Shall we sell our birthright?

I am worried about our birthright;
What’s happened to some of our people’s reasoning faculty?
One is still to understand;
Have they lost their minds?
Where is their thinking cap?
I can’t believe what I see;
Listen to the way they talk;
It is hard to say
How exactly they see things;
Where they want to take us;
Where they are steering our boat;
Are they out to sail our ship on safe
Or stormy waters?
Aren’t they heading our vessel to
A hard rock?
I can bet
They are planting a time bomb;
Though many are blind;
Before they know it,
The ship will be
At the bottom of the sea;
We must be careful
Where we are heading to;
Let’s not hit our head
On a mighty rock,
In the name of finding
our way
To the other side
Of the mountain.
Unfortunately, it seems a fate
Hard to escape.
Shall we really sell our birth right?
I would rather be a lion
And live for one day,
Than a vassal and live
for a hundred years.