blur close up defocused depth of field

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Do you know my Happy Birthday?
I was at the party without you
To celebrate;
And you did not have a taste of the cake;

cake celebration dairy product decorate

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You did not come home,
Though I waited for you;

I lit the candles.

lighted candles on cupcakes

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And savored good wine.

alcohol anniversary beverage birthday

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That was on the 20th September.
How could I have remembered
To inform you
When it passed through tense moments.
I know what you would have done
Had you known;
So I say ‘Thank You a million times’.


Something Useful no 6 (As shared on social media)

This is what I got on social media to day and was asked to share.

Click on your birth month link below and read what it says about you?

January – http://bit.ly/birth-jan

February – http://bit.ly/birth-feb

March – http://bit.ly/birth-mar

April – http://bit.ly/birth-april

May – http://bit.ly/birth-may

June – http://bit.ly/birth-june

July – http://bit.ly/birth-july

August – http://bit.ly/birth-august

September – http://bit.ly/birth-sept

October – http://bit.ly/birth-october

November – http://bit.ly/birth-nov

December – http://bit.ly/birth-dec

Share with all your Friends and Family..

Happy blogging!

The Party’s on

Have you already taken part in the party? Ranjeeta invited us to come celebrate with Shilpa on the occasion of her birthday.

What a wonderful moment for Shilpa!. Isn’t it but appropriate that we join her to celebrate?

Let’s do to her as we would like done to us on such a day. That is we go celebrate with her; give her our ”likes’ and messages.


Many thanks!